Interesting Facts behind why do dogs show you their bum.

why do dogs show you their bum

It is fun to have dogs as lovely companions. They certainly fill our lives with joy. But there are certain weird habits of the dogs that confuse every owner. One such strange habit of dogs is why do dogs show you their bum towards their owner. Mostly every owner may have seen their dog barking and waving its tail to greet you, which is completely normal in almost every breed of dog. But sometimes, you may have seen that instead of showing their face or licking you, they show their bum.

But that’s not an issue that an owner should have to worry about. Showing a bun is a way of greeting dogs. Such a gesture shows the friendliness and trust of a dog towards its owner and not the rude and aggressive behavior which it looks like. Here are some of the common reasons why dogs show you their bum towards you.

Reasons Behind Why do dogs show you their bum to You

#1 Need Scratching

If you ever had a question in mind that why does my dog want me to scratch his bum, here is the genuine answer for that. There are certain areas or spots where the dogs can’t reach to relieve themselves from itching. Belly and bum areas are included in this. There may also be a possibility that your dog is getting flea allergies, and he wants you to scratch such areas to relieve him. There is also a possibility that once your dog has shown up on his belly, you may have given a nice message which has relieved your dog, and he wants the same pleasure again.

#3 Scent Marking

Another reason behind Why do dogs show you their bum is just leaving their scent on you to prove that you just belong to them. Dogs release a gland named the apocrine gland. Through this gland, the dog justifies his area and the person whom he loves the most. Such behavior is normally seen in dogs whose owner has several dogs, and they compete to get their attention.

#2 Protecting You

One of the reasons behind Why do dogs give you their backside, is perhaps they are protecting you. It is just part of their ancestral instinct to protect their pack from predators. In such conditions, they usually sit with their butts facing toward you so that they can look around the field to check for predators. So as an owner, you should not be disappointed with them, as they may be facing towards the door or windows to ensure that you are safe in case of an arrival of any danger from there.

dog Protecting You

They just want to keep ready to protect you from and respond quickly in case of any danger. But whatever their body posture is you should know that he just wants to keep you safe.

#4 Avoiding Eye Contact

Some breeds of dogs love to have eye contact with their owners, while some usually feel shy to do so. If you are dominant, then your dog may avoid eye contact with you and instead present his but towards you. In the world of canines, it is a belief that direct eye contact is a sign of challenging a former and a willingness to compete. So dogs feel uneasy doing such acts before their owner.

# 5 As Part Of Their Greetings

You must have seen puppies or even dogs greet each other by smelling their butt. Through this, they get to know much about each other such as their age, aggression, gender, fertility, mood, etc. As mentioned above, their sweat gland, named apocrine, is located at their butt, which gives them such information. Due to their nature, sometimes dogs feel that their owner will do the same, and hence they show their butt to their owners.

#6 Implies Trust

If you have ever wondered why does my dog sleep in the opposite direction, do not get disheartened? Such behavior usually depicts a dog’s trust in you. Your dog will never turn his back on you if he does not trust you because of his survival instincts. Remember that a dog’s mouth is his primary weapon, and keeping them away from you proves that he believes in you for protection.

Should an Owner Continue Such Behavior in Their Dog?

As per the ancestral nature of dogs, there is no reason that an owner should try to stop such behavior in their pal. Such behavior in dogs simply means that they are submissive, caring, and also trying to protect you. If you try to change such a habit, it will simply ruin the bond between you and your dog.

In the case of larger breeds of dogs, one has to see that their weather they are protecting someone from whom you are familiar. You can train them from the “NO” command in such a case. Make sure that you never shout at him or hurt their butt as it may cause harm to their genitals and also decrease the confidence of the dog in you. If you ever feel that your dog is showing your butt for no reason or dragging it along the ground, then get him checked by the vet as there may be possibilities of fungal infection that would have made him restless.

Common Faqs:

QUE: My dog always has her butt against me. Why?

ANS: It is the way of almost every breed of dog to show their love and affection towards you. 

QUE: Why do dogs often present their belly when you go to pet them?

ANS: Dogs generally expose their belly for two reasons. The first reason is that they want a belly rub, and the second is a submissive display.

QUE: Why does my dog insist on sleeping with her butt in my face?

ANS: Dogs insist on sleeping with their butt towards you because they feel safe in that position, and it also shows that your puppy feels safe with you.

QUE: Why does my dog love being petted on his butt?

ANS: Similar to belly rub, dogs also love to get petted on their butt because these are the areas where dogs cannot reach easily for scratching.

QUE: Why do dogs show so much affection?

ANS: It is a natural tendency in dogs to show their love towards their owner.

Now that you know much about Why do dogs show you their bum, it will be good that you love them back. Apart from this, there are several other ways by which you can find out how much your dogs love you. All you have to do is to spend some quality time with your dog.

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