Secrets Behind how do dogs correct each other

how do dogs correct each other

how do dogs correct each other

It is not an easy task to introduce a new dog to an exciting dog; it’s a mixed feeling of nervousness and excitement. You should know the answers to how do dogs correct each other to handle the situation perfectly and keep the transaction smooth. Here are some of the proven steps by which you can properly induce dogs to each other.

1.Select a Neutral Spot

You can try to find such spots which are fully fenced and that place where neither of the dogs has visited before. Through these, both the dogs will not show their aggression due to their territorial instincts as both the place is new for them. Parks or friends’ backyard is the best place for introducing dogs to each other. You should also put away things such as bones, beds, toys, and also treats or empty bowls. You should remove everything from the scene that can attract the dogs or on which they can start to fight. Even the old or rotten bone will be valuable if the other dog starts to show interest in it. Also, remember to keep the two dogs on leash.

2.Watching the Body Language of the Dogs:

Since now you know that the introduction of the two dogs requires a leash and for that, you shall require two persons. It would be better than out of the two-person one should have a good grasp of the understanding body language of the canines and how do dogs correct each other. If the expert says that dogs are about to fight by watching their body language, quickly separate them and try to introduce them later.

3 Make the Dogs to Walk Together:

If everything went well until now and dogs are calm in the meeting the next step is to start their parallel walking. You should maintain the distance between the two such that they are aware of the presence of each other. But also make sure that are neither too close that they fixate on each other. In short, you should maintain buffer space between the two so that both the dogs are comfortable. Now switch the place of the dogs and walk back to the spot from which you have started. By this, dogs can have the scent of each other through the steps where they have walked.

Dogs to Walk Together

You should allow your dog to check potty spots as it is the best way through which dogs get to know each other. Now if you feel that dogs are comfortable with each other you can slightly loosen the leash. You can also reduce the distance between the two and can also keep less distance during their parallel walks.

4 Allowing dogs to Meet Off-Leash

If you feel that dogs are getting comfortable with each other daily then now it’s the correct time to get back on the same enclosed area and drop their leash. Praise them when they are keeping their interaction calm and allow dogs to sniff each other. But also make sure that if their interaction gets disturbed hold their leash back so maintain manageable distance between the owner and dogs. Observe the dogs as they may play or sniff each other to know each other better.

Introducing a New dog To existing dog at home

Now when you have introduced your dog to any random dog, it’s time that you can introduce your dog to your home dog. The procedure is the same that you will need two persons and an enclosed place of your home or backyard for their meeting together with leash and parallel walks. Remember that any pieces of stuff such as food, bowls, or toys should not be present in the scene. Once you have successfully introduced the dogs, you can take care of the following points.

Watch the Daily Life of the Two Dogs:

Try to maintain calmness in the house as soon as you have introduced the dogs. Do not throw any sort of welcome party in your house just the day you have brought a new dog home. Maintain the schedule of your old dog as usual and let the other dog follow its schedule. Give time to each dog turn by turn so that both the dogs do not feel rejected. Many owners forgot their old dogs as soon as they ring new dogs at their homes.

Daily Life of the Two Dogs

This is completely wrong as this may create aggression and jealousy in your old dog and he will never like the new dog thinking like a competitor. Always keep a close look at the two dogs and if you see any signs such as snarling or growling then quickly separate the dogs. You can also separate the dogs for about half an hour and then engage them again.

Monitor Their Mealtimes:

You have to keep separate spots during the meals of your dogs. You can keep their food bowls in different rooms so that they can peacefully have their meal without any distraction. If one of your dogs finishes the meal earlier then do not allow him to go towards the other dog to hover on its meal. The best way is to keep the dogs separate until both the dogs finish their meal.

Keep the Bed Separate:

Some dogs are very possessive about their resting places. So make sure that you provide separate places for the two dogs and if possible you can also keep their room separate. Even if the bed can easily accommodate the two dogs; keep their bed separate.

Toys Introduction:

Introduce toys to your dogs once again but this time one by one. Do not bring the entire chest of toys right away. By this dogs will get engaged and surprised each day and will not concentrate much on each on each other. Also, watch them but not too closely and see how their playful activity is going on.

Keep the Dogs Separate When You are Away:

If you are busy or want to go outside and cannot watch the dogs then separate the dogs. By this, your dogs will be safe and you will not worry about them. Continue the same procedure until your dogs have created a strong bonding with each other. Similarly, give your dogs playtime but also maintain breaks in between while and separate them in breaks. This is because overplaying will make them overtired and they may show inappropriate or aggressive behavior to each other. Dogs also need some personal space like us and when they are fresh they will meet each other with calmness and enthusiasm.

How to Identify dogs aggression or playing

Showing teeth, growling, and pinned ears or an erect tail are some of the common communication or body language that dogs usually show during their playtime. This is why it is hard to identify whether the dog is playing or has indulged in aggressive fighting. The correct way is to identify that the two dogs are under similar stress and are having a harmless playtime. Dogs usually take turns being aggressive and submissive while playing.

Dogs who are indulged in fighting have a separate body language such as stiff body and tail. Such dogs are under a lot of stress and can also snarl and grow deeply. Most of the dogs will try to escape from the situation if they feel that the former one is strong and showing territorial instinct. So if you see such signs you should immediately separate the dogs before they harm each other badly. Here are some of the scenarios when you need to separate your dogs.

  • When the playing of dogs is not mutual and is normal.
  • In case one of the dogs is enjoying the play but by dominating the other one.
  • In case they are not playing at all and start fighting with each other.

In case your dogs start to fight, try commanding them to separate. In case they are not paying attention to your commands you can use loud noise to distract them. Car horns, air horns can e useful in such a case. Never try to stop the fights of the dog physically as it is risky and they may bite you in aggression. You can use a blanket or umbrella to distract the dogs and then separate them calmly. Make sure to check both the dogs closely and in case of any biting marks, take them to the vet.  


QUE: Should I let my dog correct other dogs

ANS: It is completely okay to let dogs correct each other. They do so through lip curl, air snaps, and other body language.

QUE: How do dogs correct their puppies?

ANS: A mother dog may correct her puppies by growling, snarling, and keeping the face of the puppy inside her mouth. Sometimes the mother dog can keep its puppy low on the ground through her paws.

QUE: How do dogs apologize to each other?

ANS: Wide eyes and droopy ears, and wagging their tails are the common signs when dogs want to apologize to each other.

QUE: Why does my dog correct other dog’s behavior?

ANS: Due to lack of communication, fear, territorial instinct, or aggression dogs tend to correct other dogs.

QUE: Why do dogs bite the back of other dog’s necks?

ANS: Dogs have the instinct to kill their prey or other enemies by grabbing their necks. This is the main reason why dogs bite other dogs’ necks.

QUE: Do dogs punish each other

ANS: Yes dogs often punish each other to correct each other and prove their territorial instinct.

I hope that now you have all the answers to how do dogs correct each other. Your patience and calm together with understanding the body language of the dog is the key to introducing one to the other. It may take months for the dogs to know each other in a good way but then they will develop a long-life happy relationship.

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