The 5 Secrets You Will Never Know About How To Stop A Yorkie From Biting

Yorkie breeds of puppies are the most adorable breeds of dogs. Every owner loves to have Yorkies at their homes. But such breeds of dogs excessively like to mouth and bite. This raises the question of how to stop a Yorkie from biting.

Such biting of puppies is normal up to a certain extent, but excessive biting is a signal that such habits need to be curb. In such conditions, you have to start training your puppies as early as you can. You have to designate certain audible signals so that your Yorkies can easily follow your lead. Let us understand some common reasons behind Yorkie puppy biting.

Reasons Behind Yorkie aggressive biting

Puppies are just like human children and want to explore the world out of curiosity. But the way of such exploration is slightly different from us. Here are some of the possible reasons behind biting your puppies, and make sure that not all the reasons behind this are due to aggression or depression in them.


Teething is one of the commonest reasons behind the biting activity of your puppy. It is not only limited to Yorkies but has been seen in almost every breed of dogs who are in their teething stage. Teething generates restlessness in their gums, and they tend to satisfy themselves by biting or chewing. It can be your hand, furniture, cushions, or any other thing which they have access to. Teething of the puppy usually starts from the age of three months and continues till they attain seven to eight months of their age. In this case, providing them with a chewing toy is how to stop a Yorkie from biting would be the best solution. As your puppy chews anything undesirable, divert their attention and provide them with a chew toy. Such habits of biting due to teething reasons never last for long, hence and the owner need not be a worry. 


Puppies get excited when they meet their owners and their family members after a time gap. Yorkies puppies usually get excited and happy and, in such excitement, usually bite without any reason. It is one of their instinct to welcome you and to convey that they are happy to see you. In such cases biting Inhibition, training is necessary so that your puppy can be aware of how hard to bite and to control their playfulness.

how to stop a yorkie from biting

Attention Seeking:

Sometimes your Yorkie bites you simply because he requires something or wants your attention. Here are some of the possible reasons behind puppies biting for attention-

  • I need to play with you
  • Wants to pee
  • Requires water or food
  • Wants to cuddle with you or be in your lap.

Make sure that if your puppy is biting whenever they are craving attention is not good. He may damage someone severely. It is important to train them with acceptable habits and also ensure that all their needs are met right before they demand. When your puppy grows and becomes an adult dog, they might develop other ways of communicating, such as sliding the food bowl whenever hungry and scratching the door to go outside to pee. You must reward them whenever they show such positive traits.

Pains and Discomfort:

Sometimes when your dog is away and wants to relax alone, it can bite you as a warning that it wants to remain away from them for the moment. In such cases, one has to take them to the vet to check out their health problems. Such an act is normal in older dogs and even puppies.

Just a Habit:

Puppies that are not trained at an early age have been separated from their mother and their siblings too soon become aggressive. Such aggressiveness of puppies often provokes them to bite the people who are too close to them or disturbing them when they are relaxing or having their meal. It is important to start positive reinforcement training of such puppies and dogs, and if needed, one can also hire a professional trainer for this purpose.


Sometimes puppies bite naturally because they are being mistreated by you or some other. Such cases often occur where there are kids in the house who did not know the ways to play around your dog. Yorkies’ breed of dogs is small. They easily get hurt even if you hold them under pressure. You can teach them ways to handle your puppy to your kids or other people who are in contact with him. Bite inhabitation training can be helpful in this case, too, so that your puppy can indicate his pain only through gentle biting.

Anxiety and Fear:

If your Yorkie is not well socialized with other people and dogs, he may likely bite other animals and dogs due to fear and anxiety issues. Here are some of the indications when your puppy is biting due to anxiety and fear-

  1. The low inclination of its tail and possibly tail hidden between its hind legs
  2. Panting excessively
  3. Growling
  4. Whining 
  5. Pacing

In such situations, you have to teach them correct methods of socialization y eventually letting them meet new people and animals. You can also hold them with the help of a leash to control them if they become anxious. Desensitization of the puppy is important to control the biting f your puppy. Here are some of the ways by which you can train your puppy.

  1. Bring your dog halfway distance between any person or animal and you. Then slowly let them visit the person but keep the focus of the dog on you.
  2. If your Yorkie remained calm and did not react to the person, then reward him, or else try the method after some time again by relaxing them. 
  3. Such training may take multiple sessions for your dog to act completely normal in front of unknown people and animals by which he is fearful.

Some Proven Ways to how to stop a Yorkie from biting

Nearly all breeds of dogs start to bite at a certain age. Such habits are natural and are in their genes. In several cases, Yorkie puppies bite their owners to receive attention and exploring or comforting them due to their teething stage. But puppies who are depicting any aggressive or territorial characteristics through biting are a serious issue and need to be controlled. This can be done through below mentioned ways.


Socialization is to teach Yorkie the exact way to behave around other people and pets. It is essential for such Yorkies that are anti-social or are scared around other people. It is better to train socialization your dog to when they are young, which can be between three to thirteen years of age. Eve socialization of elder dogs can also be done with ease if your dog follows your command and is disciplined. For this, you have to expose them to new people or pets in several different environments. Such environments can be parties, at the vet, at a grooming place, etc. Make sure that you take your treats with you and reward them for good behavior.

Teach Your Yorkie bite Inhibition:

The most important lesson to curb the biting habits of your Yorkie is to teach bite inhibition. Dogs who regularly come in contact with other dogs and children often bite them, which can be accidental or due to some purpose.

how to stop a yorkie from biting

Biting Inhibition means that your puppy will bite but by applying genuine pressure through its jaws so that the former is not much affected by it. For this, give your hand to your puppy and if they bite too hard, shout “Ow” or “Ouch” and take it away from them. This training will make your puppy aware of the strength that he needs to be applied when they are biting others. Again follow the same process until your puppy applies normal pressure that does not hurt you, and reward them when they achieve the target.

Make them Aware of “Biting Means Game Over.”

Now when your puppy has completed its biting inhibition techniques at an early stage and is growing older. He will continue to bite other people and pets with lesser force as trained. This biting inhibition technique is important, but it is also necessary to leave the biting habits of your completely. Here are some of the techniques by which you can induce “Biting Means Game Over” habits in your dogs-

  1. Train your dog with a certain definite audible signal such as “Oh” and snatch your hand away from him when he bites.
  2. Hide your hands under the armpits and show a sad and annoying face towards him.
  3. Leave the scene 
  4. Return after few minutes, and repeat the process.
  5. Do not forget to reward them for their success

Yorkies are attention seekers and love to stay and play with their owners. They will surely leave their biting habits s that you are not annoyed and leaving them for biting reasons.

Using Chew Toys:

It is better to supply them with chew toys whenever they try to bite you. By this, your dog will understand that hands are not meant to be chewed.

Some Dont’s of Training:

Puppies should be trained with calmness and by keeping patience for successful completion. Here are some of the things that you should avoid while training your puppies.

  • Your training should never include hitting or slapping as a mode of punishment.
  • Punishments such as pressing their throat, pinching their nose should not be done.
  • Shouting and yelling at your puppies is not good. You can use the “Stop” and “Ouch” commands instead.
  • Similarly, forceful clamping of your dog’s mouth or catching their done also brings a negative impact on your puppy.

Training your puppy calmly will make the bonding between you and your puppy stronger. In case you feel that you cannot teach your puppy properly, then you can learn puppy training lessons that are available online or also can consult any or hire an expert trainer to train your puppy perfectly.

Some Common FAQs:

QUE: Why does my Yorkie keep biting me?

ANS: There are several reasons behind the biting of your Yorkie. Some are anxious, curious, scared, to seek attention, etc. It is necessary to understand the reason behind their biting and provide them with proper training to keep such acts in control.

QUE: Do Yorkies bite their owners?

ANS: Yorkie does bite their owners when they are at their teething stage or want to be left alone. In case you do not handle your Yorkie properly, they may also bite their owner due to pain.

QUE: How do you discipline a Yorkie?

ANS: Training methods such as stop, leave it, and bite inhibition techniques are some of the ways by which you can discipline a Yorkie. Proper socialization of your dog is also necessary.

QUE: Do Yorkies grow out of biting?

ANS: Your Yorkie will never stop biting you unless you provide them with proper training. Many owners have a misconception that their Yorkie will automatically leave its biting habit as they grow up, but this is not true. Yorkie should be trained right from an early age to stop biting habits.

QUE: Why is my Yorkie licking me?

ANS: Yorkie usually licks to show their affection. They develop such habits from the early stage when their mother licks them and depicting her care to its puppies.

Training a Yorkie is not a difficult task as they are adorable and are small breeds of dogs. But one should follow the right approach after knowing the reason behind their actions. How to stop a Yorkie from biting can only be successful when you understand the emotion behind your puppy. Also, make sure that harsh training can make the matter worse. You can also consult your vet in such cases.