The Best and Proven Home remedies for rough dog paws You Ought to Know

The paws of dogs play an important role in hiking, playing, running, and walking for a dog. They provide them with friction, support and make them stable in their daily chores. But many times, you may have noticed problems such as cracking and hardening of their paws. For such dog owners, here are some of the best Home remedies for rough dog paws, by which you can make their paws fit as before.

Hardening of paws and cracking are common in dogs, especially in winters. But that does not mean that you should neglect it. You need to know dry dog paws home remedies before the problem becomes severe and causes pain and trouble to your dog.

The Need for Home remedies for rough dog paws

There are several reasons behind causing dry paws in the dog. Some of the common ones are-

Allergic Reactions:

Similar to humans, dogs do suffer from allergies to the environment. As their paws come in direct contact with the soil, there are chances for them to come in contact with irritants. Such allergies tend to makes their paws dry and infectious.

Presence of Chemicals:

There are several parts of the country where salt is used to melt the ice that is present on roads/sidewalks to makes transport easier. Such salts contain chemicals that can dry up the paws of your dog if exposed for a long time. Similarly, there are several types of fertilizers and chemicals that people use to maintain their gardens and homes that can again be harmful to dogs and can irritate the paws of the dogs. Chemicals used to clean carpet and floor can also cause the same problems in dogs.

Other Factors:

During the winters, we usually use heaters at home. The heaters eventually make the air dry around, which causes the paws of your dog to crack and dry. Apart from this, excessive licking of the paws by your dog is also one of the reasons that make the paws of their skin dry. Their such licking can also make their paws’ skin wet which can lead to bacterial and yeast infections. Rough surfaces are also one of the reasons that make the paws of your dog dry. Also, too hot and too cold weather conditions make the paws of your dog dry.

Home remedies for rough dog paws- How to Identify Dry Paws of Dog

The best way to identify the dry paws of your dog is by touching and feeling them. Make sure that some amount of stiffness in the dog’s paw is normal, but it should be exceeded in stiffness. You can check for cracked skin, bleeding, and redness in their paws, too which can indicate that the paws of your dogs are severely dry. You may also check that whether your dog tries to avoid using one of its paws while walking. It is also an indication of a dry paw as your dog feels painful using that particular dry paw. Excessive licking of paws by your dog also indicates dry paws of your dog. In case you see hairs on the paws of your dog then it is a specific condition called “hairy dog paw Hyperkeratosis”. For such a cure, it is advised to visit your vet as early as possible.

Some Cool cracked dog paws home remedies:

Below are some of the suggested methods by which you can cure the dry and cracked paws of your dogs naturally at your home.

Water :

Dehydration is also one of the reasons behind cracked and dry paws. Severe dehydration may even cause bleeding. For such reasons keeping the adequate water quantity in the dog’s body is essential.

home remedies for rough dog paws

So in case, you witness dry paws of your dog it is better to provide them with plenty of freshwaters than use moisture lotions, etc., to provide moisture in the paws.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is one of the common products and has various benefits. It is used in cooking and can also be applied to skin and hair to provide moisture. Similarly, it can also be applied to the cracked paws of your pal. Coconut oil possessed antimicrobial properties, and so it will keep the paws of your pet free from infections too.

Shea Butter:

Shea butter possesses moisturizing properties. Several moisturizer products use shea butter as a base due to its amazing qualities. The butter that is obtained from shea nuts can penetrate deep into the skin to hydrate it and keep it healthy. Shea butter is non-toxic to canine, which is another advantage.

Vitamin E Oil:

Vitamin E oil is also useful to cure cracked paws of your pal. It will soften the skin of your dog and bring it to the normal state as before. You can apply a thin coat and rub it gently as you do for your hands.

home remedies for rough dog paws

Calendula Extract:

Calendula extract comes from the source of pot marigold. As per ASPCA, the plant is non-toxic and is completely safe for canines. It also has great healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and so serves a wide range of health issues. If you apply such extract on the cracked paws of your dog, it will relieve them from pain, itching, and peeling. Many owners mix this Calendula extract with olive oil, which is more effective.

Omega Fatty Acids:

The diet of your dog plays an important role in the treatment of the cracked paws. Apart from increasing the water quantity of the dogs, it would be great if you provide them with such a diet that contains Omega fatty acids.

home remedies for rough dog paws

Such Omega fatty acids main reduce the pain of your dog due to cracked paws and will also reduce inflammation. It also restores the natural oils present in the skin of your dogs. Some of the omega fatty acids ingredients that are harmful or toxic to dogs are gluten, soy, grain, etc. So make sure that you do not provide them with such a source of omega fatty acids.

Natural Balms:

A paw balm is the best way to cure the dry paws of your pal. It also protects their paws from poisonous substances. A good and effective balm contains beeswax oil, olive oil, etc., which helps in healing dry skin. Make sure that you avoid such balms that contain diclofenac, zinc oxide, and lidocaine as these are poisonous for dogs. You can easily get such pet-friendly balms at pet stores. They are made with natural agents and will not harm the health of your dog even it lick the balm by mistake. 

Hemp Oil and CBD:

CBD or commonly Cannabidiol, is the latest in the field of pet parenting. The healing effect of CBD is used by humans since ancient times but never in the case of dogs. Today they are used as a natural healer to provide healing of dry paws. CBD has qualities such as anti-nausea properties, anti-inflammatory, and appetite stimulation. Some other natural healer includes-

  • Olive Oil
  • Vaseline
  • Cupuacu Butter, etc

Before applying any of the above ingredients to the paws of your dog, it is better to wash the paws of your pal and make them free from dirt and germs. It will also help the skin of the paw to absorb the moisture from the lotion effectively. Here are steps to clean the cracked paws of your dog.

  1. Clean each paw of the dog with the help of warm water and dog soap.
  2. Dry it well with the help of a soft towel.
  3. You can now apply any antibacterial or antibiotic ointment to prevent any infection.
  4. In case the paws are severely dry and bleeding, you can dress the paws for better absorption of the lotion. If you think that dressing the dog is difficult, you can use any of your old socks for this purpose.
  5. Supervise your dog that it does not chew or remove the dressing. If necessary, you can also provide them with a cone to restrict their mouth from reaching their paws.
  6. Clean and change the dress regularly and replace them with fresh ones for few days.

Some Other Ways to dry dog paws home remedies:

home remedies for rough dog paws

Apart from ointment, there are several other ways to save your dog from dry paws. One of the best ways is to provide high-quality diet food to your dog. You should also stop using harsh chemicals in your house as they might be the reason behind the dry paws of your pal. When it is hot outside, try to keep your dog indoors. If there is strong sunlight outside, take your dog for a walk some other time as it may burn the paws of your pal. Use paw balm regularly to protect their paws, especially in the winter season. 

You can get a bootie for your dog in extreme winter conditions. It will be the best preventive way to save the paws of your dog from being cracked. As you know, that pet needs a walk and exercise daily, and such dry paws create pain, and so a bootie will somewhat reduce their pain. In short, you can shorten their outdoor time in extreme weather conditions to save their paws. Following all such precautions, you will heal the dry or cracked paws of your pal.

Some Common FAQs:

Q: What can I put on my dogs’ rough paws?

Dogs spend most of their time on rough surfaces, and so it is very common that they have rough paws. You can use moisturizers that contain vitamin E to soften their paws.

Q: What home remedy can I use to soften my dog’s paws?

You can use olive oil, petroleum jelly, or coconut oil to soften your dogs’ paws at home.

Q: Can I put Vaseline on my dog’s dry paws?

Yes, you can certainly use Vaseline to cure the cracked or dry paws of your dog. Make sure to use it in a small amount and rub it evenly throughout the paws.

Q: How to treat a paw infection in between my dog’s toes?

You can consult your vet and provide your dog with oral antibiotic ointments. Epsom salts, chlorhexidine are also used to remove pus and reduce the inflammation in the paws and help the infected paws to heal.

Q: What causes the rash under my dog’s armpit?

Rashes in the armpit of your dog are usually caused due to excessive heat, infection, insect bites, or allergies in dogs. It is better to ask your vet to provide you with effective medicines for your dog. You can also apply 50% of warm water with baking soda and can apply on the affected area for better results.

Q: What is the best way to remove a sticker in a dog’s paw?

In case you have noticed a sticker attached to your dog’s paw, loosen its grip by putting some vegetable oil on it to loosen its glue. After that, wait for some time and try to remove it gently. You can also use a comb to take out its edges if necessary.

Q: How do I stop my dog from licking the base of its tail all the time?

Irritation, allergies, the presence of parasites, and infections motivate the dog to lick its bottom. If you keep your dog clean and make it free from parasites, you can reduce its habit.

Q: How to protect your dog’s feet?

Dogs commonly have problems with their feet, especially in winters, as they tend to spend most of the time on rough surfaces. You can apply moisturizers and ingredients like coconut oil and Vaseline regularly for the safety of their paws.

I hope that now you have several answers to Home remedies for rough dog paws and How to moisturize dog paws. Such home remedies will keep your dog safe from damaging his paws worse in the future. Your pal will surely be relieved from the pain caused due to the cracking and hardening of his paws by such easy home remedies.

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