Some Genuine Reasons Behind Why is my dog so hyper all of a sudden

Have you ever witness an incident when one of your friends is so talkative that you never get a chance to speak a word in between? The same is the case when a dog gets hyper. Many owners do not understand the reasons to why is my dog so hyper all of a sudden. It is indeed very difficult to control such dog’s especially larger breeds of dogs, when they get hyper.

This article will enlighten you with some reasons behind my dog is going crazy all of a sudden and the ways to control a dog in such a situation. But first of all, let us understand the meaning of hyperactivity.

Meaning of Hyperactivity:

If you have seen a dog running around weirdly like a sports car without any brakes, we can assume that the dog is in a hyperactive state. In many cases, you can conclude that your dog has energy, and so it is using it, then you are right up to some extent. But there are also some rare cases that such problems are serious and need to be treated urgently to save the dog. 

There is a very little number of owners who possess a hyperactive dog. Some people also refer to hyperactive to hyperkinesis, which is the near word of the same. Experts say one of the basic reasons behind the hyperactivity of the dog is lack of exercise and loneliness.

Difference between Activeness and Hyperactivity in dogs

Before knowing why is my dog so hyper all of a sudden, every owner should understand the difference between high energy and hyperactivity in dogs. High energy in dogs is not an issue, but hyperactivity can be a real problem. It is important to diagnose such dogs to understand the root cause of hyper activeness in dogs. There are several breeds of dogs that were used to guard the herds. Such dogs often walk and run all day. Such dogs, if they are not allowed to spend their energy, can become hyperactive. 

Dogs with high energy can get tired after an hour or a half and eat, sleep and rest like other normal dogs. But in the case of hyperactive dogs, they can run for hours without the need for any food or water, which is dangerous. Such dogs are considered aggressive and pass on everything that comes between and may not listen to a command given by their owners.

Some Common Reasons Why is my dog so hyper all of sudden:

There are five common reasons behind hyperactivity or why is my dog acting weird all of a sudden, these are-

1. Breed characteristics of that dog

2. Early years as a puppy

3. Behavior-based on their condition

4. Lack of coordination or simulation

5. Diet of the dog

Let us understand all such reasons in details

why is my dog so hyper all of a sudden

Breed Characteristics of the Dog:

In case you are a proud owner of such breeds of dogs who have a history of being protective and aggressive, such dogs can easily become hyper. Such breeds of dogs include Siberian Huskies, Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, terriers, etc. For example, German Shepherd breeds of dogs are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs and were bred to guard herds and to protect them from predators. The same case is with sport dogs. They are too energetic and need plenty of exercise in a day to burn their calories.

Here are some of the breeds that are commonly considered hyperactive dog breeds-

Border Collies:

These breeds of dogs were originally bred to work harder, and they do have quite an energy in them. If you keep such a dog as a family pet, make sure that you devote some time daily to fulfill their exercise requirements.

Labrador Retriever:

Labs are wonderful as pet dogs but can be destructive if you do not let them exercise regularly.

Siberian Husky:

Huskies were bred originally to run over long distances. They are great as family pets but easily get bored if you do not engage them in energetic activities.

Australian Shepherd:

Such dogs were kept as protectors for the herds and to wander around in the field throughout the day. Due to all such reasons, every owner of Australian Shepherd should take care to provide their dogs with sufficient exercises daily.

Jack Russell Terrier:

Though such dogs are tiny in size, they do possess a lot amount of energy within them. Their ancient breeds were hunters, and so they love to be active.


Apart from the cuteness, they are also considered water dogs. They are intelligent and need a lot of exercise to keep them happy. Make sure that you never confuse them with just ornamental dogs.


Dalmatians are also one of the energetic breeds of dog that requires quite a lot amount of exercise daily. These breeds of dogs were used initially to pull the carriages as they have a lot amount of strength to do so.


They also fall in the category of hunting dogs and have a lot of stamina within them.

Puppy Years:

When a dog is growing up, it must be around other puppies of the same age. It is also necessary that they should socialize with other older dogs and people. By this, they gain positive reinforcement, which helps them in their later years. A trained dog gets more attention from the untrained ones and so is more confident, and shows fewer hyperactivity symptoms. So it is necessary to take care of the dog from its puppy age. 


Many owners think their dogs are disobedient, but the reality is you have unknowingly trained them to do so. Many owners try to train their dogs for a certain purpose, but when they fail, they give up. They then let their dogs free to do their business as they wish. The owners mustn’t leave their training session until the dog has learned from it. Such impatience of the owner makes a dog hyperactive. Dogs who have completed their training and rewarded have fewer chances of being hyperactive.


Hyperactivity in dogs makes them disperse lots of mental and physical energy. So it is necessary to keep such dogs busy and let them waste their energy in their daily chores to keep them calm. As an owner, you should be aware of the breed of your dog and its exercise requirements. 


Eating fresh and healthy food is also important to control the hyperactivity of a dog. By eating healthy food, your dog may receive proper digestion, energy levels, and sleep cycle. The brain functionality of the dog may further be at an optimal level. Eating a balanced diet is also one of the answers to why is my dog suddenly hyper at night

Some Effective Ways to how to calm a hyper dog

Nobody likes their dog to spin in circles and to jump weirdly for no reason. These are all signs of over-excitement or hyperactivity. In such a situation, the dog has plenty of stored energy, and their brain directs them to burn it down this way. Here are some of the ways by which you can calm a hyper dog.

Never Encourage the Excitement:

As an owner, it is important for you to understand when your dog reaches its prime excitement level. Also, are such excitement levels are less or more frequent with your dog. Make sure that you d not appreciate or play with them when they are too excited, as that encourages your dog to do so.

why is my dog so hyper all of a sudden

By this, he will learn that you appreciate him for being over-excited, which is wrong. It is best if you use no touch, no eye contact, and no talk in such cases. It is better if you move away from the scene or drop them down if they jump over you. Through this, the dog will understand that such an act displeases its owner.

Encourage Calmness:

The best tip to control a hyper dog is to encourage calmness and a submissive state in them. When they are calm, give them your full love and affection. You can also reward him for keeping calm. By this, your dog will understand the importance of being calm. 

Take Your dog for a long walk:

Now you must have understood that the hyperactivity f a dog is due to the presence of energy in them. So to counter that, you should burn their calories by taking them to a walk daily. It provides the dog with exercise and a source to drain its energy. Just letting your dog play in the backyard is not a suitable exercise for them.

why is my dog so hyper all of a sudden

Taking them for a long walk will make them explore the wild and be connected with its prime instincts. You will notice after a few days when our dog will relax and stay calm after a long walk. You can also reward him for the same.

Let them Play but With Limitations:

You can keep your dog’s mind busy is also important to avoid hyperactivity in them. You can engage your dog during playtime through fetch, searching for hidden treats, or running with them. Make sure that never allow them to go wild instead, engage them in some decent play during their playtime. In case your dog gets too excited, stop their playing session for some time, and when they are back to normal, start the game again. Through this, the brain of your dog will be free from negative enforcement.

Keep their Nose Engage:

Since the nose is the primary sense organ of the dog, capturing a good smell will ultimately keep them calm. Vanilla and lavender are some of the best scents that can keep dogs calm. You can also apply any other air freshener near their bed and at your home. Make sure to use scents that are non-allergic to dogs. You can also consult your vet and ask for effective scents to calm your dog.

An owner should keep themselves calm while training your dog not to get hyper. Forcing them or shouting at them can make the matter worse. If you do not find positive results in a few days, get them medically checked.

Some Common FAQs:

Q: How do you calm down a hyper dog?

There are several ways to calm a hyper dog, out of which the major ones include Aromatherapy, keep your dog busy, make them exercise, go for long walks, etc.

Q: Why is my dog so hyper and crazy?

There can be several possible reasons behind why some dogs go crazy or hyper. The major ones are genetics, diet, early childhood, lack of coordination.

Q: What is Hyperactivity in Dogs?

The sudden rise of energy in dogs by which they can run for hours without stopping is termed hyperactivity in dogs.

Q: What Does Hyperactivity Mean?

Hyperactivity in medical terms means increasing energy hormone levels and acquire high energy for a short time.

Q: Are they Hyper Because They are Not Getting Enough Exercise?

Yes, the main reason behind hyperactivity in dogs is lack of exercise.

Q: Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

The average dog has a lot of energy, especially at a young age. In case you are unable to provide them with a daily evening and morning exercise, it can be a problem. You should keep your dog busy by providing them with chewy toys, puzzles, bones to waste their energy and reduce the chances of hyperactivity in them.

Q: What is Canine Hyper-Stimulation?

Dogs that spin around in circles and jump up and down like crazy are termed as Hyper-Stimulation. These are signs of overexcitement and depression in dogs.

I hope that now you are well familiar with Why is my dog so hyper all of sudden. It is important to control such activity in a dog as it may harm their health. Proper training and exercise will surely keep your dog calm, and so by this, you can avoid them getting hyper.

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