Many dog owners often wonder about how to keep a dog calm while groomingIt is true as dogs get tensed and vulnerable during the process and often cause troubles to both owner and the groomer. Dogs often do not have any idea about what the groomer is about to do and so good grooming techniques are essential.

Luckily some simple and unique tricks might be helpful to you in case you are taking the dog to the groomer. Here are some of the useful tricks that both groomer and you can follow while grooming your dog.

Some Techniques to how to keep a dog calm while grooming:

Let Your Pal Explore the area and Be Relax:

As soon as you reach the groomer do not ask the groomer to start the grooming session immediately. Let the dog be calm and relax as it may have tired from the journey. Many dogs are unfamiliar with the new environment and so are tensed. Let the dog take some time to view the space and let him sniff everything he wants to become satisfied. Let your dog also sniff the types of equipment and other grooming products.

 If the groomer is using noisy products such as electric trimmers or nail cutters make the sound of the products so that dog gets familiar with the sound. By this, your dog will not panic by the noise during grooming. If you feel that your dog is in a relaxed state then ask the groomer to start the grooming session. One of the best dog grooming restraint techniques is also there that always works without fail.

Choose Grooming Session After the Playtime:

If you are planning to take your dog to the groomer, play with him for some time at home. By this, the dog will burn its extra calories and will be relieved from stress. The same technique is also applicable in the case of grooming your dog at home. Many dogs become aggressive when they look at the face of the groomer and as they have lots of energy they try to give resistance to groomers.

how to keep a dog calm while grooming

But if your dog has already used his physical and mental strength he will not be in such an aggressive mood to waste his further energy. A relaxed and tired dog is easy to groom

Play Some Music at Background:

As we go to a spa or any time of massage parlors. You may have seen that those people often work with a piece of relaxing music playing in the background. This is done to provide mental peace. Similarly, many studies have proved that a piece of soothing and calm music makes the animals less aggressive and decreases the anxiety level of the animals to a greater level.

In short, it is a good idea to ask the groomer to play some calm and soothing music in low volume during the grooming session of the dog. Many standard groomers already provide such services to dog owners especially when they are dealing with large breeds of dogs. You may not believe but there are even professional composers who compose songs especially for pets.

Take Breaks if Necessary:

One of the best answers to how to keep a dog calm while grooming is to take breaks whenever necessary. If you feel that your dog is getting anxious during the grooming process ask the groomer to take a break for a while, till that time try to keep your dog calm. Allow a couple of breaks between every activity of the grooming session such as nail clipping, brushing; by this, your dog will take some breathe and be relaxed.

The Dog Owner Should Also Be Relaxed:

Ensuring that your dog is calm is not only the work of the dog; it involves its owner as well. You may feel stressed out if your dog is not participating in the grooming session well. But such stressed body language will also be understood by the dog and it may stress higher seeing you in trouble. So reassure the dog that you are happy and relaxed during the entire grooming session. In case you are too much stressed take a break for some time as explained in the above point. Your dog will soon understand your calmness and will continue the grooming session without any trouble.

Rewarding of Dog:

Rewarding often works in any activity and for dogs, it is also necessary during their grooming sessions. By this, you acknowledge the patience of the dog, and the dog too will feel encouraged and will support you and the groomer during the grooming session. For example, if your dog willingly enters the grooming room, reward him. If he jumps on the grooming table, reward, and pat on his back.

how to keep a dog calm while grooming

All such act makes the dog enthusiastic for the grooming session. Such patting and rewarding can also be followed on every simple thing like sniffing, nail clipping, etc.

Know the Last Limit:

One important thing in the entire grooming session is to find out the point when the grooming session cannot be continued. Many dogs will let you know by mysterious gestures that they do not want to continue their grooming session any further. Such behavior may include growling, escaping, mouthing, or even scratching and biting. It’s your work as an owner that to understand the feelings of your buddy and stop the grooming session immediately.

If not you may risk the dog or the groomer being hurt and the dog will also hate the grooming session in the future; other signs of stress in a dog may include panting, crying, pissing, lip licking.

Use the Correct Tools:

In case you are grooming your dog at homemake sure that you are using the right and standard products. Such products may include an efficient and comfortable brush for pets, shampoos, nail trimmers, etc. It is also a great idea if you see some videos online related to the grooming of dogs. By this, you will feel confident and even your dog will understand that you are confident in your work and will not take the stress.

Hire a Professional Groomer:

Try to hire an experienced and professional groomer. Such groomers know all the techniques regarding how to keep a dog calm while groomingThey will make you and your pal’s problem easier and will make the entire grooming session of your dog easier.

how to keep a dog calm while grooming

Some Cool Dog Grooming Restraint Techniques:

For the dog owners who are curious to know how to groom a dog without a grooming table; here are some of the tips-

  1. Place the mat on a floor so that your dog can acquire a firm grip on it during the entire grooming session. It may also prevent the dog from escaping.
  2. Collect all the supplies in advance in advance so that they are handy and easy for you to reach.
  3. It is good for the dog owner to sit on the floor so that they can easily relax their pal during the grooming session. If you do not want to sit on the floor, you can use a short stool.

You can control the movement of your dog by tying him with a short leash connected with your stool or any fixed nearby equipment. There are various dog connecting stands available in the market from which you can choose the one that fits your needs

Importance of Grooming Tables:

how to keep a dog calm while grooming

Grooming tables are considered best for grooming your dogs both in perfection and easiness. In such tables, the dog is elevated and so giving the required angle to the groomer to do his business efficiently. A groomer can walk around the table and even rotate it while scrubbing and brushing your pal. Many grooming tables are equipped with a leash together with a neck loop and belly loop for the safety of your dog and groomer. Even the dog does not feel much stressed if they are groomed in such tables. 

From the dog’s point of view, the table is quite stable for him and he feels secured on it. The leash available with such tables makes the dog understand that he cannot escape from the situation. But the dog does not get frightened at such tables as he is in a relaxed posture. 

It is good that before taking your dog to any professional groomer make them ready for the session of your dog at an early stage. You should try to brush your dog at least every twice a week. Many dogs love to brush but not all. For such dogs, it is better to try brushing on them so that they get used to it. You should start such brushing sessions calmly and positively to make your dog relaxed. If your dog opposed such brushing try to give him some of his favorite treats and him happy. 

Similarly, nail clippings is also the same as brushing your dog. Your dog may be frightened if you use the nail clippers for the first time. So, similar to brushing make sure that your pal loves to have nails clippings too. You may have to take some extra precautions during the nail clipping session of your dog. A little mistake might cause bleeding and end up in distress.

In case you are using a nail grinder try to keep the dog in a relaxed and steady position. Use the machine in an “OFF” position and whenever you feel the dog is steady “ON” the machine. Following all such grooming processes in the home, your dog will get used to it and will not create problems in future sessions.

Some Common FAQs:

Q: How to Keep Dogs Calm during Grooming?

ANS: There are several ways to make your dog calm during the grooming session. Some common one includes playing soft music, takes breaks between the sessions, know when to stop, etc

Q: How to Keep a Dog Calm and Relaxed While Grooming?

ANS: It is good if you hire an experienced groomer and use good quality grooming tools to keep the dog calm during the grooming session.

Q: How to Train Your Dog to Stay Still While Grooming?

ANS: You have to teach him the “stay” command for few days before the grooming session.

Q: How to restraint a dog while grooming?

ANS: For restraining a dog you should keep the comfort level of your dog to the fullest. Use good quality tools, place the mattress beneath, start the session calmly, etc. Tying the neck and belly of your dog with a leash can also be helpful.

Q: How to sedate your dog for grooming?

ANS: You can use Acepromazine medicine which acts as an anti-depressant in dogs during the grooming session.

Q: How to keep the dog still while cutting nails?

ANS: You should hold the legs of your dog and try to divert its attention towards other things. You can also provide a treat meanwhile.

Q: How do I support my dog who stresses when it comes to grooming?

ANS: If you are relaxed and stress-free the dog will also understand your emotions and will be calm during the grooming session.

Q: How to get a dog to calm down when people come over?

ANS: You can teach him to “leave it” or “stay” commands to control your dog in such situations.

Q: I accidentally cut my dog while grooming him how should I treat it?

ANS: You may need a vet and make sure that you book the next grooming appointment after some days. By this dog will tend to forget the bad memories of the grooming session.

The grooming session of the dog is not meant for hurting and giving stress to the dog. You and even the dog need not necessarily take any type of stress. With the above tips, you may have understood the answers to how to keep a dog calm while grooming.

Next time when you take your dogs to the groomer, follow the above steps to make the entire grooming session smoother.

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