Some Interesting Facts Behind Why does my corgi smell so bad

why does my corgi smell so bad

6 Sins of Why Does My Corgi Smell So Bad and How to Avoid Them

Corgis are one of the popular breeds of dogs. But just like other breeds of dogs, they can emit a particular odour from their coat. This is why owners have several doubts regarding Why does my corgi smell so bad and what steps can be taken to reduce such smell. You may be glad to know that corgis are average in emitting such smell, and there are some other breeds of dogs that stink more than corgis.

Reasons Behind Why does my corgi smell so bad     

It is their furry coat due to which corgis become smelly. Such smell is also common in other breeds of dogs, such as bassets, boxers, hounds, etc. Corgis generate a peculiar smell like dogs. The smell is not so irritating but not much pleasant too. The reason behind Corgi smell so bad after bath is not using the appropriate scented shampoo during their bath. Such scented shampoo overcomes its peculiar smell. And if their coat gets dirty, they can smell rotten fishy, and their breath, paws, and nails will generate an awful smell.

There are many factors such as environment, bathing pattern, exercising, and even sweating of your Corgi that decide the type of smell that your dog possesses. For example, if you take your Corgi to any messy dog park, all the dust particles and dirt will start to collect on their coat which will generate smell over time. Sometimes the scent is so stubborn that it does not go whatever you do, and you have to bathe your dog multiple times using a powerful shampoo to get rid of the smell.

Some Other Reasons behind Why does my corgi smell so bad

Apart from genuine hygiene in dogs, there are several other factors due to which your Corgi may smell bad. These are

Infection in Ears:

There are several different reasons behind smelly ears in dogs. Some of the major ones include excessive hairs around the ears, moisture(from being excessively wet or swimming), lack of cleanliness, etc. One has to recognize the level of smell that the ears of your dog generate. If you observe a yeasty smell from the ears of your dog, it means your Corgi just needs to get its ear cleaned. In case of a sickening smell, you have to consult your vet as there can be several complications in such cases. An infected and stinky ear can easily be observed in dogs, and your dog will also show abnormal behaviour.

Skin Problems:

Dogs with healthy skin smell fresh and sweet, and such a condition is called seborrhea. If such a condition is not maintained in dogs, they have a peculiar cheesy smell due to the deposition of yeast and sebum on their skin. There is not a definite treatment for such a condition, but by altering the diet of your dog and bathing/grooming them regularly, you can keep their condition under control.

corgi dog Skin Problems

Similarly, hormonal imbalance, allergies, parasites, and fungus can lead to overgrowth of such yeast that can generate strange smells from your dog. Excessive scratching due to dry skin or licking can also cause bacterial infections on the skin of your dog that can be smelly. If you witness any strange smell from the skin of your dog, you have to talk to your vet about such a problem. Many parts of the dogs have folded or overlapping skins. You should take special care of such parts as they can retain dust and moisture that can develop smelly infections. Over bathing of the dogs also leads to dry skin and thus irritates their skin.

Anal Glands:

Anal glands’ smell usually produces fishy odour. These are small secretory glands that are present on both sides of a dog’s rectum and are a necessary and natural part of the dog. But many dogs face problems with them. But healthy anal glands never emit an odour unless your dog tries to sniff it. If you feel any peculiar smell from the anal glands of the dog, you should consult your vet.

Gastric Attacks:

Many dogs often have gastric proper against some sort of food. Occasionally gurgling, fluctuation and burping are normal, but the case of excessive and regular gas can indicate some serious problems in dogs. So if you observe daily gas in your dogs, you should consult your vet. He may prescribe you some medications or ask you to change the diet of your dog and check for any inflammatory bowel disease. Breeds of dogs such as bulldogs, pugs, boxers, etc., often face such gastric problems. This is due to their flat faces nose that such excess air during consuming of their food which causes such gastric problems. If you feel that your Corgi consumes excess air while he takes his meal, you can raise their food bowl or give them probiotics by which they will not face many gastric problems.

Bad Breath:

In case you witness a bad odour from the mouth of your dog, it may be due to the presence of excessive bacteria in their mouth. Such conditions, if not rectified by normal cleaning, can be dangerous.

corgi dog Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath in dogs indicated a problem in respiratory tracks, internal organs, or gastrointestinal tracks. Such problems can also be due to liver, kidney, or diabetes disease. Building up tartar in the mouth of your dog also leads to bad breath, which can be solved by taking your Corgi to the vet.

Infections in the Urinary tract:

If you observe that your Corgi smells much like urine, then there may be a possibility that he may be suffering from a urinary tract infection. In such cases, your dog will tend to urine more often or sometimes accidentally release urine in the house. You can also see blood in their urine. In such cases, it is required that you take your dog to the vet for an appropriate solution. Fungal infection, diabetes, or the presence of kidney stones are some of the factors that can lead your dog to smell similar to urine.

Wet Dog:

Many people are familiar with the smell of wet dogs. It is a fact that no matter how clean you keep your dog, they smell awful as soon as they get wet. This is due to the presence of bacteria and yeast on the fur of your dog that does not liberate smell when dry but does smell in wet conditions. But you should know the fact that these microorganisms leave their faeces which helps in the digestion of your dog. Dogs, when licking their fur, bring such faeces in their stomach. In the case of wet dogs, towel dry is not the only solution, and they need to be dried thoroughly with the help of a blower.

How to get rid of fishy smell from a dog

As a corgi owner, you should know that the dense coat of the corgis repels a lot of the dirt, so it acts as a self-cleaning agent. Besides this, you can bathe your dog at least once or twice a month to keep them smell-free. You can delay their bathing by grooming them daily, which includes cleaning their paws, ears, etc.

You can increase the frequency of grooming during their shedding days as well to keep them clean. If you keep your Corgi clean through grooming, you can delay their bathing for one and a half months. You can use spot washes on areas that are more prone to get dirty such as the undercarriage, paws, and areas near the anus. There are several shampoos that you can use to bathe your dog. Use a high-quality shampoo that possesses natural or organic compounds which do not harm the fur and skin to bathe your Corgi.

How to Get away from Stubborn stinks of Corgi:

If your dog stinks plain, you can bathe them as regular to make them smell free. Stinking in dogs are basically due to such reasons

  • Your dog has not to bathe enough
  • Wrong grooming habits
  • Usage of poor quality bathing products
  • Avoiding brushing of your dog
  • Too much exercise
  • Exposure to a dirty environment

Here are some of the ways by which you can eliminate the strange smell from your dog.

  1. During bathing your Corgi, you should concentrate on cleaning their entire path, especially ears, nails, underside, paws, and legs. All such areas require extra attention and thus need to be cleaned. These areas trap dirt more often and thus stink up the place. Odour neutralizing shampoos are best to clean such areas.
  2. Groom the dog at least twice a day. You can also use powders or baking soda to give them a dry bath occasionally. Such a dry bath is a must after your dog has completed his exercise, walked, or accidentally played on dirt.

Corgis are average maintenance dogs. You can witness some problems like excessive barking or shedding, but later, you will learn to tackle such problems. Generally, the Corgi is a clean breed of dog that does not possess such odour problems. They are smart and are easy to train if you teach them consistently. Y can train them not to walk on dirty grounds or to smell stinker things to further reduce their stinky odour.

I hope that now you know all the actual reason behind Why does my corgi smell so bad. If you keep track of their fitness and groom them regularly, you can avoid your dog getting dirty and stinkier.

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