why is my yorkie so hyper

Reasons Behind why is my Yorkie so hyper and Ways to Calm Hyperactive Dogs

It is very cute to watch a hyper dog. They jump, run around in circles, and even follow some other pets. But such conditions should be in control as they may exhaust you and your pet and can even face some serious health issues. This is why every owner should know why is my Yorkie so hyper and how to cool down a Yorkie. 

The best solution to such a problem is to keep your dog busy and rewarding them when they are calm. This article will provide you with some of the possible reasons, such as hyperactivity in dogs and will also provide you with some practical solutions for the same.

Causes of why is my Yorkie so hyper

There are several traits of Yorkies breed of dogs. Sometimes excessive licking of Yorkies gave rise find the solution of how to stop my dog from licking, and sometimes one has to deal with Yorkie aggressive biting. Apart from these, hyperactivity in Yorkies is also common. The reason behind this is

  • Behavioural issues
  • Diet issues
  • Lack of exercise

Out of this, the behavioural issue of your Yorkie can be controlled by keeping them busy and spending quality time with your dog. You can also reduce the hours of your dog to stay alone and try to make arrangements regarding this by get them admitted to dog care centres. Diet too plays a major role behind its hyperactivity. Providing your dog with a sufficient and balanced diet provides them with mental peace, and such dogs are less prone to hyperactivity. Dogs who are not provided daily exercises also show such hyperactivity as they want to burn their stored calories. Let us understand all such problems and their solutions in detail.

Solutions to why is my Yorkie so hyper

There are several possible solutions to such Yorkie behavior problems. These are,


Your dog or Yorkie can benefit a lot through exercise. Such exercises session should be at least half to an hour a day, depending on the age and breed of your dog. Hunting or large breeds of dogs may require plenty of exercises, and one never misses this as they require to burn their calories on a daily basis. You should be glad to know that if you are an owner of a Yorkie, you need not have to worry much about their exercising needs than such hunting breeds of dogs. Rather than this, you should concentrate on their training part to control hyperactivity in them. Many Yorkies have shown positive results in controlling their hyperactivity only through a well-planned training program.

why is my yorkie so hyper

Engaging Them with Games:

While playing games, your Yorkie can certainly be tired at both physical and mental levels. Yorkies are intelligent breeds of dogs and love to plays challenging games such as chasing, running, catching, fetching, and solving puzzle treats. As Yorkies are smaller breeds of dogs, you can accommodate their playing indoors also. Such games stimulate their brain, and they are less prone to hyperactivity conditions.

Modification in Their Behavior:

It is important to analyze the behavior of your Yorkies. For example, if he stays calm, reward him and on the other hand, if he messes with your house, ignore him. Such acts will induce to reduce such behavior that is not acceptable. Here are the ways by which you can try behavior tolerance in your Yorkies.

  • Check for the specific behavior
  • Reward them for a particular and positive behavior
  • Ignore them for negative behavior

Providing your Yorkie with rewards on their certain behavior will give them certain boundaries about their habits. Such rewards may include treats and affection. In case of aggressiveness in Yorkies, teaching them to follow commands such as quiet, SShh, or settle would be useful. You should also know the fact that many owners reward their dogs for being hyperactive just to distract their attention. This is not the right way because it has a wrong impact on your dog.

Provide Them With Comfortable Sleep:

One of the possible reasons behind hyper activeness in your Yorkies is that they are uncomfortable in their sleeping environments. In such cases, ensure that they are provided with a luxurious sleeping environment that is not too cold and hot and free from surrounding noise. If he is in the puppy stage, then provide him with accessible peeing and pooping spots. Also, remember to stay sometime with your pal while he goes to sleep. Feeding too close during their bedtimes is also one of the reasons behind hyperactivity in your dogs. Make sure that you take them for a walk after their evening meal so that they can relax and d their business, and remain comfortable. 

Crate Training:

It is normal behavior of the Yorkies that they get way too excited when they see their owners returning home, especially after a long time. They usually get hyper just to get your attention and want to spend some quality time with you. Many of such dogs often bark and jump at the person who has accompanied you.

In such conditions, it would be great to keep such dogs in crates. Many people think it is wrong to keep such dogs in crates as it is similar to a prison that confines the movement of your dog, but that is not completely true. Crates are a useful method to calm the dogs that gets hyper all of a sudden. It will also control the unwanted anxiety of your dog if you use them trained them properly.

why is my yorkie so hyper

Several dogs are being kept in crates at night just to keep them safe. Many such dogs often see them as a secure place where they can relax peacefully. So, if you just crate train Your Yorkie, you can calm down inside their crate whenever they get hyper or aggressive.

Meeting Their Affection Needs:

Yorkies are such breeds that require constant attention from their owners. In case they feel miserable, alone, and rejected, they tend to get hyper. In case you do not have adequate time to spent time with your dog, then you can hire a dog walker or can put them in any dog care centre. Through this, you can ensure that your dog is not alone for a major part of the day. Frequent interactions between an owner and its dog are important to keep the dog calm, and one should never miss the precious moments that you can enjoy with your dog. 

Keep Your Yorkies Socialized:

Exposing your Yorkies to other dogs can help improve the mental level of your pal. So, taking them to the dog park and exposing them to various other breeds of dogs will give a chance to your Yorkies to release their excess energy. By this, they can engage in both physical and mental activity. It is also one of the reasons why many owners keep two dogs, just to keep them engage and busy when no one is available to play with them.

In such cases, make sure that your Yorkie is comfortable with the other dogs. Never leave the two dogs alone and without any control until they are familiar with each other. Even dogs that show friendly behavior to each other can hurt each other regardless of their size.

Controlling their Impulse:

There are many ways by which you can control the impulse of your dog. One of the best methods is to teach them to stay, stop, and wait for commands and use them whenever necessary. Practising such commands in a different situation will be helpful, especially when they are hyperactive. Hyperactive dogs often do not show any obedience trait.

Reasons Behind Ignorance in Yorkies:

Here are some of the reasons why Your Yorkie does not listen to you.

Your Yorkie does not accept you as its leader

Just living with your dog as an owner is not the right way to deal with your boss. You have to tough and order them with strength so that he had an impact and so can follow you and can stay in the discipline.

Yorkie unable to learn commands properly

Canines can learn up to 200 words, but they need to learn those words repeatedly together with the instance regarding why they are used. So it is important to teach them those words in their training in a planned way. You can even hire a professional trainer in case you need one.

Rules of Feeding Hyperactive Yorkie

You can show dominance on your Yorkie by controlling the food supply. Such a procedure can be followed by every member of your household. By this, your Yorkie will be able to listen to every member of your family. You can prepare his food and can call him away from his reaching area. Order your Yorkie to sit and be calm, only then provide them with food. A hyperactive dog by this will learn that he will get his food only when he learns to calm down. This is one of the effective ways to calm down a hyper dog.

Answers to what age do Yorkies mellow out

Almost every mammal indeed gets hyper to some extent at a certain age. Dogs, which are an active breed of canine, are highly active when they are younger. However, they mellow out after a certain age. You should be glad to know that every breed of dog tends to calm down at a certain point of age. In the case of Yorkies, they get completely mature at the age of 3 and so start to calm down. But that does not mean that you do not have to provide them with training because it is also an important aspect of their life. Senior dogs with ages more than 8 will get more obedient and calm.

Some Common FAQs:

QUE: How can I calm my Yorkie down?

ANS: You can provide daily exercise to your Yorkie and provide him with rewards when he behaves perfectly with calmness.

QUE: Why are Yorkies so annoying?

ANS: It is just one of the annoying habits of the Yorkies, but through proper training, you can curb such habits. Yorkies usually tend to calm when they are above 3 years of age if you start their training at an early stage.

QUE: Is a Yorkie a high-energy dog?

ANS: Yes, Yorkies breeds of dogs are highly energetic but can also live comfortably in small apartments. Make sure that you maintain the right temperature for them, as they feel uneasy in extremely cold conditions.

QUE: Will neutering my Yorkie calm him down?

ANS: Yes, neutering is an effective way to calm Yorkies that has high energies. Yorkies are usually frustrated in getting their mate and thus show unwanted behaviors. Such neutering techniques help you to calm down the unnatural behavior of your dog.

At, last I hope that you are well aware of the reasons behind why is my Yorkie so hyper, and are also ready to train them accordingly with some above-mentioned proven methods. Building a bond with your dog is not a difficult task. Handling the situation and examining the emotions of your dog is the right way to success.