Top 4 Reasons Behind why my dog is suddenly avoiding me

my dog is suddenly avoiding me

Top Reasons Behind My dog is suddenly avoiding me.

There are a variety of reasons for which you will notice that my dog is suddenly avoiding me. Illnesses, injury, growing age of the dogs are common reasons for it. In this article, you will get to know some basic reasons regarding why is my dog suddenly ignoring me and some of the ways by which you can avoid such conditions in your dogs. So let us understand such reasons in detail.

Reasons Behind My dog is suddenly avoiding me


As we know that dogs are social animals and live in the group right from ancient times. They also love to spend time with their owners as well. But illness in dogs causes them to become detached from their owner, some of the common illnesses that can cause your dog to avoid you include-

  • Vomiting
  • Fidgety
  • Loss in appetite
  • Defecating or urinating with blood
  • Lethargic movement
  • High temperature or any other medical issue

Several experts revealed that dogs tend to hide their pain and live alone in such conditions. Dogs also know that their owner interacts with them physically, and that can cause their pain to get worsen. For example, if your dog is suffering from stomach pain and you lift them through their belly, it may worsen their pain. This is also one of the reasons behind dog doesn’t want to be touched.

Aging of Dogs:

Similar to humans, the body of the dogs deteriorates. So if your pal is avoiding you, it is because they are not physically fit and active as before. Instead of jumping over you, playing, and running around, they feel better by just lying down throughout the day. Their physical changes due to aging may include-

  • Dull skin
  • Loss of fur coats
  • Lethargy
  • Poor hearing capacity and eyesight
  • Long sleep cycles, loss of appetite, etc

Your dog may even suffer from dementia which is a condition in which the brain of a dog is affected, and he may forget even the important persons in their life, including their owner. For all the above reasons, it becomes difficult for the dogs to cope up with you and so tries to avoid you.

Mental issues:

A mental issue with depression can also lead the dog to stay away from you. In case you do not take good care of your dog or leave them alone for hours, they witness separation anxiety. Such anxiety makes them depressed, and they love to live alone in such conditions, and so avoids you.

Dogs can even suffer from post-traumatic disorder or PTSD. In such a disease, dogs feel that they are going through a war in which they are about to die. In this condition, also dogs try to avoid the company of others and want to be left alone. Studies show that military dogs suffer from such PTDS more than domestic dogs.

Mental issues

Dogs who are involved in dog-fight too may suffer from such disease. Your dog may witness excessive sharing in such circumstances. In such conditions, you have to provide proper mental exercise and love to your dog to cure its illness.

Excessive Punishment:

If recently you have punished your dog too severely, then it may be a possible answer to my dog has stopped listening to me. No matter whatever your dog has done, it is not right to punish your dog beyond their tolerance. Researchers have also found out that even the stronger breeds of dogs are sensitive similar to humans. If you scold or punish them, they feel that you are in rage, and they become guilty and try to avoid you for the same. Similarly, if you have recently welcomed a new dog or some other person with whom your dog is not comfortable, then it is also one of the reasons behind My dog is suddenly avoiding me.

Tips to Avoid Such condition in dogs:

Take Help From Professionals:

In case you are not a vet or an expert In dog psychology, then do not be ashamed to seek advice from the expert before it’s too late. Sudden avoidance of your dog can also be due to some severe medical problems which need to be cured. If you see that your dog is avoiding you, then you should do the same and try to find the reason behind it. 

Try not to Punish Your Dog:

Training a dog for particular habits is the most desirable way instead of punishing them. The training itself, too, should be conducted with patience and calmness. Using a soft voice and providing them with regular treats will give you much better results than the punishment. It will also make the bonding between you stronger. 

Some Other Tips:

Spend more time with your dog so that it does not feel neglected. Encourage them to play with you and also take them for a long walk regularly. Apart from food dogs also needs affection and attention from their owner. Boredom in dogs can cause depression in them, and thus, they start to avoid you. So make sure you plan such a timetable throughout the day that keeps them busy.

Apart from this, familiarizing your dog is also necessary. As your dogs meet new people or other dogs, it gives them confidence. Such dogs are mentally stable and rarely get depressed. Allow any stranger in your house only when you have introduced them to your dog, and the same is the case when there is any new pet or animals that are new at the house.

Some Other Tips

In the case of older dogs, you have to deal with them with patience and try positive reinforcement techniques. If you have recently bought a new dog or puppy in your house, let them take their own time to feel comfortable. Do not encourage their avoidance and try to diagnose them at an initial stage. Never try to reward them for avoidance. 

Prevention to My dog is suddenly avoiding me.

A clean and safe home is the best way to why is my dog suddenly ignoring me. If your dog lives in a hygienic environment, it will surely be medically fit and healthy, and so there are fewer chances of him ignoring you. Allergens and dust can enter the ear of your dogs, causing ear infections.

Your dog can also feel difficult to clean its ear and so can become annoyed. You can also use cleansing agents available for dogs to take care of such problems. Apart from this, several other diseases can cause trouble for your dogs. So, it is good to take them for a regular health checkup, provide them plenty of exercises, healthy food, and clean water. Proper training of your dog will avoid such acts of your dog and make them calm. It is better to take care of such ignorance of your dog at an initial stage as the expense to cure such problems is higher if it is for medical reasons.

Answers to why is my dog suddenly ignoring me and not listens to me:

It can be frustrating when your pal does not listen to your commands, and it can be signs of some upcoming danger too. After all such communication between the dog and its owner is important. Through this, you can save your dog from running into the streets or stopping eating something that can ruin its health. Here are some of the tips that might be useful to you to handle such a situation.

Remove the Excess Energy of your dog:

If dogs possess much energy within them, it is difficult to communicate with them. So your main aim should be to remove its excess energy. This can be done by taking them for long walks, playing with them, and keeping them engaged throughout the day. A dog that has drained its energy will always listen to you and obey your commands.

Remove the Excess Energy of your dog


You should also be consistent when you notice a change in the behavior of your dog. It will be better to discuss the limitation, boundaries, and rules that dogs need to follow with your family members. You can even write down the rules for future reference. By this, every member of your house will behave in the same manner with the dog that will bring stability and discipline to your dog.

Be a Leader:

As you must be knowing that dogs previously live in packs and follow their pack leaders. As an owner now, you are his leader, which you can prove by displaying assertive energy together with calmness. If you are confused by teaching or giving commands to your dog, your dog may not listen to you. You should be strong and make strong decisions while giving commands to your dog. In case you feel that your dog has forgotten the commands that you have taught to him, repeat the training session.

Use Body Language along With Verbal Command:

Dogs do not communicate with each other verbally. They use body language and energy to communicate their feelings. So it may be possible that your dog may not understand your verbal orders. In such cases, you can assist them with hand gestures along with verbal commands to make them understand the commands easily. Such small changes will be helpful for both the dog and owner to communicate.

Let your Dog Take Some Time:

If you feel that after all the above ways, your dog still does not obey your commands, do not get panic. You should remember the days when you have trained your dog for the first time that consist of repetition and reward. It will be good that you follow the same steps again. If you feel that you are not good enough, hire a professional trainer. Motivation in dogs should also be induced for positive results. It may be possible that your dog’s emotional state makes him distracted. If you are trying to train him, make sure that your dog is not distracted by other people and nearby animals. Dogs easily get distracted by loud sounds too. So, make sure that you train them in a quiet place where there is no one to distract your dog.

Training is one of the important activities of your dog. It is also a memorable moment that makes the bond between you stronger. Proper and planned training ensures that your dog will obey your commands in his entire life. Here are the proper steps by which you can train your dog.

  1. Choose a word that can make your dog look at you.
  2. Sit and stand by looking at your dog.
  3. Practice the command with your dog daily.
  4. Add a hand signal to your command for effective results.
  5. Practice the commands in different places and scenarios.
  6. Reward your dog 
  7. Take breaks if you feel that your dog is tired or is getting distracted.
  8. Never use loud noise or shout at your dogs while training them.

Some Common FAQs:

QUE: Why are little dogs so much more annoying than big dogs?

ANS: Little dogs are quite energetic than big dogs. As dogs are pack animals, they try to take the leadership role right from a young age, due to which they are more aggressive and louder.

QUE: Why are small dogs so yappy?

ANS: Small dogs are yappy barkers, and it is their nurture that makes them excitable and noisy.

QUE: What is the most annoying breed of dog?

ANS: Annoying breeds of dog include Bulldog, Airedale terrier, Dalmatians, Siberian Huskies, etc.

QUE: Why are small dogs the worst?

ANS: Small dogs are quite playful, aggressive, and yappy barkers and so are considered worst as compare to adult dogs.

I hope that now you are well aware of the possible reason behind my dog is suddenly avoiding me. Owning a dog is easy, but it takes time to understand the behavior of your pal. Being calm and giving proper attention to your dog is essential to avoid such problems in your buddy.