Reasons to why are small dogs so annoying

Everyone is aware of the fact that small dogs are much more yappier than big dogs. Small dogs are also found to have more energetic, aggressive, and excitable. People often ask why are small dogs so annoying as compared to bigger dogs. This article will provide you with some reasonable facts regarding Small dog behavior problems.  It is natural for dogs to be aggressive, louder, and tend to take up leadership roles as they are pack animals. But such habits are more common in small pups due to the reason that they do not acquire proper training. Here are some of the reasons why are small dogs so aggressive and behave differently from big dogs.

Improper Training:

Researchers have found inconsistent training is one of the reasons why are small dogs so annoying. Such inconsistent training includes an improper way of giving commands, not setting fixed rules for your dog, not responding appropriately to your dog’s mistakes. Dogs who have received such improper training are usually found disobedient right from an early age. 

Shared Activities:

Studies also found that shared activities between the owner and their dog are equally important as training. Such activities include obedience training, fetching, jogging, etc. It has been seen that dogs that spend most of their time with their owner in shared activities are more obedient.

Way of Punishment:

The procedure by which you train your dog is also an important factor. Studies have shown that excessive or harsh punishment brings a negative impact on dogs. Such dogs are found to be more careless, aggressive, and did not listen to their owners. So as an owner, you should never hit, scold or grab your dogs as a punishment; instead, try to change the way of training for your dog.

Due to Their Smaller Size:

As puppies are smaller in size, they bark a loud to prove that they are stronger. This is especially seen when they are socializing in the presence of other people and animals. They also bark louder in the presence of large breeds of dogs as they feel vulnerable and threatened due to their small size.

Depends on Breed:

There are some particular breeds of dogs that usually bark more than the others. For example, Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are such breeds with whom you can witness frequent barking. Similarly, there are several hunting breeds of dogs such as Jack Russell Terrier and Yorkshire, who are purposely bred to bark louder.

why are small dogs so annoying

Separation Anxiety:

Dogs do suffer from separation anxiety. Such puppies or dogs often become aggressive and show symptoms like tearing of clothes, carpets, and barks a lot. An owner should spend more time with such dogs to reduce their separation anxiety issue.

Solutions to why are small dogs so annoying

If you feel that your puppy is way too annoying, then you are not an alone owner who faces such a problem. Luckily, there are some proven ways by which you can curb such behavior of your puppy. Here are some of the training tips for the same-


Consider a scenario when you punished your puppy for barking at your friend or neighbor on Wednesday. But some other day, you did not punish them at all for the same, then your pal will get confused and will not learn the behavior that you want in your puppy. Giving punishment for a single action only once will further develop negative behavior as he will not understand what he has been punished for. So make sure that your training procedure, treats, and punishment should have stability.

why are small dogs so annoying


Punishing your puppy at an instant when he does wrong is the correct way for training them. By this, they can understand what they have been punished for. For example, if you punish your dog after few hours after he chewed your favorite shoes, he will not understand the reason behind their punishment.


It would be better that you order your puppy with a firm “NO” with eye contact to stop him in his wrong activity. Physical punishment and yelling is not the correct way as by this. Your puppy will start to be afraid of you or even hate you. A good owner always keeps calm while teaching tricks and manners to his puppy. You can use positive reinforcement techniques such as providing them treats to teach them some particular stuff.

Importance of Time Outs:

Leaving from the scene for a few minutes when your puppy does some wrong act is the best way to teach them. You can also use some verbal signals such as “OOPs” and then gently leave the place for few minutes. Your puppy will surely understand the reasons after some days regarding what they have done wrong.

Other Puppy Problems and Ways to Control Them:

Nibbling, excessive barking, pooping indoors, chewing on household pieces of stuff, and jumping are some of the common problems with puppies. Parenting such puppies is both challenging and fun. Here are awesome of the common problems with their solutions.


Whining, howling, and barking are natural tendencies of dogs and are found more in puppies. But excessive barking is annoying. In such cases, an owner should understand the reason behind the barking of their puppy and choose the appropriate response for the same.

why are small dogs so annoying

The common reasons why puppies bark excessively are to show their anxiety and to get attention, boredom, a sense of danger, and excitement. Depending on the reason, you can make changes in your house environment.

Biting or Nipping:

Aggressive puppies often bite or nip a lot. It is the fact that puppy uses their mouth to explore the things that come on their way. But such behavior should be in control to save them from chewing any harsh or poisonous material that can be harmful to their health. To train your puppy to curb such habit, you can respond verbally respond “ouch” and then remove your hand or any other material from their mouth.


Chewing too, is one of the common habits of puppies. It is also a natural behavior of dogs, but care should be taken when they are on some dangerous things. Boredom, excitement, and teething pains often lead a puppy to chew things. Giving a firm command to your puppy while they chew some dangerous material can curb such an act. Buying them a chewable toy is also one of the best solutions to keep them safe.

why are small dogs so annoying

Separation Anxiety:

Your dog may be missing you when you left them alone in the house. Such puppies generally poop in the house, chew furniture, and bark a lot because of separation anxiety. Luckily such behavior does not continue much longer when your puppy notices your coming back time. You can also leave them with your trusted neighbors or in any dog-care center where he can spend his time throughout the day.

Peeing and Pooping in Your House:

This is one of the smelliest problems that an owner of the puppy faces. In such cases, an owner should notice the actual time when his puppy poops soon after its meal. It is not difficult to understand their digestive pattern as it is fairly regular. Normally puppy poops after 10-15 minutes after their meals, and that is the right time to take them outside for a walk. Your puppy will soon understand the pattern and will understand that pooping has to be done outside and not at home.

Small Dogs are Adorable too:

Besides several problems with the puppies, they are worth keeping. A puppy will surely brighten up your life and home with happiness. They are fun to watch and play with. Here are some of the advantages of keeping a puppy with you.

why are small dogs so annoying


Bringing a puppy into your home is better than big dogs. Puppies are easily adjusted whether you live in small apartments or a country house. Whereas in case you bought a mature or adult dog, its adaptability will depend on its birth history or where he was living previously. Puppies also live longer, and you can ensure that they are there to support and love you for quite a long time. 

Puppies help in Reducing Stress:

Experts have proved that keeping a puppy at your home reduces Stress. People who have puppies are found to get less sick than those who do not have puppies as their companions. Such people also do not suffer from any blood pressure problems. Stroking and petting your pet animal lowers the blood pressure. And such petting is found effective when one does it on their pets and not others.

Helps in Efficient Childhood Development:

Recent evidence also shows that the ownership of a pet is useful for providing social, cognitive, emotional, educational, and behavioral development of your child. Such pre-school kids who possess puppies in their house are found to be more energetic, happy, empathetic, and intelligent.

Reduce Your Visit to Doctor:

One Japanese study showed that people who are pet owners made 30 percent fewer visits to the doctors than those people who do not have a pet at home. Similarly, senior citizens who have a pet in their home have a lesser problem related to flu, indigestion, anxiety, painful joints, tiredness, sleeplessness, and constipation. People suffering from heart disease recover more quickly and live longer who is the owner of a pet.

Puppies Provide Exercise to Owner:

Keeping a new puppy is not so easy. You have to take care of them throughout the day. It also includes chasing them, playing with them, and going for long walks with them. Such work demands energy which in turn keeps you healthy and fit. It has also been found out that visiting a grocery store and dog parks also gives you a chance to meet with new people and give a chance to interact with them.

Helps to reduce pain and anxiety:

TPET scan is an imaging test that is used by physicians to monitor the health condition of the patient. These tests showed that the pain processing cells of the brain shut if a person touches his pets. Anxiety and pain are both reduced by petting your pet. In short, keeping your puppy in your lap and loving him will help you to reduce your pain and anxiety.

There are several advantages of owning a puppy, and one should not miss such beautiful moments in their life. Living with your puppies will surely make you happy and healthy.

Some Common FAQS:

QUE: Why are little dogs so much more annoying than big dogs?

ANS: Little dogs are annoying because they are more energetic and aggressive than big dogs.

QUE: Why are small dogs so yappy?

ANS: As dogs are pack animals, they try to adopt leadership skills right from an early age. This is why small dogs are so yappy.

QUE: What is the most annoying breed of dog?

ANS: It is the fact that every breed of dog is annoying if not properly trained. Chihuahuas, Sheltie, Beagle, Jack Russell Terrier, are mostly considered as the most annoying breeds of dogs.

QUE: Are small dogs pointless?

ANS: Yes, small dogs can be considered as pointless as they have less experience than big dogs. Such dogs are not annoying or pointless, but they were bred to do so. Many such dogs were bred to be alarm dogs, to alert their owner in case of the advent of a stranger. For example, Chihuahuas barked at seeing a stranger and alerts their owner of the danger. Such capabilities are genetically present in puppies, and such qualities can be polished by properly training them. 

I hope that now you are aware of the reasons why are small dogs so annoying. Although small dogs are annoying and bark a lot, such problems can be overcome by proper training. Dog often needs care and attention from their owners. It is You who handle the situation accordingly with calmness, rest all is fun.