Effective Ways to how to get a dog to trust you again

how to get a dog to trust you again

how to get a dog to trust you again.

Everyone knows a dog is one of the best friends of its owner. But sometimes, it happens that due to the mistake of the dog, you scold or abuse him beyond the limit. It is not the correct way to treat your dog, and as a result, your dog starts disliking or distrusting you. It is a sad moment once you find out that your dog starts disliking you. Here are some of the ways to how to get a dog to trust you again.

Ways to Recognize Distrusting Behavior of Your Dog:

Before knowing how to get a dog to trust you again, let us look at some of the symptoms that a scared or abused dog will reflect.

  1. A distrusting dog will leave the room as soon as you arrive
  2. He will reject to eat from your hand
  3. He will tuck his tail and strengthen its body
  4. He will not make any eye contact with you
  5. He would like to leave alone
  6. He will discourage any physical contact from you.

Ways to how to regain dogs trust

Teaching your dog to trust you is quite important for both your dog’s emotional safety and your physical safety. A scared or depressed dog is not a sign of a healthy and happy dog. Here are some of the tips that you can use to regain the trust of your scared dog.

Slow Down at First:

One of the common mistakes of the owners is that they move too fast and try to calm the dog the moment they have scolded them. You have to give some time and let the dog relax both physically and mentally. Waiting for a few hours and then trying to make conversation is the correct way to deal with such a situation. If your dog still does not respond, wait for some more time.

Avoid Eye Contact:

In human cultures eye, contact usually represents love and respect towards each other. But in the case of most animals, eye contact usually represents a threat. When you have a bonding problem with your dog, try not to look much at their eyes instead, look at their head. 

Offer Your Side:

Many scared dogs will approach you from your side instead of the front. Such an indirect approach is politeness from their side and if your dog is using such things, let them continue as it is a positive signal.

Offer Your Side

Don’t be loud:

Dogs usually do not understand what you are trying to say, but they can identify rudeness or loudness. Soon after you have scolded your dog, do not raise your voice. Instead, you can use a calm and sweet voice, indicating that there is nothing to be scared of. Many studies have proved that using loud noise with your dogs too often affects their mental health. You should use positive reinforcement methods to train your dog.

Don’t look too anxious:

Apart from loud noise, dogs are also sensitive to our body language. So you mustn’t look too anxious soon after the incident as this may raise the anxiety level of your dog. Apart from scolding and hitting, your dog may feel that there is much more wrong with the incident if you are too excited or anxious. Such things may take some time to resolve. You can even consult any professional trainer who can fix the trust between you and your dog if you feel that you cannot manage it by yourself.

Do not disturb their Routine:

As we know that dogs like to keep their Routine. So whenever you have scolded or hit your dog, do not change their Routine. You should strictly follow their Routine by giving them breakfast in the morning, playing, nap time, etc. Through this, your dog will forget the incident at a faster rate. Unfamiliar routines further tense up the dog, so make sure that you do not disturb the Routine of your dog as this will further develop trust in your dog towards you. 

Engage them:

Engage your dog with extra activities such as puzzle toys games or simply sit on the floor, switch on the TV and call your dog to watch. Such acts will encourage your dog to spend time with you and will strengthen its trust. Also, exercise your dog regularly. Dogs who are exhausted will not give much time to feeling anxious or depressed.

Negative Effects of Hitting Your Dog:

Many owners feel that dog’s especially larger breeds of dogs are strong and so do not witness pain as humans. But this is completely wrong, and a dog’s nervous system is similar to humans and hence feels the same pain as we. Some dogs may not depict their pain b yelling but may suffer without showing it. Hitting your dog may cause emotional scars and serious injuries. Here are some of the reasons why you should not hit your dog.

Negative Effects of Hitting Your Dog

It Induces Biting:

When you hit your dog, it develops fear in them, and they may bite you to defend themselves. At this point, those unlucky owners unknowingly train their dogs to bite themselves due to fear or to defend themselves. Many dogs are left at the shelter only due to this behavioral change of biting anyone that comes near to them or hurts them.

Behavioral Changes:

Dogs who are often hit develop a feeling of insecurity. Such dogs may witness submissive urination and can develop a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Your dog may no longer walk with its heads up and with confidence but instead with its tail tucked between the legs and heads low. Such dogs may become nervous, depressed, and apprehensive due to fear.

It Reduces their Bond with Owners:

Dogs that are hit usually do not trust their owners anymore. We all know that as an owner you have to be an ultimate source of guidance and trust for your dg. Due to this fear of the owner’s dogs may not grow to their full potential as desired as they will spend most of the time in fear of their owners.

It Causes Misunderstanding:

Many owners think that they are gaining the role of “alpha status” by hitting their dog, which is completely wrong. Modern training methods have proved that dogs are now changing from their wolf origin and give alpha dog status to such owners who protect and take care of them rather than hitting them. So if you want to enhance your bond with them, use the positive reinforcement technique to train your dog rather than hitting your dog. Merely hitting your dog will confuse the dog regarding what you are trying to get from them and will grow in misunderstood, fearful, and unjust world.

Common FAQs:

QUE: How do I regain my dog’s trust?

ANS: The best way to regain a dog’s trust is to move slowly and let the dog comes towards you.

QUE: How do I rebuild my dog’s relationship?

ANS: Try to divert the attention of your dog towards its favorite game or treats. Your dog will take some time to rebuild its trust in you.

QUE: How do I tell my dog I love him?

ANS: You can tell your dog that you love him by ruing its year, playing with him, and gazing into his eyes.

QUE: Can dogs forgive abusers?

ANS: It is difficult for a dog forgives its abusers. Your dog will always remember the circumstances and surrounding when he was abused.

QUE: Is it bad to kick a dog?

ANS: It is quite bad to kick a dog, whatever may be the reason. It is better to use positive reinforcement training to teach a dog good behavior.

Nearly every owner knows that it is wrong to treat your dog rudely. But sometimes, one may lose control over anger and make such mistakes. I hope that now you have got several ways to how to get a dog to trust you again. Such methods are also useful when you adopt a new dog who is sacred in the new environment of your house or has an abusive history.

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