Why Does My Dog Smell My Breath 6 Key Reasons

Some interesting facts about Why Does My Dog Smell My Breath

It is a common moment for most owners in the morning when they woke up and see their dog sniffing their breath. This is why many owners often wonder why does My Dog Smell My Breath? Generally, dogs smell their owner’s or any person’s breath to gather information about them. By smelling their dogs can easily gather information such as their health status, what they had in their meals, and their hormone levels. Apart from this, there are several reasons why dogs smell the breath of their owner.

Reasons Behind Why Does My Dog Smell My Breath

There are five possible reasons behind Why does my dog smell my mouth of humans. Here are the-

#1 Smelling for What You Ate

Everyone knows that dogs have a strong sense of smell, and they can easily smell what you ate during the day, right from breakfast till dinner. Perhaps your dog might urge to smell what whether you ate is of their interest or not, such as peanut butter or chicken. In such cases, owners should be much concern about their dogs as it is a regular habit of almost every dog.

# 2 Sniffing for Your Morning Breath

Dogs particularly love to smell vivid scents out of curiosity, and your morning breath is included in that. This is why dogs smell their owner’s breath in the morning just after you wake up. Although such a habit of dogs is irritable for some owners,

it is a normal tendency of nearly every breed of dog. Such habits can easily be removed from the dogs by brushing your teeth quickly after waking up, as dogs will not be curious about your breath after that.

#3 Gathering Information

Dogs can easily gather a lot of information about a person or other dogs just by sniffing their breath. This includes your hormone levels, what you ate throughout the day, and how your health is. Do you know that some dogs are specially trained to detect certain illnesses in person so that they can be used in the medical sector? In short, dogs usually smell their owner’s breath to know about your well-being.

#4 Giving Greetings

While some dogs gather information about their owners, for others, it’s a way to greet their owners. Such behavior is induced in them by their ancestors’ wolves. Wolves usually use smell as a tool to learn information about other wolves. Usually, this information includes where the particular wolf has wandered throughout the day, what they had eaten, their health status, and greets them. The same applies to dogs when they sniff you after you have met them returning from your work.

#5 to Detect Diseases

Dogs are specialized in detecting certain specific diseases in persons, such as cancer, migraines, and low sugar levels, by sniffing a person’s breath. As they detect any illness in person, they begin to act weirdly or give a certain hint that has been taught to them in their training.

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Ways to Stop Dogs from Sniffing:

As now you know about why does My Dog Smell My Breath, you must have understood that it is not a problematic behavior in dogs and is a common habit of nearly all dogs. In case you do not like such behavior in dogs, you can gradually leave their habit through rewards and treat. Remember that never force your dog for this as it may reduce the bonding between you and your dog. You can reward your dog every time if it does not sniff your breath and ignore him whenever he does the opposite. Slowly your dog will understand that such behavior is not acceptable to you.

You should also know that fact that it is unhygienic for your dog to touch his nose to your mouth to take your smell. But taking your sniff from a distance for sniffing is completely safe. Remember, such a sniffing habit of a dog will develop a better bond between you and your dog, so do not stop their habit completely and allow them to smell you occasionally. 

Getting rid of Bad Breath in Dogs:

Some dog owners do not have a problem with their dogs sniffing them, but they do not want any sort of bad breath coming out from them. In case your dog has strong bad breath that does not go, it would be good to schedule a dental appointment for them to find out the possible issues. Apart from this, you can keep their dental hygiene good through the below-mentioned ways.

Brushing Their Teeth Regularly:

The best way is to brushing of your pal’s teeth by using toothpaste that is specially made for canines regularly. You should also select a toothbrush that reaches every corner of your dog’s mouth to ensure complete hygiene. This is the best way to keep your dog’s teeth plague free, and it will also keep their mouth odor free.

Dental Products:

There are several dental chews available in the stores that can physically remove the plague from your dog’s teeth if he chews it regularly. It contains certain natural additives that promote healthy gums and teeth and is free from smell. Similarly, dental additives are also helpful in such cases, which you can add to their water bowl for effective results.

Maintaining a healthy diet:

Wet foods often stick to the teeth of your dogs, that give a fowl smell and also creates teeth problems in the long run. Hard foods, on the other hand, are best for maintaining oral hygiene in your dogs as they can easily be eliminated from their teeth and mouth. Apart from these, several home remedies can eliminate bad breath from your dog’s mouth, such as information you can get from your vet. 

Common FAQs:

QUE: How to remove my dog’s nasty-smelling breath?

ANS: Through regular brushing of their teeth and keeping oral hygiene, you can avoid nasty breathing from the dog’s mouth. You can also offer them solid food instead of liquid or paste to keep their teeth cleaner for a longer time.

QUE: Is my dog offended by my bad breath?

ANS: No, dogs are not offended by your bad breath. They simply are curious to smell you.

QUE: Why does my dog s breath still smell after her dental and tooth extraction?

ANS: Bad breath for 1-2 days after a tooth extraction is normal. In case the bad breath continues after tooth extraction for a couple of days, even after you brush your dog’s teeth, then you should consult your vet.

QUE: What does it mean when a dog’s breath smells like urine?

ANS: In case a dog’s breath smells like urine, it’s a serious warning of him getting kidney disease. In such a case, you should take your dog to a vet.

I hope that I now understand the reasons behind Why Does My Dog Smell My Breath? Although such a habit of dogs is irritating, your pal simply does it to ensure your well-being. Your dog is just curious to know what you have had for meals or how fine in health you are, as he loves and cares about you.

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