How to Stop a Dog from killing Chickens

The Exact Solutions to How to stop a Dog From Killing Chickens

Dogs are natural predators and have been known to kill chickens. While this may seem like a natural behavior for a dog, it can be a problem if the dog is killing the chickens that you are trying to raise.
There are a few things that you can do in order to stop a dog from killing chickens. One thing that you can do is to make sure that the dog has sufficient exercise. If the dog is not getting sufficient exercise, it is likely that it will start to act out in other ways, such as attacking chickens. one more thing that you can do is to make sure that the chickens are protected. If the chickens are not secure, the dog may be able to get to them and start attacking them.

If you are one of those dog owners who have chickens around you then this article can be quite useful to you. It’s the instinct of the dog to hunt for chickens and so one must train the dog to save them. This article will give you some proven methods to how to stop a dog from killing Chickens.

By teaching your dog not to attack the chicken you can save them. It may few weeks to do so. As a dog owner, you should introduce them slowly and also supervise the dog regularly. Let us discuss all the Chicken killing dog solutions.

The Procedure to How to stop a dog from killing Chickens:

1 Train the dog to Obey Basic Commands:

The most helpful command in such a scenario is to teach the dogs two important commands such as sit and stay. By this, you can stop them chasing or attack the chicken. Repeat the command and show proper hand gestures to them. After few days your dog will grasp the training. Reward your dog appropriately if you see any improvement in them. To stay command wait with the dog for few minutes then slowly move backward.

You should also know the fact that dogs are easier to train when they are pups. It is difficult to train a mature or old dog as they are set in their ways. Teaching your pal to stay and sit will help you to control them when there are chickens around them.

2 The “Leave it” Command

For this training and to prevent Dog kills a chicken, you have to take some treats with you. Now keep this treat out of reach of your dog and let the dog sniff the treat. Wait for some time until the dog understands that he cannot have the treat. Then command the dog by using the words “leave it”. By this, your dog will train to leave its favorite food. Keep working on this training part for few days. The idea behind this is to train a dog to leave the food or chickens as per this case.

Make sure that you do not yell at the dog as it may frighten the dog. Your dog will also understand not to disturb the chickens when you command them to “leave it”.

3 Teaching Dogs to Settle Down

If you feel that your dog is being quite energetic throughout the day it can cause problems with your chickens. For this teach him the “settle down” command. Your dog should lie on the ground and stay calm after listening to this command. Reward the dog with treats if he manages to stay calm for 1 to 2 minutes. You can also use a rug or a mat for your dog to settle down.

How to Stop a Dog from killing Chickens

4 Supervising

You have to supervise your dog with the chickens for at least 3 to 4 weeks when it is without any leash. If you feel that your dog is calm with the chickens free the chickens. But stay near to the dog to stop if it starts chasing the chickens. Give dog only 10 to 15 minutes per day direct contact with the chicken with your presence. Also, be ready to stop the dog if it starts chasing. If you see that the dog is calm with the chicken offer him his favorite treat.

5 Watching Signs of Attack

If you witness that your dog is intensely staring at the chickens with a dilated pupil, be aware as it’s the sign that your dog is ready to attack the chickens. Other symbols may include erect hairs on his back. Some other signs also include ignorance of your presence and commands, crouching slowly towards the chicken, twitching of lips. In all the above cases separate the dog from the chicken or use a leash to tie him.

 You may also use the “leave it” or “stop” command to control the dog. You can also say your dog to lie down for some time so that its emotions are controlled. If you feel that there is no improvement from your training be ready to hire a professional trainer.

Other Solutions to How to stop a dog from killing Chickens

It is not impossible to keep the dogs away from the chickens. It may take some time while the dogs and the chicken may develop a friendship bond and may not interfere with each other. For this, you have to observe the two parties after introducing them. You should also be aware of the breed of your dog. Here are some tips that you may consider-

Initial Introduction Tips:

Before introducing your dogs to the chickens it is safe to make your dog tired. For this, you have to give them several types of exercise to make them tired. You can take them for a long walk, running, swimming, playing, etc. This will make the dog so tired that he may not be interested in chasing or attacking chickens in the first meeting.

Feed First:

You have to feed your dog with its favorite meal and make his stomach full. By this, your dog will not be hungry in his first meeting with the chicken. If you leave your dog hungry there may be greater chances of the dog attacking chicken.

Keep the Chicken Secured:

Make sure that the chickens are kept in cages and coops that are completely secured by the predators. By this, you can ensure the safety of the chicken in case things went out of your hand.

How to Stop a Dog from killing Chickens

Take the Dog With Short Leash:

You have to be stronger than the dog while introducing them to the chickens for the first time. It is better to take your dog with a short leash of 1-2 meters to achieve better control. Such a leash will keep the excitement of the dog under control during the whole meeting.

socialize your dog 

There is no one answerto how to stop a dog from killing chickens, as each dog is different and willrespond to different methods. However, some general tips include socializing your dog from a young age, providing plenty of exercises and mental stimulation and training your dog properly.and training your dog properly.

Manage the environment 

One of the most important things that people can do to help manage the environment is to manage their own pets. Pets can be a great help in managing the environment, as they can help to keep areas clean and free of pests. Pets also tend to be friendly and enjoy spending time with their owners, which can make them good ambassadors for responsible pet ownership.

How to Manage the environment 

1. Dogs are natural predators and will kill chickens given the


2. Chickens can be protected from dogs by using fencing and


3. Chicken coops should be well-constructed and secured against

canine invasion.

4. Dogs should be kept away from chicken coops by using fences,

gates, or other barriers.

5. Use a sturdy chicken coop to keep dogs out of the coop.

7. Dogs may be deterred by loud sounds or flashes.

Desensitize your dog

In most cases, a dog killing chickens is not a sign of aggression or dominance but rather an instinctive behavior. There are many ways to desensitize your dog to chickens. One way is to take your dog to a chicken farm and have them chase the chickens. Another way is to put a chicken in a crate with your dog and let them play. You can also try putting chicken feed in the yard and giving your dog a treat when he or she catches the chicken. Also, Start by gradually introducing your dog to chickens in a safe and controlled environment.

Make the Dog Walk Around the Coop For Some Time:

Now, to relax the dog and the chickens walk around the coop with the dog. While walking,  observe the body language of the dog. Depending on his emotions take him closer to the chickens. In case the dog is getting aggressive try after some time. Keep this routine for about 5-10 minutes. If the dog is calm against the chicken provide him with treats. In case of aggressiveness take him away and leave him. After a few days when you feel that your dog is getting used to chicken let him smell the coop slowly. If your dog is staring at the chickens with bad intentions take him away.

Introducing Chickens to Dog:

For this step, you will need assistance for help. Ask your assistant to pick up a chicken and hold it firmly. Ask your friend to talk softly with the chicken so that the dog will understand that it is a friend. Meanwhile, you hold the dog with a leash with a firm grip. If your dog does not bark or forces you to get closer and is relax, provide him with treats and tap happily on its back.

How to Stop a Dog from killing Chickens

How to stop a dog from killing Chickens Depends on the Dog Breed Too:

Some breeds are dogs are specially bred for hunting purposes while some dogs as guardians to the folks. Depending on the historical background of the dog breed you can assume its behavior towards the chicken. A little research regarding the breed of your dog will make your work easier. Remember that not all breeds of dogs are comfortable with chicken.

Some breeds of dogs especially Anatolian Shepherds are kept for guarding chickens and birds. They will take care of your birds properly if you trained them. Dog breeds such as Great Pyrenees can manage a large group of herds. Kuvasz is also specialized in guarding propose.

Dogs such as Greyhounds are known to hunt for their prey. So if you are an owner of such dogs it will be quite difficult for you to train them not to hunt chickens. Similarly breeds such as

  • German Shorthaired Pointers
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Hounds, prey for birds and chickens.

Some mixed breeds of dogs that have large body structure can try to kill chickens due to their large size. So in case, you have such breeds of dog keep a watch on them as they might accidentally kill your chickens while playing with them. In case you have small breeds of dogs like Chihuahua they can play friendly with chickens. But make sure while playing with the chickens they can separate the chicks from the mother and can damage the flock.

Breeds of Dog that are Comfortable With Chickens:

Before knowing the best breeds of dogs that can help you with the chickens you should know that every breed of dog has the potential to damage chickens. So every breed of dog likely to pass through proper training but breeds is also a factor for consideration. Every dog also has its unique personality so by watching such traits one can judge the outcome and interest of such dogs against chickens.

You can divide the breeds into sections. Out of which the first one is the coolest breeds that do show any interest when chickens are around them. Such breeds of dogs include-

  • Komondor
  • Maremma Sheepdog
  • Anatolian Sheperd
  • Akbash
  • Kuvasz
  • The Great Pyrenees

The second category consists of such breeds that may disturb the chickens when they are around them. Such dogs have built-in hunting habits and can arouse anytime. Such breeds include

Sighthounds: Includes Salukis, Borozois, Whippets, etc. Such dogs often get attracted to moving birds and animals and tend to catch them to hunt them down. They may not intentionally want to kill or eat your chicken but cause them to harm unknowingly.

Terriers: Includes Westies, Rat terriers, Yorkies, Jackells, etc. These breeds of dogs have high hunting capabilities especially for small breeds of birds like chickens.

Pointers and Retrievers Breeds: Includes Goldens, Labradors, etc show a mixed attitude but usually make a friendship bond with the chickens if trained appropriately.

Others: Include Siberian husky but fits as a working dog and is not the type of a chicken dog.

Some Common FAQs:

QUE: Is it possible to stop a dog from killing chickens?

ANS: Yes, by proper training you may control the behavior of the dog towards chicken.

QUE: Why is my dog killing chickens?

ANS: This is perhaps the dog you have must be of hunting breed or you have not trained them accordingly.

QUE: Does tying a dead chicken around a dog’s neck helps?

ANS: Yes, it will surely help as the smell of decayed meat will make them hate the chickens.

QUE: How do I train my dog to leave the chickens alone?

ANS: You can try to teach the dog to sit and stay commands or can also hire a professional trainer

QUE: How to Stop a Dog from Killing Chickens?

ANS: By giving them proper training and keeping the introduction of the dog to the chickens calmly.

QUE: How can one train a dog which likes to kill chickens not to do so?

ANS: For this, you may need an expert trainer.

QUE: How can I prevent my dogs from attacking the chickens?

By training them calmly and observing their behavior you can perform this task.

QUE: A street dog killed my chickens. What should I do?

ANS: You have to maintain the safety of your premises from predators where you have kept your chickens. Street dogs are untrained dogs and can hunt and eat chickens.

Finally, I hope that now you have plenty of answers to How to stop a dog from killing Chickens. Teaching your dogs to keep control when there are chickens around them is a difficult task. You should also know the fact that not all breeds of dogs can be trained to keep away from chicken. Do not pressurize your dog during the training and teach them calmly.

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