how to teach a yorkie to swim

Some Cool Tips on how to teach a Yorkie to swim

Swimming is a fun activity, especially in summers, and is the best way to get rid of hot weather. If you are an owner of a Yorkie, then you will be glad to know that Yorkies are excellent swimmers too. The only thing you should know is how to teach a Yorkie to swim. By this, you can have more fun with your pal whenever you visit the lake or beaches the next time on weekends on holidays.

Why Teach Your Yorkie to Swim:

Every Year nearly 10,000 dogs get drowned in the US. Most of these incidents occur when a dog gets inside the pool and is unable to come out. Dogs are similar to people and need to be introduced to the water to avoid such incidents, and so swimming is a necessary activity that you should teach your dog. Apart from safety, teaching your dog to swim also has other benefits. Swimming is a safe exercise for dogs that are overweight, facing joint problems, or suffering from arthritis. In these cases, the water takes the pressure off their joints and allows them to burn their calories. Swimming also allows the dog to burn excess calories.

Steps and Tips to how to teach a Yorkie to swim

Now, when you know the answers to are Yorkies good swimmers and the fact that the structure of their bodies gives them an advantage in swimming, here are the steps to teach them to swim.

  1. Always start the swimming training of your dog in a short kiddie pool. Through this dog will understand the nature of water gradually, and then you can move on to a lake or larger water bodies. Kiddie pools are the best way to keep your Yorkie cool in the summers. Keep the water in a pool only up to half the height of your Yorkie at the beginning. You can also add some toys for your Yorkie to divert its attention in case your Yorkie is uncomfortable in the water. Stay close to them and monitor them if you feel he needs help getting in and out of the water help him.
  2. Keep the temperature of the water near 25.5 degrees Celsius. Too cold and too hot water is not suited both for humans and dogs. Many resorts and hotels also keep the temperature of water between 27 to 29 degrees Celcius. Pool water becomes cool at night and remains cool until morning, so you can use a heater to bring the water to the right temperature.
  3. You should never toss the Yorkie directly into the pool. The problem with swimming is that Yorkie can easily swim by moving their legs, but it’s slightly difficult to remain afloat as they get tired. The stress generated through sudden contact with water is also a factor. The best way is to slowly leave them on the boundary of the pool and let your Yorkie explore the water at the center by itself. This will enhance the fun and confidence of your Yorkie.
  4. Make your dog find steps in the water. You can also teach command “steps” to move them further by finding the next step. Always keep the lessons short and begin with shallow water. You can also use a flag to remember the progress of the previous lesson.
  5. You can get a life vest for your Yorkie, which helps him to remain afloat in the water. Make sure that the life vest you purchase should possess a grip handle through which you can grab your dog quickly whenever the need arises. You can also tie them in a leash to keep them in control.
  6. Never leave your dog unattended and supervise them constantly when they are in the water. Never think that providing them with life-vest means you can get away and relax at home.
  7. Even dogs suffer from sunburns; they may get too many UV rays, especially in summers while swimming. However, water can protect your dog from UV rays to some extent but only when your dog is below 1.5 inches of water, but most of the Yorkies could not make it at that level. Overexposure to UV rays can cause cell carcinoma, which is a type of skin cancer of dogs, and it usually begins from its nose in the form of a tumor.
  8. If the pool in which your Yorkie is bathing contains chlorinated water, rinse your dog soon as its swimming session is completed. If not possible, then at least dry them well with the help of a towel. You can also use a mild shampoo and conditioner to clean them up. Follow the same procedure if your Yorkie has swum in saltwater as saltwater too dries up the skin.

Do Yorkies like to swim or Can Yorkies Swim?

Before knowing how to teach a Yorkie to swim you should know that usually, every Yorkie likes to swim, and they are even pretty good swimmers. Even Yorkie has been gifted with a sleek body that is lightly boned built, which helps them to swim effectively. Bulldogs or Pugs who are short and barrel-chested breeds have trouble keeping them afloat.

The silky coat of Yorkies also gives them an extra advantage in the water. Breeds with thick double coats tend to increase their weight in water and weight down due to it. Yorkie’s determined and adventurous nature is also a plus point in this activity. Although Yorkies are considered home dogs due to their short size but they are always ready to face challenges.

Some Additional Safety Tips

If you are thinking about when can I teach my puppy to swim, the answer is when he has reached at least 3 to 4 months of their age. Similarly, there are some additional precautions that you should consider when taking dogs swimming.

  • You should always use a life jacket for your Yorkie if you are taking him to deep lakes or shores.
  • There are certain types of algae like cyanobacteria, also called blue-green algae, that are toxic to dogs. Several reports indicate illness or even death of the dogs who were in contact with such algae in the lakes. There are two types of toxins that are produced by this alga. The first is Microcystin, while the other is anatoxin.

Microcystin can show symptoms such as weakness, diarrhea, vomiting in both humans and dogs. Anatoxin symptoms include running eyes, tremors, difficulty in breathing, and even death. Lake water that possesses such algae looks tinted green in color. So, avoid your dog swimming in such water.

  • Avoid water bodies with strong currents and stay away from boats and fishing areas as your dog may hurt accidentally through it. Also, check for underwater rocks and avoid choosing ponds with slippery base.
  • Always choose moving and crystal clear water for swimming. Stagnant water may contain lots of bacteria that can be harmful to your dog. You should vaccinate your dog against Leptospirosis disease, which is a common water-borne disease for protection.
  • Always carry water with you so that your dog has enough water content in his body and so he may not drink the salt, chlorinated, or pond water to quench his thirst while swimming. Ingestion of impure or salt water can lead to dehydration, diarrhea, and sickness, and vomiting. Always encourage them to drink the water from its mater bowl after regular intervals as swimming can make them tired and thirsty.
  • Make sure that your dog had his meal at least 1 hour before his swimming time to prevent a condition of bloat.
  • Always carry a pet’s first aid kit, and you should also be aware of how to deal with dogs if they drown. Such information you can easily get from your vet.

These were some of the procedures and precautions that one should take while taking your Yorkie to swim. You will avoid all the accidents if you follow the above procedures sincerely.

Some Common FAQs

QUE: do Yorkies like the water?

ANS: Yes, most of the Yorkies love water and are also great swimmers. In general, nearly all breeds of dogs can swim, but their water skills may vary. Yorkies are good enough to chase their prey in the water and can also chase after vermin in factories.

QUE: what age to teach a puppy to swim?

ANS: Most of the dogs start to swim instinctively when they are confident. But as an owner, you should introduce them to water carefully. It is often recommended that puppies are ready at the age of 3-4 months to be introduced to swimming. But proper precautions and the right place is necessary otherwise any bad experience will keep them away from water throughout their life.

QUE: how to teach a dog to swim in a lake?

ANS: To start, let your dog let his feet wet in the lake. Never take them to deep water until your dog is comfortable. Introduce them first with shallow water than deeper. You should also use positive reinforcement techniques such as rewarding them with treats.

QUE: Are Yorkies easy to train?

ANS: Yorkies are not smart, but are intelligent breeds of dogs and so are easier to train. They are confident, curious, but slightly stubborn. But it is not impossible to train your Yorkie.

QUE: Are Yorkies developed for swimming?

ANS: No, Yorkie breeds of dogs are not specially developed for swimming, but they are great swimmers. Most of the owners plan to train their Yorkie for commands, housebreaking, and socialization tricks.

QUE: Is Swimming Good Exercise For A Yorkie?

ANS: Yes, swimming is the best exercise for your Yorkie. But make sure that they perform such exercises in comfortable weather and water conditions.

QUE: Should Dogs Wear Life Jackets?

ANS: A life-Jacket will ensure the safety of your Yorkie especially when he is in its training stage. You can use a life jacket when you are boating on a beach or spending time with your Yorkie on the beach.

QUE: Do All Yorkies Like to Swim?

ANS: Yes, nearly all Yorkies like to swim, but one should correctly introduce them to water and at their right age so that they can enjoy such activity.

If you Yorkie has never swum, he will never understand how pleasant is the experience of swimming. This is why it is important to know how to teach a Yorkie to swim. Whether you are having fun with your pal at the beach or pool, make sure you take the necessary precautions so that you can enjoy the fun moments safely.

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