how to choose a corgi puppy

Answers to how to choose a corgi puppy 

Corgis have increasingly gained popularity in recent years due to the celebrity status they are gaining on the internet. These dogs possess strong muscular thighs and are short in size with long bodies. They are also equipped with a thick, soft double coat. But before bringing this lovely breed of dog to home, one should know how to choose a corgi puppy and its traits.

You may be disappointed to know that it is slightly difficult to find a pure breed and a healthy Corgi pup. You have to spend some time researching to find a reputed breeder to ensure the quality of the dog. Internet is one of the best mediums where you can find information about such breeders. The majority of the breeders are simply backyard breeders who are cashing by selling puppies from random parent bloodlines. So you must save yourself from such breeders.

Poorly breed of corgis suffers from a lot of issues if not in puppy stage then in adulthood. It is due to their body structure they get prone to orthopedic issues. The main disadvantage of owning an unhealthy dog is that you have to pay a lot of amount in its latter stage as compared to the amount that you have tried o save in buying them. Also, the pain to see the condition of the dog is countless.

Steps to how to choose a corgi puppy:

Here are some of the tips on how to find a reputable corgi breeder

  1. You can start with PWCCA or Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America. They have complete information of reputed breeders across the country together with their contact information. 
  2. They also organize various matches and dog shows which you can attend and meet several breeders.
  3. Once you meet any breeders, ask your queries regarding owning a dog. You can also ask them about meeting the parents of the puppy. Many breeders usually hide the parents of the pup, but a reputed breeder will be happy to show them. 
  4. Once you are satisfied with the breeders, you can finally decide regarding purchasing a pup from them.

How to Recognize Non-Reputed Breeders?

Reputed breeders will ask questions regarding your lifestyle and your knowledge regarding corgi breeds of dogs. They even guide you about how to raise a corgi. Breeders who are just seeking money will provide you the pup even before they are born to get financial support of keeping the litter and sell them on a first-come and first-serve basis.

Such non-reputed breeders may even deliver you the puppy through a plane. But a reputed breeder will insist on you to meet you in person no matter how far you are. Reputed breeders also conduct proper health tests of the parents before breeding, while such facilities may not be present in non-reputed breeders. They even deliver the puppies before 10 weeks of age, and such puppies usually face anxiety and health issues later. As per the PWCCA code of conduct, it is wrong to sell the puppies before 10 weeks of age as they need to be kept with parents at that stage. Such non-reputed breeders are not a member of any PWCCSC, GGPWCF, or PWCCA.

Understanding Corgis:

Corgis are extremely affectionate breeds of dogs and can easily adjust with all sorts of families and nearly every type of house. They are great watchdogs but bark loud. They are an intelligent breed of dogs and are rarely aggressive. They enjoy the company of their owners and love to follow them. Corgis love to get attention and become sad if left alone for long periods.

Corgis have a thick double coat which sheds a lot. They generally have two shedding seasons, which are spring and fall. Grooming of corgis is essential to prevent their hairs from spreading in your house. Light brushing daily is the best way to keep their hairs in control, while bathing is essential when they shed heavily.

Energy Levels and Trainability of Corgis:

As corgis were originally kept as herding dogs, they are quite energetic. They can easily run in large and open spaces throughout the day. But as they are also preferred as indoor pets, they usually do not get such a spacious environment. This means you have to give them some time to exercise daily to burn their calories. This will keep them healthy and emotionally sound if not, they may exhibit destructive behavior. Agility courses are best for such dogs as they are both intelligent and energetic. But you have to remember that as they have short legs, they cannot perform well if you take them with you on a bicycle ride over long distances.

Thanks to the high intelligence, corgis are easier to train. But they can be bossy, so always behave them in a firm and with patience. Similar to other breeds of dogs, leash training of corgis is also essential at their early stages. Socialization is also necessary so that they feel comfortable with other animals and people. Once you clear all such issues, you can move to their basic training such as general obedience, sit, stop bark, etc. You can also train them some additional tricks such as stopping bites, playing Frisbees, and tug of war, etc.

Things that Owner should know Before Owing a Corgi:

Before choosing any breed of dog, one should understand its both negative and positive aspects. Here are some of the negative aspects of owning a corgi.

Corgis Bark a Lot:

Everyone knows that every dog barks to some extent as it is their way of communicating. But in the case of corgi, they bark much as any other dog. Another drawback is their bark is much louder sometimes than any other dog. The reason for their barking is not only because of any potential threats or strangers. They can even bark at their neighbors or anyone who is passing on the streets. You may witness complaints from the neighbor too regarding their barks. So you have to prepare yourself for this as corgis bark more frequently and that too louder. 

If you are living in an apartment, it is a must that you train your dog the “stop Barking” command. But that does not mean their barking will stop completely, but you can keep it in control.

Corgis are not Lap Dogs:

Due to the small size of the corgis, many owners think that they are best as lap dogs. Despite their small size, one cannot keep corgis in lap for a longer period. This is because of their herding heritage, due to which they prefer to roam around and perform different activities such as watching. In yr lap, corgis are not able to see the complete house, which he feels is one of his duties; hence he would gradually try to come out of lap after some time.

Corgis are Smart:

Similar to any other herding breed of dog, corgis are a smart and very intelligent breed. This can be exciting for such owners who have never possessed any intelligent breed of dog before, and it comes up with new challenges also. Most people think that intelligent dogs mean they are easy to train. This is true, but such dogs can also learn such things by themselves from the surroundings, which you do not want them to learn. A simple example is once your corgi realize that you cannot catch them when they run, they will start to run whenever they want them not to be caught. 

Corgis are Bossy:

Another trait of Corgis is their bossiness. Corgis have a clear idea of what they have to do and want. If they need attention or wants from you, they will surely demand from you through their loud and uncontrolled barks.

Corgis are best in Cold Weather:

Corgis are originally from a cool climate, and hence they are most comfortable in such weather. But that does not mean that people living in warmer areas cannot own a Corgi. You have to be just sure that they are not exposed to heat for a longer time. It is best to keep your dog indoors in excessive heat seasons.

Corgis are best in Cold Weather

Corgis Often Nip Their Owners:

It is common that dogs nip their Owner’s weather playfully or to get attention. But due to the herding background of corgis, they may often show such activity. This is because they were bred to nip the heels of animals that they were designated to watch. A grown-up corgi will often bite their Owner, but as they are smart enough, they know the intensity of biting without hurting others. So as a corgi owner, you will get used to and comfortable with it. Puppies, however, can bite too hard, but by teaching them the “Ouch” or “leave it” command, you can control their biting.

Corgis Can Be Indoor Dogs:

There are some breeds of dogs that usually spend most of the time in the backyard, but corgis are not such breeds of dogs. The major reason behind this is their intolerance towards warm weather. The inventions of the ACS are beneficial for both Corgis and us, and they enjoy the coolness present in our homes. Another reason is corgis are animals and so loves to enjoy time with their owners and their families in the house itself. Corgis usually do not tend to develop symptoms of social anxiety if you keep them busy with a puzzle or play toys when you are not at home. 

Some Common FAQs:

QUE: What should I look for when picking a Corgi puppy?

ANS: You should look for the energy level of the corgis and should buy them from a reputed breeder. You should also know its parents as poorly bred corgis face issues in the future.

QUE: How much should I pay for a Corgi puppy?

ANS: The average cost of corgis ranges from $1000 to $2500 if you purchase them from a reputed breeder.

QUE: Are boys or girl corgis better?

ANS: If you love such dogs that can act like lap dogs, you should choose male corgis. On the other hand, females are aggressive and bossy.

It is right that the popularity of corgis is increasing rapidly, and people love them to keep. As a wishful owner, you should have complete details of how to choose a corgi puppy and the way to keep them happy and healthy. All you have to do is to look for any reputed breeder from where you can get a pure breed and a healthy dog.

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