Home remedies for cleaning pet urine from carpet

Home remedies for cleaning pet urine from carpet(Cleaning Hacks)

Every dog owners love their dog very much, but they do not love their pee on the carpet. It is a natural call when the dog cannot go out for any reason. So you have to wash it if you love your dog. In this case, you can use home remedies for cleaning pet urine from carpet, which is easy to get and less expensive and also delivers the best results. If you used home remedies for cleaning pet urine from carpets you would get more benefits, such as you having no need to scrub your carpets. It would save your time and energy and worsen the situation if you scrubbed.

How you will use it details bellow: 

I like to protection the next to save you from the dog’s urine and its odor smell. You should keep it in your mind, which is consider as a key not to pee the dog on carpets and rugs.

  1. Why your dog is peeing on the carpets.
  2. How to remove dog urine after peeing.
  3. How to remove the stain of urine from your carpets.
  4. How to remove the smell of dog urine.
  5. How to stop peeing on the carpets.
  6. The side effects of dogs’ urine and odors in your home.

Now come to the main topics

Why did your dog pee on the carpets and rugs

You have to first find why your dog pee on your carpets try to protect it for you and your household safe. Sometimes your dog cannot go out due to your late open the gate. He cannot walk to go outside. Otherwise, dog is feeling stress or afraid of any cause, or your dog is very small. Just like a puppy, he does not know where he will pee. You know the dog’s nous of smell is 40 times better than the human sense of smell, and dog can use it in many incredible ways. Dog can find out the place by taking smell, and another dog goes to that place and pee there. They also follow the first one and pee there. If you see that your dog is going to the same place, again and again, it is time for professional cleaning that spot, but how you will clean it, just follow me you can.

Method 1 – White vinegar and baking soda

Home remedies for cleaning pet urine from carpet

To make this mixture, the necessary things are needed, such as 

  1. White vinegar and water.
  2. Baking soda (3) paper towels or towel (4) vacuum cleaner.


  1. If the dye is wet, take a paper cloth and put it on the stain, and created some pressure so that it can soak up the urine. This is need to re-wet the urine. Keep the towel to the sports until it comes reasonably dry.
  2. Take a spray bottle and mix 50:50 water vinegar. Now soak the sport and lease it sit the mixture say about 20 minutes. The mixture will wet the sport you should re-wet it again. This mixture will drive away from the ammonia perfume from the urine. Now scrub the carpet with the mixture to ensure the fibers below the carpets clear of urine fully.

Pour some baking soda and wait now.

Apply some boiling soda and vinegar mix on the sport to be sure the spot is not soaked wet. You will hear some sound when you will put the vinegar mix and baking soda on the spots. Baking soda will act to drive away from the dye and bad smell from your carpets.


It will take one or 2 days to come to completely which dependent on how much quantity you have used upon the spot. When the spot will completely dry, then clean the excess baking soda and remaining boiling soda crust from the carpet. In this way, your old carpet comes as a new one.

Method 2- Hydrogen peroxide/ baking soda mixture

Home remedies for cleaning pet urine from carpet

Hydrogen peroxide with baking soda mixture is the best remedy to drive away urine and its bad smell. To make this mixture, what you need to describe below.

  1. Paper towels 
  2. A cup of baking soda
  3. Dishwashing detergent
  4. ½ cup hydrogen peroxide
  5. A bowl.


Put in a bowl 22ml hydrogen peroxide, 15ml wash cleaner, and 25 gm baking soda and stir all to mix and make a mixture. In this way, you make a paste that will throw bubbles as the product reacts to each other. Keep in your mind hydrogen peroxide is greatest for a light color surface of the carpet. If your carpet is shady, then consider a little bit of mixture for a test to see whether the color of the carpet is affected or not. If the result is positive, then you use it whatever the stains are wet or waterless.

Apply the mixture and leave it 

With a spoon, you scoop and put the combination over the marked area keep it 30-60 minutes. Then you will see your carpet get rid of the odor.

Dry the carpet 

At last, you remove the removed paste, use paper, liquid towel from the spots, and try to keep it dry. All of the wet things keep out from the carpet so that liquid cannot come back from them to the carpet. Now completely dry it.

Method 3 – Club soda 

Home remedies for cleaning pet urine from carpet

You can use club soda to drive away pet urine and stains from the carpet, which is considered a home remedy for cleaning urine from the carpet. The procedure as bellow

Pour the soda over the stain

A small amount of soda pours into the stain at a time so that the mat does not get soaked wet. The soda will make a bubble as it gets fuild from the mat. Let it stop 15-20 minutes so that it can enter deeper.

  1. You can use a soft towel or sponge to pat the spots until most of the liquid take up. Avoid wiping as it gets back the smell of urine to the carpet.

Dry the spots

Using the towel, paper covers the stain and pat it to dry the spots. By a towel, you created a move pat so that the liquid in the deep absorb from the carpet.

Apply an air freshener

To get clear of any bad smell, you can use an air- freshener on the carpet. After using an air freshener, you can checked the carpet to ensure whether it has a smell or not. If you find out smell any,

How to stop dog from peeing on the carpet 

You know prevention is better than cure. You have to think about how to stop dog peeing on the carpet and which is considered as the best way. You can train your dog, so he/she urinate outside.

Commercial repellents

This is a chemical or natural compound that is available in the pet store. If you spray it on the carpet dog will get discouraged to pee in there. Dogs have more sense of smell, and that is why the odor of something will make the dogs avoid that area. Then he/she will pee outside.

Cayenne paper spray  

Mix one slice cayenne paper with 10 parts water that is 1:10 and posy to the carpet. It will give a strong smell, and the dog will not dare to pee.

Essential oil 

Mix a few drops of cinnamon, eucalyptus, or sour apple essential oil with water and apply it to the stain. Dogs will not pee on the carpet.

Vinegar and line juice 

Mix vinegar and lime juice and place it to the stain. The dog will avoid that area and question does not rise to pee. Other potential remedies if you place on the stain dogs will avoid the carpet and go to the outside to pee these are as follow

  1. Mustard oil
  2. Chili powder
  3. Ammonia scent
  4. Alcohol and
  5. Citrus scent 

To apply the following method to wash your carpets by home remedies for cleaning pet urine from carpet. We love our dog hut. They have peed in our carpets, furniture, and others household things that bother us very much. In this regard home remedies for cleaning pet urine from carpet is the best way to get rid of your head.

You should train your dogs so that they have made it a habit to pee outside. You will open your gate in time so that dogs can go outside for a pee. If accidentally at any cause, they pee on the carpet. Do not worry. There are many homemade remedies that have the power to drive away stains of urine and its bed smell. However, you can apply the above methods which I have described so long. As soon as possible, you will act to remove the urine. It is better for you. You will ensure after you have cleaned the urine, there is not any bad smell.