An Ultimate Guide to homemade dog anti-itch spray

homemade dog anti itch spray

Guide to homemade dog anti-itch spray

Slight itching of dogs is normal. But sometimes, such itching is a signal for something serious. There are various reasons for excessive itching in dogs which are parasites, dryness, allergies, wounds, and infections. Repeated scratching on a particular area can also damage the skin and fur coats of your dog. As a dog owner, you should be aware of homemade dog anti-itch spray to save your pal from such troubles. You should also know the fact that before providing any medications for itching to your dog, you should try homemade or natural remedies as they are safe. This article will provide you complete information regarding how to make anti itch spray for dogs and also what is the best anti itch spray for dogs that will surely reduce the trouble of your dogs.

Reasons behind Skin infection and Itchiness in Dogs:

Before knowing homemade dog anti itch spray, let us understand the reasons which cause itchiness problems in dogs. Several reasons lead to itching problems in your dog. Below are some of the common ones of them-

Dry Skin:

homemade dog anti itch spray

Dry skin is generally caused by deficiencies of vitamins and dehydration. Dogs that live in regions of low humidity also face such kinds of problems. T leads to cracks in skin and the formation of itchy white flakes.

Allergic reactions:

Skin and food allergies are also one of the common factors that generated itchiness in dogs. As in humans, sneezing is a common tendency if exposed to allergens. In dogs, it’s itchy skin. Food allergy can be caused at any time. It is also possible that your dog develops an allergy to the same type of food too. But providing the same food constantly develops immunity in dogs with that particular food. Environmental factors such as pollen, mold, mites, and even some bushes or plants may also develop itching in dogs.


Fleas usually love to live in the fur coat of your dog. It may bite the skin of your dog to suck blood which can cause itchiness in dogs. One can’t notice the fleas easily, but they are present in most of the animals, and one can only notice them when the infection increases.


Dogs’ skin is also attacked by mites. They are different from fleas as mites cannot be seen by naked eyes. Mites can cause itching, inflamed skin, sores, and hair loss in your dogs.


homemade dog anti itch spray

Dogs tend to scratch when they are under stress. Such moments are mainly when your dog is in a hurry to go for a walk or wants to play with you. Severe anxiety may cause them continuous itching too. It is essential to consult your vet if your dog has such regular anxiety problems.

Hormonal Problems:

Hormonal imbalance can also cause itching problems in your dogs. For example, a decreased level of thyroid hormone can cause itching in the skin of your dog. Your dog may witness changes in skin color. Such hormonal imbalance problems can be diagnosed with a blood test.

Deficiency in Nutrition:

Zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Copper are the three essential nutrients for maintaining the healthy and shiny skin of your dog. Poor quality food can lead to the deficiency of such minerals and vitamins and can cause itching problems in your dog. Giving your dog a balanced meal is the best solution to such problems. Mal-absorption, a medical condition, can also cause deficiency of such nutrition in your dogs.

Infections in Skin:

There are several types of infections in the skin that can cause itching. For example, yeast can cause scratching around the ears and toes of your dog. Similarly, another infection that can cause folliculitis and blistering is impetigo.

homemade dog anti itch spray

How to Cure excessive scratching:

There are several medications available with the vet that can effectively cure excessive scratching problems of your pal. For example, corticosteroids or antihistamines are commonly prescribed when dogs suffer from certain allergic reactions. Such medications provide quick relief to dogs. But you should also note that long-term use or overdose of certain medications can be harmful to the health of your dogs.

Providing Low-allergic Diet:

It is not a complete solution if you change the brand of your dog food to save them from an allergic reaction. Allergies can be caused by a certain component that is present in the food, which can be present n different brands also. So, instead of changing the brand of your dog food, switch to such food that has a limited number of ingredients. It is good to use such protein that the dog has not eaten in the past.

Raw diets are a good example of such a limited ingredient diet that will provide. If you feel that your dog is still scratching, then it may be possible that certain environmental conditions are not suitable for your dog. You can limit exposure of your dog to fresheners, smoke, and perfumes and check whether your dog is getting some relief.

Parasite Removal:

Provide flea treatment to your dog if your dog has fleas. By this, you can eliminate the itching of your dog caused by fleas. You should know the fact that the eggs of fleas can survive for months, and so getting rid of them completely will take some time. You should also clean your house, garage, and any such places where the eggs of the fleas can survive. Anti parasites shampoo is the best treatment for mites and is available in several pet stores. For dogs having severe problems with mites, medication is a good option.

Save Your Dog From Allergens:

Several pollutants such as pollen, mold, and dust mites can lead to itchiness in your dog. But such pollutants are difficult to avoid completely. For this, using air filters in your homes, you can limit the presence of such pollutants in your house. Another option is to clean your house clean by regular vacuuming the house. Dogs need regular walks and exercise, and during that time, it is difficult to save your pal from such allergens as they are present everywhere. For this, as a precautionary measure, select such places which are free from moisture and are clean.

Bathe your dog regularly:

One of the simplest ways to keep the allergens away from your dog is to bathe them. Occasional bathing after a walk can provide relief to your dog from scratching. Using a moisturizing shampoo is good for canines as normal dog shampoo dries up the skin of your dog and causes soreness and flaking that can result in itching. Similarly, the over-bath of your dog also results in dryness in the skin. Blow-dry too tends to make the skin of your dog dry, especially when they are used at maximum heat level. The best way to towel dry their fur and groom them regularly with good quality brushes available for dogs to keep their skin and fur healthy.

You should pay special attention to wipe your dog’s belly and paws after coming from a walk. These are the places where there are maximum chances of allergens being present. It will also reduce the chances of allergens entering your home. You can also use raincoats and dog boots to save them from allergens. Many dogs prefer not to wear such things, but by positive reinforcement, you can train them.  So, these were some of the practical and easiest ways by which you can save your dogs from itching problems. Paying attention to such minor things helps your dog to be saved from allergens. 

Types of homemade dog anti itch spray-

Using Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is considered the master superfood due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. This product provides a soothing effect, especially on dry skin. Apple cider vinegar is also the best flea repellent.

homemade dog anti itch spray

To prepare homemade apple cider vinegar anti-itching sprays, mix an equal proportion of ACV and water and put the mixture into any of the spray bottles. You can spray the mixture on the affected areas of your dog daily. You will surely witness healing after a few days.

Make sure that you should not apply apple cider vinegar on raw skin, open wounds, or hot spots as it can be painful for your dog, and its condition may get worsen. Similarly, diluted ACV should be applied and not the concentrated one. Many people suggest that several other essential oils also contain antibacterial properties and can be used to cure itchiness in dogs. But this is not true as many essential oils such as Lavender oil are toxic for dogs, and so it is important to consult your vet before experimentation with such products on your dogs.

Try Oatmeal baths:

Oatmeal baths are useful for humans as well to cure several skin diseases like eczema. It can also be used to remove irritants and allergens from the fur coat of your dog. Oatmeal also possesses anti-inflammatory qualities, and so is the best treatment for hot or inflamed skin. You can use readymade colloidal oatmeal or can even grind oats at your home with the help of a blender. After this, add warm water to the mixture and prepare the bathwater for your dog. Soak your dog for about 20-25 minutes and let the oats treat the itchiness of your pal.

Make sure that the water reaches every part of your dog for better treatment. In case your dog accidentally gulps the water, then do not worry, as oats are harmless for the dogs. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of itchiness in your dog.

Using Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil has proved to be useful for various problems in humans. But do you know the fact that the properties of coconut oil are also helpful to cure canine problems as well? The antibacterial and antifungal properties of coconut oil are helpful to cure dry skin, infections, insect bites, and hot spots of your dog, which irritates their skin. Apply coconut oil directly on the affected areas of your dog to relieve them from such problems. Make sure that your dog does not intake the oil as it can be harmful. You can use a cone or e-collar for the dog to prevent this.

Other Answers to what is the best anti itch spray for dogs

A mixture o peppermint, green tea, and chamomile are also helpful to cure hot patches of your dog, which cause them itchiness. The mixture will provide a sensation of cooling on their skin. The mixture can be used both ways as a spray or for a bath. Similarly, the gel of aloe vera is also helpful in such situations. Make sure that you use aloe vera gel or oil that does not contain alcohol as it can burn the open wounds of the dog, which can be problematic.

Other ingredients that can be used are yogurt, baking soda, dietary changes, which include excessive minerals and vitamins. Using products such as balm and dog shampoos are also useful to cure skin problems of your dog.


QUE: What can I spray on my dog to stop itching?

ANS: Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, baking soda are the best products that you can use to cure the itching of your dog.

QUE: Can I spray my dog with vinegar and water?

ANS: Yes, you can spray vinegar and water mixed in equal proportion to cure the skin problem of your dog.

QUE: What vitamins help with itching?

ANS: Vitamin D supplements, Omega-3 are the vitamins that are best to cure problems of itching.

Finally, I hope that now you are quite aware of the reasons that cause itchiness in dogs and several homemade dog anti-itch spray that can easily be prepared at the comfort of your home. Curing such itchiness problems in an early stage will save your pal from excessive pain, which they may get if the condition worsens. If you feel that your dog is not recovering from its problem, you may consult your vet for a proper solution.

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