how to crate train a corgi puppy

How to crate train a corgi puppy

Keep in your mind train is the best way to make all kinds of loving creations, just like gold. You know the history, not history. It is a true fact that many dogs have sacrificed their lives to safe their owners. Do you know the cause behind it? The cause is nothing only they take proper training. The best time to start training is when a corgi is a puppy. Corgi is that type of dog which has smartness, energetic and the power of adorable memory. He can memorize different kinds of commands in his brain for a long time. They come from royalty families. Pembroke welsh corgi was very favorable to queen Elizabeth. So corgis train is very necessary from the very beginning, and you should take care more during training. Anne Bowes, a famous trainer, gives us some tips regarding training. He is the owner of Heronsway Pembroke Welsh corgis train more than lac corgis say about 52 years. He is also a member of the Pembroke Welsh corgi club of America. However, I shall go now to share with you how to crate train a corgi puppy and how we should prepare a corgi puppy first. I have described clearly below in my articles. Read it by heart. You will be clear.

Defining tasks: –   

Crate training is one part of training that is called an important tool. It was one kind of process when a corgi scared. Then he has to put the crate. It is just like a prison, but you place it in a comfortable place so that he can call it his own. Keep in your mind you will never use it as a punishment. If you do so, he will never go into it again, and he will be negative all kinds of works. So you have to remember this is crate training, not the punishment process. Sometimes you will check the crate where your puppy is all right. You must go to the crate in time to finish his natural call.

Getting start

Choose the first crate. It will not be too big or too small. If you buy a small crate, your puppy cannot move inside. It will create a mess for him. If you buy too big, it will not adjust to your puppy. However, big one you can one side use for his petty and another side he will sleep. A large one you will need when your puppy becomes an adult. Now, if you have a big crate no need to buy another. You better divide it into two rooms. On one side, you keep treats, toys that are needed for your puppy. However, you have to know there are different types of crate training for your puppy. I would like to share with you one by one whose are described below: 

Training goal – 1 Socialize around other people.

Corgi is a basic socialize. He loves people and wants to live with them. He wants to talk with the people all day long. That is why you can use it for meeting purposes. Starting about eight weeks of training, you can start socializing activities. You take a corgi will see plenty of people, bicyclists, and cars passing. But your corgi is soundless. Only he is seeing this scenery. He is doing nothing means he makes himself social.

Training goal-2 Get corgis used to glooming immediately. 

It is the best way to gloom your corgis every day. It has a double coat, and they tend to shed daily basis. So you will brush every day to remove dead hair and move away from shedding hair from the carpet.

Get corgis used to glooming immediately

It needs of and on take a bath of your corgi but remember not more than one month once a time. In this case, you must use a hairdryer so that his hair which is moving thick dry faster. You should take more care in the glooming sessions. Because this session your corgis will more shed.

Training goal-3 Expose them to their environment.

Puppy is a curious animal by nature. He wants to know more and more about the world and the environment of nature. So it is the best training to expose him the nature so in this regard you need to take help by good training, how to prepare for a corgi puppy to expose with the environment and acclimated to activities. However, if your corgi goes for a long drive or goes journey by boat, he will learn something. If you go with your corgi in a dog race, then corgi will see their many friends, then he will get some things. In this way, you should expose your dog to the environment. He will know about the world.

Training goal -4, Teach your corgi to play fetch.

When corgis grow up just like an adult, then it is needed physical exercise. Fetch is a very good exercise to reduce fat and keep his body fit. You know that corgi is a moreeater. There is no alternative exercise to burn his fat. As a more eater, day by day, its fat is increasing in his body. So to burn this more fat fetch is an easy way, and corgi also likes this play. In a short time, you can teach him to fetch play.

Training goal -5 Crate train and housebreak your corgi

Corgi sometimes comes from training. He starts housebreaking. It is not good however you should avoid this unwanted accident. If the corgi does not like his crate, or he sees it is placed on the soil, then he makes angry and starts housebreaking. You know that corgi is very smart and they want to lead their life in cleanness. He wants to do what his owner wants. However, housebreaking will be stopped if you teach him more potty training. He always wants a clean space to sleep. If he sees his crate dirty and wet, he will poop in it.

Training goal -6 Teach your corgi basic commands.

The command is very important for a corgi. But you have to select some words, and again and again, you will use them. Suppose, stop, yield, sit, heel, etc., next you teach him to sit down, lie down, off and on, start, etc.

Teach your corgi basic commands

Training goal -7 Keep your corgi active.

Active is the mother of success. So you make your corgi active at any cost. You must take physical exercise to your corgi every day. You should know excess eater, so he makes fat in his body very quickly. To reduce this fat physical exercise is very needful for your dog. In this case, you can take your dog to a dog race. Remember, if you do not reduce excess fat, he will be fatty, and his weight will increase. He will attack various diseases like heart block, high pressure, diabetes.

Training goal -8 You will need to sleep at night. 

You know the night is a sanction for sleep by God. Like a human, your puppy has a need to sleep. It is just like a baby. In the middle of the night, your puppy needs to pee. So in this time, you have to walk up though it is veryhard for you. You took your puppy and finished his peeing. Early in the morning, before beginning your day again, you do the same work and finish the job.

Training goal -9 Create a schedule for food.

Feed Food is the main subject for your corgi, but to feet, your puppy always maintains a schedule. Do not supply food all the time. Three-time is appropriate to supply food. But food will be quality full according to the advice of your vet.

Training goal -10 Reward your corgi every time it goes to the bathroom outside. 

You should grow a habit so that your dog always takes his bathroom outside. In this case, you always reward him with different kinds of treats.

Training goal – 11 Cleanness 

If accidentally your dog poop or pee in the crate. You better clean it with a solution of white vinegar and a baking soda mixture. This will drive away all kinds of bad smells and make the crate fresh.


Q. How do you crate train a corgi puppy?

Crate train is the first train for a puppy. First, start by placing your puppy into the crate. Then place it in a suitable place in the corner of your room. Thus you can start crate training.

Q. How long does it take a crate training?

It may take three weeks, and a month, if your corgi is cleaver, it will be a little bit less or more

Q. Are corgi puppies hard to train?

No, it is not hard to train. They can do it easily

Q. Do corgis do well in crates?

Yes, they do well in crates.

Q. Is a crate made of a rod?

No, it is made of bamboo or wood.

So long, I have described how to crate train a corgi puppy and how to prepare it for training. All have been clear in my above articles. Read the above articles. You will clear how to crate train a corgi puppy.

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