What causes hot spots on a dog

You should know scratching and licking is the main cause of hot sport. It is natural things that the animal to scratch a bit. But it makes serious situation when it goes continuous, what you should do when your loving dog is attacked by hot spots. Remember, hot spots is a continued process of scratching and licking, which is called the common source of hot spots. Now come to the main topic what is the causes that dogs attacked by hot spots, and how can you help your loving dogs when they attacked by hot spots. Here I am going to describe the common reasons for hot spots, detail below.

Common causes of hot spots

There are several things that are the main causes of hot spots. It is generally an infection of pointed skin where dogs irritated frequently. The things whose committed hot spots are given bellow

  • Allergies: Human have allergies, but we do not think that dogs may have allergies. Some dogs have allergies and which is caused by the environment or by diet. If your dogs have attacked by hot spots, you should look at their diet. You know mosquitoes always disturb your dog in all seasons, but it is out of your knowledge some pests are always bothering your dogs which are included hereby.
  • Fleas 
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ticks 
  • Mites
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Insect
  • Bug bites 

Do you know a large number of bug slowly climb up to the dogs and bite them, which is the cause to irritate? Irritation is the main cause of hot spots. So every dog owner should keep clean and drive away all kinds of bugs, mosquitoes, flies, mites, spiders and ants from the shelter of your dogs. In this case, do not use any chemicals because it can affect your dogs as well as your family too.

Poor grooming

Do you know what causes hot spots on dogs? You should remember poor grooming is a vital cause of hot spots on dogs. At least once a week, most dogs need glooming. 

What do you mean about glooming?

What causes hot spots on dog

Glooming is a process to wash their coat and their teeth. If you do not brush your dog’s coat properly, their fur makes it tangled and matted. This area is suitable for affected by pests and bacteria to breed and make hot spots.


You know what is called proderma. It is the case of infection of the skin caused by bacteria or yeast. When poderma is not the cause of hot spots, then others such as bug bites, mites, mosquitoes may be considered as a cause of hot spots.

Behavior issues 

If your dog feels anxiety, stressed linking herself, rise changing emotion, excessive moisture on her skin, always irritating the skin, then you can understand hot spots are developing in her body.


Moisture is another cause of hot spots. The world is a nice place for bacteria to grow. If your dog lives in a wet place or climate and your dogs swim more often, then they can attack hot sports. Remember, bacteria loves moisture environments. You know, a hot spots maker is considered scratching, licking or chewing. As a result, trauma grows to the skin, which is the cause of inflammation and bacterial infections.Remember, this trauma makes the area itchier, and the result comes as a hot spot. Sometimes it goes to chronic problems if you do not take proper treatment. So you have to find out the underlying cause and prevent it properly by consult with a vet; otherwise, your dog will suffer more in future. Some dogs who have thicker hair develop hot spots due to their thicker hair.

Natural home remedies for hot spots

You know, many pet owners want to use home remedies for their pet because they know that it has no side effect. Otherwise, home remedies treatment help to reduce pain and discomfort and act good action against hot spots.

Wash the sore with the antibacterial shop.

You can do it when hot spots are small or medium that you catch it early. If the hot spots come to the serious stage and they grow oozing pus and hot to the touch, do not use the shop.

Take regular birth to your dogs

You should birth to your dog every day and brush its coat and dry the coat by using any tactic. The evening is the best time to take birth of your dog before goes to bed.

Apply steeped tea

Put a bag of herbal tea into hot water, then cool it completely. Now you place it over the hot spots, say about 10-15 minutes 2-3 time per day. It will act as an antibiotic, and that is why it will reduce the pain and hot spots will smeller slowly.

Apply tea tree oil 

It is an antibacterial, anti-itch and anti-viral remedy which can help to decrease hot spots. So you should always apply tea tree oil at least 2-3 times. Never allow your dog to eat it.

Dab on witch hazel

Witch hazel is a very powerful natural astringent. Massage with soft-touch by witch hazel to the hot spots. It will promote to smooth the irritated skin.

Clean with baby shop

If you clean your dog with baby shop 2-3 time every, then this soft shop work as a cleanser will help to keep the area clean, and it will fight against bacteria and make the skin smooth.

Rub the dog hot spot with coconut oil.

Rub a little bit of coconut oil into the hot spots every day at least two times. Your dog will get the benefit of irritating skin to smooth.


Vitamin E is called natural Neosporin. It has the power to quick healing. It can kill harmful bacteria and smooth irritated skin. Take ½ capital by cutting one. You will find the liquid when you cut it. Take the liquid and rub it over the hot spots 2-3 times daily. After using the vitamin E, if you see that the hot spots are not healing and it seems to fiver and behavior is changing, then without killing your time, take your dog to the vet for proper treatments.

You should be monitoring your dog when he attacked hot spots. How you will do the job given bellow

  1. You will make the out circle using a pen around the hot spots. For this, you can understand the spots are growing or not.
  2. Clean the hot spots every day keep them open when you breath.
  3. Monitor temperature every day. Go to the vet if the temperature is high.
  4. Use antiseptic cream to the hot spots to reduce irritation.
  5. Monitor the heat of the hot spots. If heat is more, put a cool compress on the hot spots 2-3 times daily until the heat goes down.

Topical treatments

Topical treatments are called scientific treatments that cause hot spots on dogs. It will find out by diagnose. After diagnosing, treatment will start. The vet will recommend the following treatment for hot spots.

  • Corticosteroid creams, which is help to stop itching and discomfort.
  • If the dog wound caused by flea and ticks, then is necessary topical parasite treatments.
  • Aloe to provide relief which is topical treatments of cooling and soothing.
  • Topical antibiotic ointments are used to soothe and help to cure the wound.
  • Topical drying sprays are used to dry the spot area and drive away moisture and wet surface.
  • Hydrocortisone sprays and creams which is used to stop faster itching.
  • Special shampoos and medications are used to kill skin bacteria. Your vet will advise applying this topical treatment several times every day after cleaning the hot spots. 

Apple cider vinegar for hot spots

It is one of the best house remedies which is recommended by a vet is apple cider vinegar. This is natural. That is why it has not to side effects, and owners can easily treat their dogs at home for hot spots. But remember, you have to follow a process to apply it. You cannot apply it directly to the dog skin if there is a wound or irritation. It is the best way to dilute it with warm water. The mixture will make 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% water. If the hot spots are oozing and pus, then make the mixture 10% vinegar and 90% worm water. Now take the mixture in a spray bottle and carefully spray it to the hot spots 2-3 times daily and allow it to dry after each application. You do not think if your dog licks the vinegar because it is safe for your dog. 

What causes hot spots on dogs come on vet can define it clearly. So it is in the dark because unable to determine what causes hot spots on dogs. Remember, if the origin of hot spots is unknown, we cannot go to proper treatment. A vet may find out food allergies or other allergies to get the root of the problems. But they do not know what causes hot spots on dogs.

Symptoms of hot spots

Symptoms are maximum similar. If you have doubt, it is very important to slow the dog to the vet, consult with him take necessary care. Generally, its symptoms to the defined area are redness, swelling and hair loss. They can take birth anywhere but common in the head, limbs and hips. The affected area always stays moist and discharge pus or fluid, which is make affected by the surrounding hair. Hot spots are very painful and grow very quickly, and scratching continues, which always bother the dog.

Preventing hot spots

The best way to prevent hot spots from finding out his origin what is an underlying cause of hot spots. To prevent trauma which is the cause of continued stretching. It is better to prevent your dog from driving away all moisture from the dog’s shelter. Then you come to the treatment. If your dog is serious, you better consult with the vet, and according to his advice, you should start treatment. You try to reduce skin infection and allergies, which is the main cause of scratching and try to prevent trauma to the skin. Always follow good hygiene and timely glooming. The dog who always swim keep clean their coat and dry. If your dog does dirty exercise and linking due to stress, then you give him some toys so that he can play with these toys to keep the dog mentally well when you are not present. Remember your dog love to play, and it is good for your health too. You know good supplementing fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acid is a good option to prevent skin diseases. Fatty acid has the power to prevent skin diseases. Not only that, it makes a healthy skin barrier making your dog less allergies and infection. Aloe-vera is another essential food which can also help to recover damaged cell of the skin and decrease itching, but sometimes some dogs do not ingest aloe because its result is vomiting and diarrhoea you know hot spots is a very painful problem of a dog it is very hard to take treatment if you do not know the underlying issue why a dog is attacked by hot spots. Knowing the knowledge from the past, if you take care and treat hot spots, you will recover quickly. Do everything according to the advice of your vet. If you do so, your dog comes to care without any permanent injury. If you suspect your dog attacked by hot spots, then without killing time, you will show your dog to a veterinarian. He will take the diagnosis and find out the actual cause of hot spots. He may be recommended the following treatment.

Shaving and grooming

You should shave the surrounding area of hot spots points then clean the hot spots with a non-irritating cleaner which will remove bacteria. The most vet will advise you to continue to clean more time a day. Your vet will avoid shaving over the wound because irritation will increase if he does that. You know hot spots take place due to excessive bacterial growth in moisture, matted and thick hair. When this three is combined, this is the perfect place for bacteria living growth.

Oral medication

You have to know first what causes hot spots on dogs. If you can find out, then come to oral treatment medication one of a part of hot spots treatment. For hot spots, common oral medications are given bellow

  • Use Panacur, which is an anti-parasitic medication that drives away any parties that is the main cause of the wound.
  • Antibiotics help to dog extra strength to fight against bacterias and reduce infection.
  • Steroids help the extra dog strength to fight against bacterias and reduces infection.
  • Pain medication, which is used to prevent excessive scratching pain and chewing.
  • Cortisone tablets, which is used to stop itching and inflammation.
  • Antihistamines, which is used to stop itching.

Keep in your mind oral medications have no side effects. You can use them without think.

Dogs are very faithful, obedient and dutiful animal. Sometimes they attacked some serious diseases. Hot spots are one of them. But we do not know clearly what causes hot spots on dogs. Some experts say it is caused by a damp environment. Others say it is the cause to bite mosquitoes, bugs, fleas, mites, spiders, ants and others insects. Nobody can find out what causes hot spots on the dog, how it comes to the dogs’ bodies. A vet can find out by diagnosing that the dog attacked by hot spots diseases. However, we should take care of our loving dog when he attacked hot spots. Take the dog to the vet for proper treatment. Given them proper shelter and good food. You never find such faithful, dutiful and obedient animal all over the world. So take care and give attention to them.