how to entertain a corgi puppy

Some Popular Ways to How to entertain a corgi puppy

Corgis are one of the royal breeds of dogs and are wonderful with families. But these breeds of dogs are hyperactive and create a mess if left idle. This is why every corgi owner should know How to entertain a corgi puppy and keep them engaged.

Since corgis are herding breeds of dogs that have countless energies in them, walking or playing with them to keep them busy is not the only solution. This breed of dog is smart and intelligent and can be taught to play or learn new tricks easily. By this, they will not destroy your household items if left alone. Here are some of the ways to how to entertain a corgi puppy.

Ways to Entertain Corgis

Take Them for a Walk:

If you do not want to waste your time thinking about other possible activities, you can simply take your Corgi for a long walk. If possible, take them to the woods or a park. By this, your dog will get tired and take a long nap in the afternoon. Burning their energy in the morning will prevent them from getting bored in the afternoon and will save your household products from being bitten.

Watching Television:

Making them watch television can provide them with absolute entertainment. It is best for those owners who are busy and are leaving their dogs in the house alone. You can simply turn the TV on and choose animal-related channels such as Animal Planet. Make sure to adjust the volume at such a level that attracts your dog. Sounds of different animals will keep their mind stimulated and diverted and thus keep them calm when you are not around.

Window Seat:

If you are thinking of some other possible ways to how to keep a corgi entertained, you can make a window seat for your Corgi. Similar to television it is also a source of good entertainment for them. You have to find a suitable place that is high enough to let your Corgi take the view of the entire backyard or street. If you find such a place that provides him a view of your house entrance, it is better as he can see you and other family members coming. He may then wait for you to enter a home or see other dogs and animals and will be busy.

Scavenger Hunt:

Organizing a scavenger hunting session is also one of the answers to How to entertain a corgi puppy. You can hide kibbles or toys and let them hunt for them throughout the apartment. It is the best way when you want to leave your Corgi at home alone and to keep them busy. Corgis usually get anxious when their owner is leaving them alone, and such activities keep them entertained.

Scavenger Hunt


If you feel that it is difficult these days to manage our Corgi, you can let them hang out with someone while you are not with hi. Corgis do not like to be left alone, and providing them with some company is the best way to ensure their safety. In case you do not have any friends or family members available, you can choose any specific daycare center for your Corgi. Such a dog care center is full of dogs which will give them a chance to get socialized with them. You can also hire a professional dog walker who will take them to various places while you are away. Remember, the main goal is to keep your dog busy to prevent any mess in your house.

Teach New Tricks to Your Dogs:

Most of the dogs knew only simple tricks such as stay, lay, stop barking, etc. It will be good if you go beyond these simple tricks. Teaching new tricks to your Corgi will be great for mental stimulation. They are helpful for dogs that are shy, fearful, or have destructive habits.

Design an Obstacle Course for Your Corgi:

If you have enough space in your house, you can design an obstacle course for your dog and teach them to cross it. It is a great way to keep them busy when you have left your dog alone for a long time. Such obstacle course materials are easily available at pet stores, and if not, you can yourself design with common pieces of equipment.

Get Another Dog:

If you still worry that your dog is alone, adding a second dog to your family is also one of the ways to keep them. But there are some factors that you should consider before taking this step. It is necessary that you provide your dog with a compatible breed. Also, make sure that he has been properly vaccinated.

Gender is also one of the important factors when you select any dog. It is often recommended that opposite-gender dogs are more compatible than similar gender.

Two males or females often indulge in fights, and you do not want your dogs to hurt each other, especially in your absence. You should observe the two dogs closely for a few days before you start leaving them alone. Remember to provide them with a sufficient amount of food and water so that they may not fight for it.

How long can corgis be left alone?

As an owner, you should know the safe timings at which you can leave your corgis alone. As mentioned above that Corgis are energetic breeds of dogs and need a proper distraction to keep them busy you can leave them alone for 4-5 hours. But make sure that you have trained them properly and have provided them with proper food and toys to play with. It also depends on the individual tolerance of the dog. For example, some dogs can remain up to 8 hours while the others get frustrated in 1-2 hours only. Here are some of the ways by which you can leave your Corgi unattended.

Exercise your Corgi Before Leaving:

This is one of the foremost work that you should do. Exercise your Corgi well before you leave them. This will burn their calories and ensure their calmness for a longer period of time. Corgis are small breeds of dogs but may get aggressive if they have excess energy in them. Expelling their energy is necessary so that they can take a long nap while you are away

Provide Them with Puzzle Toys:

Providing them with a new puzzle toy is the best way to keep them busy. You can choose from any interactive puzzle toy or a slow feeder-type toy to stimulate their brain. Mental stimulation also burns lots of their calories.

Puzzle Toys for corgi puppy

Provide them with Your Unwashed T-shirt:

If your Corgi is of well-behaved nature who does not rip of soft fabric or furniture, then you can leave one of your unwashed T-shirts in their crate. The smell sensing capacity of the corgis is nearly 10,000 times more than humans. By this, your Corgi will feel safe with your smell and can be calmer for a long period of time.

Designing a Comfortable Crate:

Dogs love to leave in den write from the past when they lived in the wild. They consider the den as their safest place where they can feel safe to relax, eat, and protect themselves. When corgis are alone, they feel unsafe and s they create a mess in the house to control their anxiety. So if you are preparing a comfortable crate with a den-like appearance, they can relax here for a longer period of time. To enhance your Corgi’s comfort level, you can add a soft blanket and one of your old T-shirts. This will keep them happy when they are alone in the home.

Pet Camera:

If you are fond of gadgets, this is an item that you can purchase. Installing a pet cam in your home will allow you to watch your Corgi when you are not at home. Such cameras are attached to your smartphone, and so you can instantly see all the activities of your dog anytime and from anywhere. You can also call your friends or family member in case you feel that they are in danger or stressed, and you can also observe their tolerance capacity by their activities.

Pet Camera

Negative Impact of Leaving Corgis for Too Long:

Leaving your Corgis alone for too long has some negative impact on the dog whether you have taken all the precautions. Here are some of the problems that your dog can face if your dog spends too much time alone.

  • Stress can raise several health issues.
  • Separation anxiety
  • Depression
  • Isolation distress
  • Increased disobedience
  • Increased aggression
  • Boredom and Under stimulated
  • Destructive behavior

As of now, you know the possible symptoms that your dog can possess if you leave them unattended for long periods. The above symptoms can be temporary if you rectify them at an early stage. Neglecting such symptoms can make such behavior permanent, and he can become a totally different dog. The most difficult condition is separation anxiety. A dog without any particular person or owner for a long time can be detrimental to both owner’s and the dog’s life. It can always be said that prevention is better than cure, and so the best way is to reduce the time duration and, if the need arises, provide your dog with various things and activities that will keep your dog busy.

Some Common FAQs:

QUE: How do I keep my Corgi puppy busy?

ANS: You can keep your Corgi busy in several ways, which include organizing a scavenger hunt, taking them to new places, getting puzzle treats, etc.

QUE: How do you stimulate a Corgi puppy?

ANS: You can stimulate a corgi puppy by getting them a puzzle toy, hiding its food, sniffing unfamiliar things, etc.

QUE: How do I keep my Corgi entertained at work?

ANS: You can provide your Corgi with puzzle treats or can even hide their food so that they search for it to entertain them at work.

QUE: What do corgis like to play with?

ANS: Bouncy balls, Frisbee, and puzzle toys are some of the popular items which corgis like to play with.

I hope that now you have got numerous ways to How to entertain a corgi puppy. Corgis are difficult to manage when they are alone and getting bored. To prevent them from messing up your house, it is essential to keep them busy. It is also fun to watch them playing with new things.

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