The secrets and Solutions to Why Does My Dog Nibble My Nose

What Are the Reasons Dogs Nibble on People’s Noses? There are a few different reasons why dogs might nibble on people’s noses. One of the most common ways that dogs explore their surroundings is by investigating everything with their mouth. Others Reasons They could be trying to figure out who the person is, smelling the person for information, or checking to see if the person is okay. Dogs might also do this because it feels good to them.
why does my dog nibble my nose

This article will give you complete information regarding the nibbling of dogs, the reasons behind it, and also how to keep their behavior in control. So let’s start with the answers to your question why does my dog nibble me with my front teeth in detail.

Have you recently witness the biting of your nose from your lovely dog? Such nibbling of dogs accompanies gentle licking too. If you want to get answers to their behavior and want to know why does my dog nibble my nose then you are on the right page. The common reason behind such behavior dog is to get attention. Other reason may be due to the teething behavior in case you have a puppy dog. 

The 2 Types of Mouthing Behavior in Dogs:

  1. Play Mouthing
  2. Grooming Nibbles

Playing mouthing is the commonest habit of the dog. If your dog wants to greet someone, wants to play with someone, or happy to see you they may do such acts. This is similar to waving their tail and that is not much serious issue. Mouthing of dogs can also be seen during their playing time and they try to release their stress by doing so. Excitement is also one of the important factors for mouthing dogs.

On the other hand, grooming nibbles is less common than the above. You must have seen your dog nibbling other animals, toys, cushions, or your clothes. That’s the sign to show their love and affection. Such acts are considered as an affection of dogs towards someone they trust the most.

What exactly is Nibbling of Dogs?


Your lovely dog has a lot of behavior, attitude, and quirks. One such thing is nibbling you with the help of his front teeth. You may feel that your dog is angry or unhappy with you by seeing this. But this is not completely true. Here are some of the proven and valid reasons behind Why does my dog nibble me with my front teeth.

Some Common Reasons Behind why does my dog nibble my nose:

It’s an Instinctive Behavior:

Such nibbling behavior is an instinctive behavior, especially in puppies. The puppies learn nibbling behavior as soon as they start playing with their siblings or other puppies. They do such playing with biting and jumping on each other. In case they do not find any sibling around their next target is perhaps you. Also at a very young age, the puppies nibble her mother to show their love and affection.

Apart from this, the teething process is also the reason for such nibbling of puppies. In case you feel that your puppy nibbles at its teething stage buy some chewable toys for him, to keep them relief from teething pain.

Stress and Anxiety:

Another answer to why does my dog nibble my nose is to relieve themselves from any type of stress and anxiety. Many dogs have separation anxiety and they are unable to control their happiness when you return home. Thus nibbling or accidentally hurting you is also one sign to show their love towards you. Sometimes, a stressful condition at your house or weird noise coming from the streets also leads to nibbling in dogs.

Dogs May Initiate Playing:

You must have noticed that dogs often bite each other while playing. But such biting is not much hard to hurt each other. Similarly, the dog often bites their owner’s nose and ears as an indication that they want to play.

Biting Due to Teething Pain in Dogs:

why does my dog nibble my nose

f you have a young puppy and often bites you or any of your household items that due to teething pain. In such pain, a puppy gets relieved by biting or chewing any hard thing that comes in their way. For such dogs, you can buy a teething ring so that they are relieved from pain and then they might not bite you.

Needs Attention:

Another answer to Why does my dog nibble my earsis perhaps they need some attention from you. Apart from biting your dog can also perform one of the following tactics to get your attention.

  • Your dog may tangle your legs to get your attention.
  • Your dog may bring any toy towards you if they want to play with you.
  • Your dog may simply stare at you.
  • Your dog can also bite your nose.

If you see any of the above symptoms it is better to love them before they tend to become aggressive. Dogs also bite your nose when they feel that the game is out of their hands and they try to win by performing such acts.

My dog bite my nose and it’s bleeding- How to Stop or Control Nibbling of Dogs?

In case you are under such a situation where dogs bite your nose whether accidentally or purposely it’s time to train them. It is the right time where you have to give some indication to the dog that it is not considered acceptable behavior. Here are a few tips that you can do to control the nibbling habits of such dogs-

Proper Training:

One of the definite solutions to the answer Why does my dog bite my nose is the training of your dog. It is one of the best ideas that you hire an expert trainer and animal behaviorist for your dog. These experts can turn any negative habits of the dogs before they get older and get used to such habits. They will give you some excellent tricks to change such a behavior in your dogs.

Rewarding for good behavior:

You have to create such an environment for your dog that it is rewarded only for good works. As soon as they tend to bite you, move away from them, if they are calm with you provide them with a tap or treat. Slowly the dog will understand the facts between good and unacceptable deeds.

Provide them With Chewy Bones:

Make sure that your dog has enough chewy items that are placed everywhere where he usually moves around the house. Do this especially for puppies as they bear the pain of teething and need some product to chew to control the pain. 

Provide Regular attention and affection to your Dog:

This is also one of the proven remedies to stop the nibbling of dogs. Never avoid your dog, and always spend some precious time daily with the. By this, your dog will remain happy and never tend to hurt you. 

Should You Continue Such Nibbling and Mouthing of dogs:

The correct answer to the question why does my dog nibble my nose depends on you. In case your dog performs this act at some specific time then you do not have to mind such behavior. However, if your dog performs such acts daily and at least two to three times a day then you have to follow some necessary steps to control such behavior. 

Some Common Mistakes While Controlling Nibbling of Dogs:

Too Much Movement:

While teaching dogs to stop nibbling make sure that you move your hand less than the toy you are holding. Dogs are attracted to moving things more than stationery items. So moving the toy will make them nibble the toy and not your body parts. Slowly your dog will get used to nibble the toy.

Scolding of Dog for No Reason:

Many times we do scolding of the dogs without their mistakes. Such behavior is not good for the dogs and they may bite at your nose or ears in anger. Instead, you should try to be calm with them to develop a positive and healthy attitude in dogs. Happy and stress-free dogs can leave their habits of nibbling.

Scaring the dog during training:

Many dogs love to play mouthing and like to get the attraction of their owners. If you are scaring them to leave such a habit it may create stress in dogs and they may tend to bite you and make the situation worse. Try to train them slowly with patience for effective results. When you found that your dog is nibbling or mouthing you follow these two steps-


If your dog is nibbling or mouthing you or some other, then try to move away from the dog. If you cannot leave for some reason simply stand up and get out of the reach of your dog’s mouth. Try to go to some other room and remove all the mess that dog has done to you. By this, your dog will understand its mistake and will learn that such an act makes the owner go far. On returning spread some treats on the ground to distract your dog.

Remove Dog itself From the Scene:

Sometimes it’s easier to distract dogs and make them go far from the scene if they are nibbling or mouthing you. For example, if you are cooking food and do not want your dog to nibble or mouthing you near around food. You can give them some treats in other rooms and send them away from you. 

Always be calm and composed during their training and try to understand the reason for such behavior in your dog. You will surely leave the habit of nibbling on your dogs.

Some Common FAQs:

Why does my dog gently bite my nose?

Ans: Dogs usually do that during their playtime. But you should train them to leave such habits before some serious injuries happen.

Why does my dog lick and nibble my nose?

Ans: This is their way to show their love and attraction towards you.

Why does my dog gently bite my face?

Ans: Your dog must want your attention and so performed such an act. Make sure that you provide proper attention to your dog.

What do you do if your dog bites your nose?

Ans: In such conditions hire a trainer for your dog. If your dog is in the teething stage buy some chewy toys for him.

Why do my dogs nibble on each other?

Ans: These are acts of normal dogs they play with their siblings and other dogs in the same way since their childhood.

Why does my dog bite my toenails?

Ans: Many dogs feel that biting toenails of yours is the same enjoyable as theirs. Many experts also say that it’s the way of a dog taking some vitamin in a fun way. But you should avoid such habits in your dog by providing proper training.

Dog Nibbles my Nose: Should I Bother?

Ans: Normal and soft nibbling is natural in dogs. But in case they start hurting you change their habits by providing them with proper training.

Why Does dog Nibble on My clothes?

Ans: Nibbling of clothes indicates the affection of your dog towards you. The more affection the more was the puppies’ love towards the mother in their early childhood.

What do you do if your dog bites your nose?

Ans: Follow the below mention steps-

  1. At first, you have to wash the wound thoroughly
  2. Now slow down the bleeding by tying some clean cloth on the wound.
  3. Apply some antiseptic cream after the bleeding has stopped
  4. Wrap a bandage on the wound
  5. Visit the doctor to ensure the wound condition
  6. Change the bandage regularly, as per your doctor’s advice. 

Finally, we all know that the bites of our lovely dog are nice and it’s a way to show their love and affection towards us. But sometimes such a situation may go out of control and so you should take proper precautions. If you do not teach your puppies they will think that it’s normal and acceptable behavior. This may land you in any future troubles.

Remember no matter how much you love your dog, its mouth near your face is always a risk factor. Hope you get all the related answers to your question why does my dog nibble my nose  


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