why does my puppy go crazy at night

As a dog owner, you may have often wondered why does my puppy go crazy at night. There are several possible reasons behind this, such as fear, separation anxiety, lack of exercise, or perhaps you are encouraging such behavior.

why does my puppy go crazy at night

Here are some of the common reasons behind puppy goes crazy at night.


Diet is also one of the major issues behind your puppy going crazy at night. He may be eating more than required or such a diet that lacks nutrition. Some specific foods do not suit your dog well. In such a case, plan a balanced diet for your dog by consulting your vet and observing the difference.

Separation Anxiety:

If the sleeping position of your dog is away from you, then your dog may miss you. This is similar to your dog getting anxious when you leave them alone for going to work, and your puppy gets hyper and starts to cry. In such a case, you have to train your dog so that he feels comfortable with being left alone. You have to start leaving your dog for a shorter period in the beginning and then gradually increase the time. Provide your dog with fun toys and arrange a window seat for them so that he can watch the neighbors and other animals in your absence. Reward him when he performs well.

Encouraging Such Behavior:

One of the reasons why is my puppy so hyper at night is perhaps you are encouraging this behavior. You may have provided your puppy treats and love whenever he gets hyper at night. So, whenever your puppy needs attention or treats, he starts to get hyper to fulfill its needs.

Encouraging Such Behavior

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A problem in Getting Sleep:

A noisy or unpleasant sleeping environment is also one of the factors that you should consider. The place that you have provided to your puppy may be too hot or cold or any other problem that makes it the puppy difficult to get sleep, and so he gets restless and begins to act like crazy.


There might be some decorative items or any other product at your home by which your dog may have scared. Apart from it, barks of other dogs, fireworks, and the noise of construction works or sirens also make the puppy scared.

Excess Energy:

You may not have to burn the excess energy of your dog during the daytime. As a result, your puppy is filled with energy and gets crazy at night and runs around the house to get tired so that he can have a restful sleep.


Any sort of injury is also one of the reasons why does my puppy go crazy at night. Such injury gives pain to your dog, and he cannot get to sleep. So you should get your puppy to the vet and check for any illness or injury if you see any such symptoms in your dog.

Similarly, dogs at old age have a painful body and cannot get a restful sleep. 

Needs to Pee:

If you have blocked the peeing spot of your puppy by mistake and your puppy wants to pee, he can get hyper. In such cases, make the peeing spot accessible to your puppy.

Things to Consider as an Owner:

In case you have noticed that suddenly your dog starts to get crazy at night while previously never such things happened, then you should observe what has made him do this. The most common things that you need to check are a sudden change of diet, problems in sleeping places, injury, etc. You can also allow your dog to sleep with you so that you can find out whether your dog has separation anxiety. Here are some of the solutions that you can do to handle such a situation.

Consult the Vet:

Maybe it is possible that your dog is injured or ill, and you cannot figure out the problem. So the best way is to take your puppy to the vet and find and let him examine your dog. Your vet can give you perfect advice in case there are some medical issues with your dog, and if everything is okay, you can opt-out of the medical reasons for your dog getting crazy at night.

Diet Pattern:

As mentioned above, you have to keep a balanced diet for the dog so that you can ensure that an irregular diet or lack of nutrients is not causing your dog to get crazy at night. Also, take care to feed your dog earlier before he gets to sleep. Sometimes eating right before sleep can upset the stomach of your dog, causing him to get crazier as he has a problem sleeping. 

Other Factors:

Ensure that your dog has enough exercise as per his age and breed so that his food is well digested and he gets a proper sleep at night. Keep the temperature of the room moderate and the room less bright so that he gets a peaceful environment to sleep. You can also consult any dog behaviorist if you have taken care of all the above factors and yet did not get the required result. A professional dog behaviorist will easily identify the problem behind this. A dog training program can also help your dog to teach him discipline and how to act throughout the day without acting as crazy. Or you can yourself teach your dog some basic commands like sit and leave it so that you can use them when your puppy gets crazy.

You should set a fixed schedule for your dog that has a balance of rest and play. Make sure that his playing activity should include challenges that involve both body and mind. 

Develop Bonding With Your Pal:

Apart from all the above, you have to spend quality time with your dog. By this, your puppy will feel confident and secure with you, and such puppies have fewer chances of acting like crazy. Try to make him feel that he is secured in his crate so that he can have a peaceful sleep. If your dog once develops a positive relationship with you and your crate, then your dog will never show such symptoms in his entire life.

Common FAQs:

QUE: Why does my puppy suddenly go crazy?

ANS: It is quite a problem in puppies and is called zoomies. This condition usually occurs when puppies are too excited and have an excess of energy.

QUE: Do puppies have a witching hour

ANS: Usually, Puppies have witching hours in the late evening or early morning. However, this time can vary for different puppies. In such an hour, puppies can disrupt the house and can show increased mouthing behaviors due to excess energy in them.

QUE: Is it normal for puppies to go crazy at night

ANS: Yes, it is quite normal for puppies to go crazy at night.

QUE: How do I get my puppy to calm down at night?

ANS: You can burn their excess energy in the day and keep their bed cozy and in silence.

QUE: My dog recently started barking at night. What should I do

ANS: You can train your dog with the help of treats to keep the dog calm during the night. Also, make sure that the position of his bed is in a calm atmosphere where he cannot listen to any abnormal voice.

QUE: Why do noises seem louder at night?

ANS: Refraction is the main reason behind this. During the daytime, sound bends towards the ground and so is absorbed, while at night, it propagates to a longer distance.

QUE: How to calm a puppy down at night?

ANS: Maintaining a calm atmosphere and proper crate training is the best way to calm a puppy during the night.

I hope that now you know all the possible reasons why does my puppy go crazy at night. Also, the ways by which you can calm your puppy to prevent such situations.

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