An Ultimate Guide to How often to worm a dog on raw diet

how often to worm a dog on raw diet

How often to worm a dog on raw diet

As a dog owner, you must be aware of the importance of deworming your dog. It is one of the common problems in dogs, and such worms are usually found in the intestines or lungs of your dog. Such worms usually come from the soil, raw meat, drinking impure water, rodents, fleas, etc. Due to this the question arises How often to worm a dog on raw diet and what should be the frequency of deworming a dog.

Answers to How often to worm a dog on raw diet

First of all, you should know the genuine answer to does raw meat give dogs worms which is no. This is because raw meat contains several parasites which can disturb the digestive system of your dog. On the other hand, cooked meat is completely safe for dogs. Heartworms, roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms are some of the common worms found in dogs. Out of which heartworms can seriously make your dog ill while the remaining have less impact on your dog. Diarrhea, weight loss, vomiting, and dry hairs are some of the symptoms of the presence of worms in a dog.

 If you are feeding your dog a raw diet, you have to worm your dog periodically to keep them healthy. For puppies that have worms, the worming process should be once a month as it takes 30 days for the worms to attach to the dog’s intestines when they start laying eggs to multiple themselves. For puppies that are older than six months and are not showing any symptoms of worms then you can deworm them once every 6 months which is sufficient.

Know some natural ways to deworm a dog

Now, as you are familiar with How often to worm a dog on raw diet, you should also know some natural ways by which you can deworm a dog. One of the best ways to deworm a dog is to provide your dog with a healthy diet. A healthy diet develops a strong immune system through which dogs do not suffer from worms easily.

The antibodies that are built in the dog’s body automatically destroy the worms. So your main concern should be maintaining a good diet that includes immune-boosting nutrients such as vitamin D and zinc. Many types of herbs and foods will kill nearly all types of worms in the dog. Here are some of the specific foods that can help your dog to deworm naturally.

Fermented Vegetables:

For a healthy digestive system, fermented foods are often considered the best. Such foods eliminate worms and can build a healthy immune system for your dog. So if you want to deworm your dog and want to develop healthy digestion of your dog, feed some fermented vegetables in your dog’s diet. Start adding small amounts in the beginning and gradually increase the amount as per the body weight of your dog.

Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are also helpful in deworming your dog. Pumpkin seeds are the best source of cucurbitacin, which is an amino acid. This cucurbitacin kills the worms and expels them through the digestive system of your dog. Remember that salted pumpkin seeds are not good for your dog’s health so use organic raw seeds only to feed your dog. The quantity should only be one-fourth tablespoon crushed pumpkin seeds per 10 lbs weight of your dog twice a day till all the parasites are eliminated. These pumpkin seeds are also safe for pregnant dogs who are suffering from worms.

Black Cumin Seeds:

Cumin seeds are effective and safe to kill most types of worms. You can use crushed seeds and give your dog in a pinch or half the dose of black seed oil. Half a tablespoon to 1 tablespoon daily is enough. You can mix the dose in his food. In case your dog does not like the strong taste of the cumin seeds, then you can roast the seeds in a pan to lessen their strong taste and then give them to your dog.

Grated Vegetables and Food:

There are certain vegetables and food such as cucumber, carrots, fennel, squash, watercress, pineapple, etc., that are effective against worms. Pineapple contains bromelain, which is an enzyme that helps to digest proteins, boost the immune system, and kill worms. Papaya, which contains the enzyme papain, is also helpful in fighting worms. For the problem of tapeworms, pomegranate is a good option. Pomegranate has enzymes that eliminate worms through the digestive system of your dog.1 tablespoon of such vegetables and fruits as per 10 lbs weight of your dog’s weight twice a day is enough to fight worms. Remember that such vegetables are also a good source of fiber, and it helps to keep the digestive system at an optimum level. 

Vegetable Juice:

You can mix the juice of cucumber, carrot, beet into the food of your dog to get rid of worms. Such juices make the intestines of your dog less attractive to the worms. Dosage is the same 1 tablespoon twice a day as per the 10 lbs body weight of your dog.

Vegetable Juice


Another dewormer is garlic which, if given in moderate amounts, is the best way to eliminate worms. For this, chop the garlic and leave it for 15 minutes so that garlic can release its beneficial compounds which will help you to kill the worms. For small dogs, use only one-fourth of the clove twice a day and increase the amount to 1 for bigger breeds of dogs. Make sure that garlic is not a good remedy for lactating and pregnant dogs or dogs with blood thinners.


With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, turmeric can cure the problem of worms in dogs. Apart from this, turmeric also clean the liver from toxins and remains of worms in the body of the dog.

ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar:

There are several benefits of giving apple cider vinegar to your dog out of them. One is deworming. Its alkaline properties keep the worms and parasites away. Similarly, there are several other dewormers for dogs, for example, thyme, parsley, bone broth, olive oil, etc.

Some Facts About Worms in Dogs:

  • Your dog may have worms even though you cannot notice any symptoms.
  • Scooting and sledding are not always symptoms of worms in dogs.
  • Some types of worms are harmful to humans if they come in direct contact.
  • Worms in dogs can lead to several other diseases if not treated in time.
  • Puppies are more prone to worms due to their weak immunity.

Prevention of worms in dogs:

There are certain preventive measures that you can take to save your dogs from the problem of worms.

  1. Keep your home and the surroundings clean also, take your dog for a walk in clean areas.
  2. Never leave any feces in your backyard, and do not ever let your dog eat its own feces.
  3. Take your dog to the vet regularly and get him checked.
  4. Never let your dog drink from stagnant water.
  5. Keep your house free from pests such as rats and mice.
  6. In case your vet has prescribed some medication for worms, then follow its dosage.   


  QUE: Why does feeding raw meat to my dogs give them worms

ANS: You should avoid giving raw meat to your dog as excessive raw meat is the source of protozoa transmission to both dogs and cats.

QUE: Can you feed a raw dog hamburger

ANS: Raw meat generally contains harmful bacteria such as E-coli, Listeria, salmonella, and many more. You should cook the meat at the right temperatures s that such harmful bacteria are destroyed from the meat and then offer your dog.

QUE: What should I do if my dog ate raw pork

ANS: If your dog is showing symptoms such as trichinosis within 1-2 days after it has accidentally eaten raw pork, then you should contact your vet ASAP. If you avoid the symptoms, then your dog will witness pain, weakness, and more complicated problems.

QUE: How long does it take for my puppies wormer to kill the worms

ANS: You can expect your puppies to be free from worms in a couple of weeks if you have followed the entire treatment procedure.

QUE: Is raw pumpkin safe for dogs to eat

ANS: Raw pumpkin is not as such poisonous for the dogs, but consuming it at greater amount may create digestive problems for them. You should provide cooked pumpkins to the dog in a limited amount which is safe for dogs.

QUE: Is it dangerous for dogs to eat raw carrots

ANS: It is completely safe for the dogs to eat raw carrots but make sure that you slice them into small pieces for the dogs.

QUE: Can dogs eat raw bacon

ANS: No, raw bacon is not considered safe for dogs and may create pancreatic problems for the dogs.

QUE: Is it ok to feed dogs raw marrow bones or knuckle bones

ANS: The splinters of a raw marrow bone may enter the digestive system and can create a problem for the dogs. It is good to provide your dog with slow-roasted bones as it is considered safe.

I hope that now you are well aware of How often to worm a dog on raw diet and several ways to deworm a dog naturally. It is essential to deworm your dog from time to time so that your dog is healthy and active. 

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