Some Cool facts Behind Why do Yorkies lick their paws?

why do yorkies lick their paws

Why do Yorkies lick their paws You Ought to Know?

We all know that paw licking is one of the common habits in almost every breed of dog but is maximum in Yorkies breeds of dog. This is why many owners want to know the reason behind Why do Yorkies lick their paws. There are several possible reasons why does my Yorkie lick everything. Out of which, anxiety, nervousness, and medical problems are the major ones.

This article will provide you detailed information behind do Yorkies lick their paws and also some of the proven ways to how to stop my dog from licking. At first, we will discuss all the possible reasons why do Yorkies love to lick their paws.

Top Reasons Behind how to stop my dog from licking

Stressed, Boredom, or Anxiousness in Your Yorkies:

Many people have a peculiar habit that they perform when they are nervous or bored, for example biting of nails or twirling of the hairs. Similarly, dogs, when they get nervous or excited, have a habit of licking themselves or a nearby person or some material. Here are some of the moments that can trigger licking in your dogs.

  1. If you are wearing your shoes or picking your car keys, your dog understands that you are about to leave them alone.
  2. In case you are putting clothes in your suitcase, which is a sign of leaving.
  3. Taking out the vacuum cleaners, as many dogs dislike the use of vacuum cleaners due to their loud noise.
  4. If you have put your dog in the car, y this your dog think that you are taking him to vet or a groomer.

In such cases, try to make your dog comfortable and wait until they are relaxed and stopped licking. You can also divert their mind by offering them their favorite treat or do something pleasant of which they are fond of.

Sickness or Nausea in Yorkies:

If your dog is suffering from conditions of nausea, then he will be licking its nose and near the mouth. The reason behind this is the overproduction of the salivary glands that are running from their nose, and your dog is trying to stop it. For this, make sure that your dog is provided with adequate water and a warm and cozy place to relax in such conditions. You may also put some changes in their routine diet by consulting your vet.

Allergies in Yorkies:

The answer behind why do dogs lick their paws before going to sleep is due to allergies. They may also lick their back, haunches, and belly in such conditions. You had to verify the reason behind such allergies in your dog as it can be due to environmental and food factors. Excessive licking of the paws is a clear indication that the allergies are caused due to certain food products, grasses, or some type of fertilizers or chemicals that had come in contact with your dog.

why do yorkies lick their paws

You should also notice that such behavior normally occurs when they have come from a long walk from the ground. For this, make sure that you wash the paws of your Yorkies after coming from a walk.

Dental Issues in Yorkies:

You should be aware of the fact that Yorkies breeds of dogs are more likely to face dental issues. It is because of the small size of their jaws. Yorkies lick excessively due to the building up of the tartar in their teeth. It is advisable to clean the teeth of your dogs regularly and make a regular visit to the dentist. You should start cleaning the teeth of your Yorkies right from the age when they start eating solid foods. Cleaning the teeth of your Yorkies right from the puppy stage ensures that they will feel comfortable with teeth cleaning in later stages of their life. Cleaning of teeth should be performed at least once a month.

Yorkies Licking for Affection:

If you feel that your Yorkie is licking every member of your house regularly, then it may be due to affection. The way of communicating and presenting the emotions of dogs is different from humans. Out of which, licking is one of the ways by which dogs show their love and care towards you. Dogs also understand when you are under stress. At such time they also lick you to show that you are not alone.

Licking of Salt From Your Skin:

Another reason behind dogs licking human beings is the saltiness flavor of the skin, which dogs like to taste. Yorkies love to taste the natural secretions that are generated from our skin.


Another reason behind Why do Yorkies lick their paws is curiosity. When your Yorkie is exposed to any new people and environment, they become curious to know the situation better. They may start licking their paws or any other thing to know the situation in a better way. As babies put their thumb in their mouth when they are exposed to new people, similarly, Yorkies lick their paws and other kinds of stuff.


It is one of the obvious reasons for your dog licking itself. Dogs that are suffering from the problem of fleas often lick themselves excessively. This is because the presence of fleas on your dog’s body gives rise to itchiness and irritation. S, if you feel that your dog is suffering from the problem of fleas, then you can check their belly and under their leg pits for confirmation. If you feel that your pal is under the influence of the fleas, get them treated by contacting your vet.

Just a Habit Of Yorkies:

Sometimes there is not much of a major issue while your dog licks its paws and itself. It can be just its normal way of relaxing itself, and such ac are often cute and loving.

Medical Problems in Yorkies:

In case you have opted out of all the above issues regarding why does my Yorkie lick everything, then perhaps he is suffering from some health issues which need to be discussed with your vet. Here are some of the common health problems that induce excessive licking of the Yorkies.

  1. Pain in any particular area may induce excessive licking in your dogs. They do this to relieve themselves temporarily from the pain.
  2. Overproduction of certain hormones such as cortisol which can lead to crushing disease, can also lead your pal to lick excessively, especially their paws.
  3. Dermatitis is also one of the major problems when you can find your pal to lick excessively.
  4. The occurrence of lesions and oral growth develops an excess of saliva, due to which your Yorkie can lick excessively.

how to stop my dog from licking- Some Preventive Measures

If you feel that your Yorkies does not lick itself due t some medical issues or is licking excessively that irritates you, here are some of the tips by which you can curb the licking habit of your Yorkie.


Many dogs often lick themselves or you particularly to gain your attention. So in case you are rewarding them, then unknowingly, you are encouraging their behavior in your dog. So in such a case, you should completely ignore the licking habit of your dog or move away from the scene. By this, your dog will understand that their licking habit is not acceptable.

Keep their mouth Engage:

Dogs do lick when their idle and feeling bored. So, you can divert their mind by providing them something to chew(toys or treat) and keeping their mouth busy. Sooner or later, your dog will forget the habit of licking excessively.

Keep them Busy and Tired:

As mentioned above, boredom is also one of the reasons behind the licking of your dog. So make sure that your dog gets daily exercise, and they have burnt enough calories for getting a sound sleep. This is also one of the best answers to why does my Yorkie lick everything.

why do yorkies lick their paws

Using Bitter Sprays:

There are several bitter sprays available in the pet store. Such bitter sprays can be sprayed on the body of your dog to stop their licking habits. The bitter sprays rare completely safe for dogs and dog does not like the taste of such sprays and will ultimately result in leaving off their licking habits. You can also train them the “leave it” or “firm” command as an alternative.

Some Home Remedies to Cure Itchy Paws of Your Dog:

Similar to humans, dogs do develop itchiness in their skin which forces them to lick them to get relief. In case the condition of the skin is worsened, it is good to consult your vet while some of the normal problems in the skin, such as dryness, can be easily e cure with simple home remedies. The common reason behind the itching of dogs is certain environmental factors, fleas, ticks, etc. Here are some of the proven ways by which you can stop licking your dog due to problems in its skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Everyone is familiar with apple cider vinegar, and it is one of the popular toppings of salad. But you should also e aware of the fact that besides this use, it also has powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. All you have to do is to mix 50% of this apple cider vinegar with an equal proportion of water and fill it up in any of your spray bottles. You can spray the solution on such parts of your dog where your dog licks continuously as such area maybe have some skin problems. In case you think that your dog is licking its paws the most, then soak their paws in this solution for about five minutes to cure its itchiness.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Oatmeal Baths:

Providing your dog with a colloidal solution of the oatmeal bath is also one of the best ways to cure the itchiness of your dog. It also reduces inflammation in the skin and washes of all the dirt and allergens that are attached to the fur of your dog. Either you can buy prepared oatmeal or can grind the oat at home and boil it to prepare the solution. Both are equally beneficial. Such oatmeal will work deliberately sure skin problems such as soreness, redness, or any other type of allergies that are present on your dog’s skin. Also, make sure that the solution reaches every part of your dog, such as its underarm, belly, paws, and behind its ear, as these are such areas where skin problems exist in the majority. Based on the condition, you can increase or decrease the frequency of oatmeal baths of your dog.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is one of the common ingredients present in our homes. Its property can not only e utilized by humans but is also beneficial for your dogs too. You can apply coconut oil directly on the affected areas of your dogs to soothe their skin or can add a few drops to their meal. But you should consult your vet before changing the diet plan of your dog. While purchasing the coconut oil from the store, search for such products that include the terms virgin, organic, or unrefined on its label.

Aloe Vera:

Everyone is very much familiar with the properties of Aloe vera. It is not only one of the best beauty products but also is one of the best healing agents for your skin. There are several aloe vera gel products present in the market that you can apply on your dog or can naturally remove the white color gel present in the leaves and stems of the Aloe vera plant, and both are advantageous.

Balance Diet:

One of the perfect ways to keep your dog healthy with excellent quality of skin is to provide them with a balanced diet. Such a diet should contain an adequate quantity of Omega-3 Fatty acids and carbohydrates that can heal the skin from inside.

I hope that now you are well aware of Why do Yorkies lick their paws and the ways to stop your Yorkies from the same. Make sure that you consult your vet if necessary.

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