Some Hidden Facts Behind Why does my dog check on me

Why does my dog check on me

You may have seen your pal keeps checking on you whether you are watching TV or even using the bathroom. You may have wondered Why does my dog check on me? Does he need something? Your dog simply stares at you now and then, which creates curiosity in owners to know the reason behind it. There are many reasons behind this behavior in dogs.

Why Does My Dog Check On Me?

There is not a definite reason behind such behavior in dogs. Perhaps there may be a possibility that you must have caught his attention while doing your chores. Many other times, it is also possible that he needs something or he has to inform that someone is outside. You can only guess the reason behind this act of dogs.

Reasons Behind Why Your Dog Checks On Me

1 Way of Affection

The simplest reason behind why your dog keeps and checks on you is that perhaps he loves you. It makes him comfortable to see you around, whether you are eating or sleeping. Such acts strengthen the bond between the dogs and their owners.

2 Might Be A Trained Behavior

There are certain dogs who, by instinct, observe you and your moments. For example, watching you during walks or observing you during the training session. It is a good symbol as it depicts that your dog is focused and obedient. Such training may be provided to him externally or just came up because you two are spending a good time together.

3 Loyalty

Dogs are popular for their loyalty. So whenever he checks on you simply means he cares about you and in ensuring you are well being. He simply considers you as his alpha dog and cares for you as you provide him with shelter, food, and protection. 

Dogs-are popular for their loyalty

4 Routine Changes

Dogs are creatures of habit, and they do develop a fixed routine and expect that from you too. If you take him for a walk daily in the morning and somehow you didn’t do it on a particular day, he may check on you to know the reason behind it. Also, if you ever wonder why does my dog check on me when I’m sleeping, then perhaps it’s time for you to get up as per your routine. Similarly, if you are late for bed, your dog may get curious about it and will come to check on you.

5 Separation Anxieties in Dogs

Separation anxiety is also one of the prominent reasons why your dog keeps a check on you. This happens when you leave your dog for a long time, and your dog misses you. In this case, he keeps a check on you now and then to make sure that you are nearby and has not left anywhere. Velcro breeds of dogs often follow their owners around the home due to separation anxiety. So, a similar problem may be with your dog.

6 Judging You

Due to curiosity, your pal is just watching you see what you are doing. Whether you are cleaning your house, cooking meals fixing your car, making your bed, etc., it impresses him. Such activities draw the attention of your dog, and he begins to watch you doing such kinds of stuff.

dog Judging You

7 Curiosities

Curiosity is common in every breed of dog, and it comes up right from its puppy stage. Your laugh, eating habits, and the way you meet with your friends excite your dog, and thus he sees and observes you.

8 May Be in Need

There may be a possibility that your pal needed something from you that he cannot arrange by himself. He may be hungry or thirsty, and his bowl is empty. Apart from staring at you, he may also stare at where you keep his food or bring his food bowl to you and stare at you with his puppy eyes. Such symptoms usually indicate that he is hungry. Similarly, bringing his play toys or leash shows that he wants to play or go out for a walk.

9 Protective

Your pal loves you and wants to ensure that you are safe. Or he can keep a check on you regularly to ensure that you are out from any type of danger. Rottweiler’s, Akitas, and German Shepherds are breeds of dogs that are specially trained to protect you and your family.

10 In Pain

If your dog is facing some stomach problems or has recently witnessed an injury, he may check on you. He wants you to reduce his pain or at least spend some time with him so that he feels well. Every owner should take care of such dogs and help them accordingly.

Dog owners should judge from the body language of their dogs to find out which one of the above reasons applies if their dogs check on you. After this, they can easily manage the situation accordingly.

Should You Allow This Behavior?

If you feel awkward about Why do dogs check on you at night or at any time of the day and think that it should be continued, then yes. It is a positive sign that says that your dog is completely in control. Whether he is anywhere in the house, he loves to keep a check on you. He simply keeps a check because he thinks that you are his pack leader, which is great for you. Such dogs remain friendly to all the members of the family and show the least sign of aggressiveness.

What to do about it

The only solution to Why does my dog check on me is to make your dog feel safe and comfortable. You have to see whether your dog has separation anxiety or any other issues and work on it. You can also consult a vet for this.

Common FAQs:

QUE: What does it mean when your dog checks on you?

ANS: Some independent dogs may or may not check on you as they are confident. But in case of shy dogs or dogs moving to a new environment, keeps a check on you to ensure that you are nearby.

QUE: How do you know if your dog is obsessed with you?

ANS: If your Dog is always willing to spend time with you, lick your face, and jump on you, you can say that the dog is obsessed with you.

QUE: Why do dogs watch you while they eat?

ANS: Dogs watch you while they eat to ensure that you are nearby. Also, dogs watch you eating in the hope that you will share your meal.

QUE: What do dogs think about all day?

ANS: Dogs feel common emotions as humans, such as pain, joy, fear, love, sleep, etc., throughout the day. They do not possess any complex emotions such as pride, shame, etc.

Hoping that now you are aware of all the possible reasons behind Why does my dog check on me. You are also familiar with the advantages of such behavior in dogs. Some habits in dogs come from their ancestral instincts, and if acceptable, you should never discourage them. Finally, there is nothing bad that your pal keeps an eye on you to ensure that he is not alone.

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