Know The Best Home Remedies for Dog Shedding

Shedding in dogs is a common problem for every dog owner. It creates mess around the house and makes the home un-hygienic. But you should also know the fact that shedding in dogs is an indication that your dog is in a healthy state and also their fur or coats. However, it is necessary that such shedding should be at a controlled rate. For such things, every dog owner must know about home remedies for dog shedding.

By using such tips you can not only control the amount of shedding but also maintain the cleanliness of your house. This article will give you complete answers to how to reduce dog shedding. Before knowing such home remedies for dog shedding let us discuss some reasons behind excessive shedding in dogs.

Top Reasons for Shedding in Dogs

Before knowing home remedies for dog shedding us understand some basic reasons behind such shedding in dogs. All breeds of dogs are prone to shedding it is their natural process of hair loss. Many dogs shed almost throughout the year. Dogs that spend most of their time in their home and witness extreme temperatures tend to shed more. Here are some of the top reasons behind shedding in dogs.

Shedding Depends on Breed:

The shedding of dogs depends mainly on their breed. For example, your Labrador with an average short hair fur coat may shed more than a schnauzer or poodle because they have indifferent hair quality and types. Some dog breeds which can survive in harsh winters may shed their coats if exposed to warm temperatures. There are also some genetic breeds of dogs such as Boxers, Dobermans, and bulldogs who face shedding problems.

Parasitic Attacks:

Other reasons for dog shedding can be parasites present in the dogs. Several types of skin mites attack the dogs resulting in the shedding of their fur if not taken care of. Fleas’ bites and their saliva degrade the immune system of the dogs, and many pups are allergic to such mites and develop itching in their bodies. All such factors lead to the shedding of their fur. Similarly, Demodex mites live in the hair follicles of dogs and also cause shedding in dogs. Such mites cannot be transferred to humans but can cause health problems in the family.

Allergies Specific:

Allergies are most common in every breed of dog. Similar to humans, a dog may be allergic to any product or environmental condition. Many dogs develop skin reactions if exposed to their allergens. Such reactions release histamine in their bloodstream and thus cause shedding in them.

Under Nutrition:

Malnutrition is rarely a problem for a pet dog but is common for street dogs. But you should also know that some specific breeds of dogs need a certain protein-specific diet to maintain their health and fur quality. Similarly, growing puppies require a high-quality diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and roughage to keep them healthy. Dogs facing some sort of medical problems also need a specific diet. In short, you have to take care of the diet of your dog as per its breed, age, and health conditions to avoid their shedding problems.

Fungal Infections:

Ringworms are separate from the parasites and cause fungal infection in dogs. Such ringworms cause a circular affected area that witnesses itchiness and hair loss. Such ringworms are most common in puppies and can be spread to humans as well. Proper medications of the infected area may reduce their shedding problems.

Hormonal Problems:

Female dogs usually face hormonal changes when they are pregnant. In such conditions, their hair follicles go through a resting phase to reserve the required energy for the dog to deliver the puppies. Due to this, such dogs may witness heavy shedding, but it may be temporary and seasonal. Such problems can be cured by providing a high protein diet for such dogs.

Apart from this, the female and male sex organs also play a vital role in controlling shedding in dogs. Many experts say that initiating the reproductive hormones in dogs may induce shedding for a temporary period. Such dogs should be provided with Omega fatty acids to make their fur coat healthier.

Specific illness:

There is a certain type of illness that induces shedding in dogs. For this, you should provide your dog with proper medications and a healthy diet to control their shedding.

Stress Problems:

If you have seen all the above factors yet are facing the problem of shedding in your dog, then perhaps your dog is under some sort of stress. Sometimes a change of environment or separation from their previous family causes stress and anxiety in dogs. You may witness diarrhea, a tendency to bite, licking, crying, etc. in such dogs. All such reasons also give rise to shedding in dogs.

Such behavior in dogs causes bald patches in dogs due to their consistently licking on that particular spot. To control such a situation, you have to understand the condition of your dog and try to make them comfortable with the current situation. By this, you can control their shedding problems. You can visit your vet or provide them with natural supplements for such dogs and can also consult any dog behaviorist to know the reasons for depression in your dog.

Some Proven Home remedies for dog shedding

Give Your Pal a Balanced Diet:

The common answer to how to stop dog shedding home remedy is to provide your dog a balanced diet. A balanced diet will provide your dog with a strong immune system. A healthy immune system can save the dog from the diseases and thus less shedding. Below are some of the main items that you can include in your dog’s meal-

  1. Try to add fresh lamb and meat to your dog’s meal instead of providing them with frozen or canned meat. Proteins are essential for maintaining a healthy coat in dogs.
  2. Try to use molasses which is a natural sweetener, and so is a healthy option for your dog. Molasses have proved to reduce shedding in dogs.
  3. You can also include fish oil in your dog’s diet. Fish oils are a good source of omega-3 and antioxidants and help in reducing the shedding of dogs. You can squeeze a capsule of fish oil into the meals of your dog and mix it with the food. Your dog will surely enjoy the taste of the meal.

One great way to stop shedding in dogs is to add-

  1. A small amount of echinacea tea into the water bowl of your dog.
  2. You can also use olive oil to prepare their food as olive oil is rich in vitamin E and helps to maintain good coat quality in dogs. While cooking chicken for your dog you can use 2 to 3 drops of this olive oil.

Bathing Your Dog Regularly:

Bathing is one of the common processes to remove excessive or dead hair from dogs. It also reduces the chances of mites in them. You can use a mild shampoo enriched with vitamin E for the better fur quality of your dog. Another way is to add lemon to their bathing water. Lemons have several antibacterial properties that keep mites away from the dogs.

Provide Dogs with Apple Cider Vinegar:

Providing your dog with apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies for dog shedding. Apple cider vinegar possesses antibacterial properties that can reduce shedding in dogs and also prevents skin irritation in dogs. Shedding creates irritation on the skin of your dog. To control their inflammation, brush your dog and clean all the excessive hairs from their surface.

Now, if you find any such spot in your dog that has excessive shedding, clean the area with wet cotton. Now take the apple cider vinegar diluted with water and apply it to that particular spot. You will see the changes in a few days when the spot will get mix up with the coat of your dog.

Olive Oil Massage:

For this home remedy, you have to take two spoonfuls of olive oil in your hand and rub it well on your palm. Now massage every area of your dog and use it again as per need. While massaging, make sure that your palms reach the root of the hairs. Such massaging makes the hairs stronger, and the hairs will have less probability of shedding.

Keep the Dog Hydrated:

Water is essential for every living being, and so is for the dogs. A well-hydrated dog remains healthy and also promotes good hair growth. Water quantity in dogs also provides a smooth and shiny texture to their coat. Thus they will be less likely to witness the shedding of hairs.

Choose an Efficient Brush:

Choosing the right brush is also necessary to control shedding in dogs. This depends on which breed of dog you possess. For example, if you have dog breeds that have shorter coats, such as pugs, beagles, etc., you should follow these steps-

  • Using a bristle brush or a glove with bristles will make your task easier in removing dead and loose hairs from your dog.
  • Brush the dog from the opposite direction of their hair growth. After this, comb them with the direction of their hair growth. Repeat the process for at least 10-15 minutes and let the natural oil off their skin spread on their hairs evenly, providing them with a shiny coat.
  • If you are using a glove or a hound mitt, you can massage their coat in a circular pattern and remove all the dead hairs that come in between. Make sure that you follow the circular pattern in the direction of their hair growth. Repeat the process for few times

For dogs with long or double-coated fur like Pomeranians, Corgies, etc., follow these steps-

  • You may need an efficient tool to reach the inner coat and pull out all the excess hairs. For this, Slicker type of brushes are considered the best. Groom your dog with such brushes first opposite and then towards their hair growth for optimum results. Remove all the hairs in between from the comb.

Common FAQs:

QUE: What home remedy can I give my dog for shedding?

ANS: There are plenty of home remedies to prevent shedding in dogs. Out of which the common ones are-

  • Using olive oil(in the diet as well as in massage)
  • Regular brushing
  • Using apple cider vinegar
  • Bathing dogs regularly

QUE: How do I get my dog to stop shedding so much?

ANS: You can provide them any food that has vitamin E, such as olive oil.

QUE: What can I put on my dog for hair loss?

ANS: For this, keep your dogs hydrated and massage them well with olive oil.

QUE: How do I stop my dog from shedding short hair?

ANS: You can provide a balanced diet to your dog and keep them hydrated. Bathing the dog with good shampoo can also be helpful.

QUE: What are the worst shedding dogs?

ANS: Siberian husky, chow, Chow, German Shepherd, etc. are some of the breeds that witness the worst shedding.

QUE: Is olive oil good for dogs?

ANS: Yes, olive oil is good for dogs both for their health and hairs.

QUE: What causes a dog to shed excessively?

ANS: An unbalanced diet causes shedding problems in dogs.

QUE: What months do dogs shed the most?

ANS: Dogs shed most during the spring and fall seasons.

QUE: Is there a dog food that helps with shedding?

ANS: Yes, there are many dog foods available that primarily contain proteins and Vitamin E to control shedding in dogs.

Finally, it is a fact that the shedding of dogs is a natural and uncontrolled process. It is not possible to stop such shedding in dogs completely. But by using the above home remedies for dog shedding,

You can significantly decrease the shedding in your dogs and keep your home free from fur. Apart from the above tips, it is also good to meet your vet if your dog witnesses heavy shedding.

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