how do you clean a female dogs private area

how do you clean a female dogs private area

As a dog owner, you should always be aware of how do you clean a female dogs private area and that of a male dog. Through this, you can keep your dog happy and healthy in the long run. There are certain additional tips that you would require if you own a female dog. Here are some of the steps that would guide you for the same.

Before learning about Female dog hygiene, you should know the reason to clean private areas. The prominent reason behind cleaning a female dog’s private area is when they witness their heat cycles, they discharge certain fluids like blood, etc. Due to this, dogs lick their private area more than regular in an attempt to keep it clean.

Excessive licking can result in dryness of their private parts resulting in redness, itching, and swelling, and Rash on female dog private area. Dogs more important female dogs are at a heavy risk of catching yeast infections on their private parts. Due to this, you can witness foul smells or bad odors from their private parts. In such cases, only water is not sufficient to clean their private parts, and one can use apple cider vinegar for effective results. To prevent dryness, you can use coconut oil.

Steps to Clean Private Parts of a female Dog:

Many people have a misconception that cleaning private parts of a female dog is difficult than that of a male dog. Due to this, they tend to avoid owning a female dog and prefer male dogs. But this is not true cleaning of private parts of both male and female dogs is easy. You may need some easily available things like water, clean cloth, and unscented dog/puppy wipes. Here is the way to clean the private parts of your female dog.

Select a comfortable spot

It is essential to make your dog comfortable to clean their private parts effectively. Selecting uncomfortable or spots with distraction can make to move a lot, resulting in improper cleaning. Spots that are cool and dry are the best, and you can lay a cushion beneath them before beginning the process.

Also, remember that shaving is not always a necessary option to clean their private parts. The vet does this to make their work easier and faster as they have to attend to other dogs. But you can easily clean the vulva of your female dog without shaving. In case you are planning to use a razor, then make sure you do it with confidence without harming the private areas of your dog.

Make a Water Solution:

You can use plain water to clean, but it is recommended that you use lukewarm water with a salt solution. This will effectively clean the private areas of your dog. This is because salt speeds up the process of cleaning and also acts as a disinfectant. This property of the salt solution is useful if there is a presence of redness in the private parts of your dog.

Medicated shampoo can also be used in such cases. You can consult your vet to use an effective medicated shampoo. Do not use harsh shampoos as the vulva of the dogs is extremely sensitive. After you have selected the ingredients, you can just use water and start lathering the dog’s private area and then rinse it twice with fresh water. Now use a soft cloth to dry them up. You should know that proper dying of the vulva is as important as cleaning. Keeping damp and wet vulvae will lead to further infection. Also, remember to pat gently and your work is over.

Cleaning a Male Dog’s Private Area:

Now, as you are familiar with how do you clean a female dogs private area, let us know cleaning of a male dog’s private area. There are several reasons why one should take care of cleaning a male dog’s private area. A natural discharge named Smegma is one of the prominent reasons. It is generated to act as a lubricant in the private part of male dogs. If this discharge is not timely clean, you may witness a foul smell or even infection in their private parts.

n case you feel the presence of a foul smell from the anal glands of your dog, it indicates infection. It simply means that you are cleaning the private parts of the dog regularly. Avoiding such cleaning will lead to more serious problems such as itching and swelling in the long run. Here are the steps of cleaning a male dog’s private area-

  1. Before you start the cleaning process, examine their private parts closely. Swelling, wounds, cuts, redness are the common things that you have to look for. In short, check anything which is unusual.
  2. Checking of the sheath is also equally important. Sometimes there is a deposition of crust around this sheath. In such cases, you have to clean the crust using a cloth dipped in Luke warm water. By this, you will disinfect the crust and also soften it. It is also recommended to use salt with water and not soap, as the harsh chemicals of soap will affect their sensitive parts.
  3. Now slowly pull the sheath and expose the penis of your dog. Slowly wipe it with a clean cloth that is soaked in saltwater. If you cannot arrange for any clean, soft cloth, then puppy wipes that are unscented are a good option for this purpose. Make sure that you are using lukewarm water and not too hot as it may hurt your dog, and he may try to avoid such a cleaning process.
  4. If you feel that wiping is not so much affecting to remove the Smegma, then you can try rinsing it in running water or with the help of a hose to remove the deposits of Smegma. Soaps and dog shampoos are strongly not recommended to clean private parts as they may lead to giving burning sensation in the private area of your dog.
  5. Similar to female dogs here too drying is highly recommended so that all the moisture and foul odor are removed from the private parts of your dog.

If you want your pal to be healthy, infection-free, and strong, then it is strongly recommended to groom your dog regularly together with cleaning their private parts. If the discharge from a male dog is not regularly clean, it will generate serious problems for which you have to take them to a vet, which can be expensive.


QUE: Do you need to clean a female dog’s private area

ANS: Everyone thinks that dogs clean their private parts by themselves, and so the owners do not require giving any extra attention to it. This is true, but sometimes a female dog who is witnessing heat may require gentle wipes for hygiene purposes.

QUE: Can you cut a female dog’s pee hair

ANS: Yes, it is possible to slightly trim the pee hair of a female dog. But make sure that you do it attentively without hurting the genitals of the dog.

QUE: Why is my girl dog licking her private area so much?

ANS: Normally, female dog licks their private area to keep it clean. But if your girl dog licks its private area excessively, it can be signs of infection or injuries. You should contact your vet in such conditions.

QUE: What does it mean when your dog licks your private area?

ANS: The smell sensation of the dogs is 4 times more than that of humans. It is possible that the dog will try to lick your private parts soon after you have used the bathroom or come out of the bath as they may have sensed the smell of urine from your body.

QUE: Can dogs get infections on their private parts

ANS: Yes, sometimes maintaining improper hygiene or female dogs witnessing heat may get an infection in their private areas.

QUE: Why is my female dog’s private area swollen after grooming?

ANS: Sometimes, improper usage of clipper blades may hurt the highly sensitive parts of your dog and so can get swollen.

It’s a lot of responsibility if you are a dog owner. The best way to keep your dog healthy is to take care of its cleanliness. You should always have to take some time to clean the private part of your dog. Now, as you know, how do you clean a female dogs private area, you can see that it is not a difficult or time-consuming job. You can also observe that the things required to clean their genitals are readily available at home, and you did not have to visit the vet too.

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