why does my dog drool around other dogs?

The Truth Behind why does my dog drool around other dogs

As a dog owner, you must have often wondered why does my dog drool around other dogs. The basic reasons behind drooling of dogs around other dogs are anxiety, nervousness, excitement, jealousy, sexual desire, etc. Giving your proper pet attention is the solution to such proper. It is also necessary to keep your dogs sociable. This article will provide you with some common reasons why is my dog drooling around the new puppy or with other dogs, along with its solutions.

Top Reasons behind why my dog drools around other dogs:


You may have noticed that dogs drool when they meet some other dog at your home. The main reason behind it is that they have never met other dogs that too at their home. Such conditions create mental pressure on them and a feeling of anxiety. You may also witness a white foam on their mouth together with drooling. Make sure that in case you are letting him meet any puppy he can even harm the puppy due to jealousy. Poor socialization, ignorance to behave when other dogs are around, lack of obedience training in dogs are other reasons for excessive drooling in dogs. 


If you feel that your dog is not much socialized, start creating some incidents by which he can get used to meeting other dogs. Taking him to the dog park regularly is the best way to make your dog sociable. For obedience, training tries to clean the mouth of your dog with the towel every time they drool. By this, the dog will have a hint that such drooling is unacceptable to all. 


Sometimes, forming of excess saliva in dogs is due to anxiety too. One of the common times you must have witness dogs is perhaps when you bought it. It takes some time for the dog to adjust to a new environment and new people. It may be possible that he must have been missing her mother or brothers. You may also witness the drooling of dogs when they are left alone for few hours In the house. This is due to separation anxiety in dogs as they miss their owners. The only reason behind this are the mismanagement activities of the owners and not giving sufficient time to their dogs.


To control such anxiety in dogs, the owners can-

  • Give special attention to a new puppy or dog as soon as you bring the.
  • Always keep them closer and cuddle them.
  • Provide them with good treats and regular exercise.
  • Provide them with proper training, especially when you have to leave your dog alone for long hours.

Sexual Desire:

The common reason behind Why does my male dog drool around female dogs is the development of sexual desire in them. It’s very natural in dogs to get attracted to the opposite sex. They do so by drooling. In such cases, you may witness the crying and howl of dogs, especially male dogs. So in case, you have a male dog while your neighbors have female, you can witness drooling dogs as they sense the neighbor dog through smell. One of the best solutions is to take advice from your local vet and explain to him the problems.


Another reason why does my dog drool around other dogs is probably they are scared. Some dogs are aggressive and tend to keep the other dogs away. They may bark heavily, but you may have noticed that they do not go behind them. The reason behind this is they are scared too. You can watch their mouth in cases when dribbles are generated within their mouth, which comes by its sides of the mouth. 


If you feel that your dog is scared by seeing other dogs, you should increase its socialization with other dogs. You can take him to a dog park, arrange a play date, or can also celebrate his birthday by calling your friends who also have dogs. By this, your dog will get used to the fact that it is common to meet other people and dogs. If you still see them drooling, contact your vet.


One of the common traits of dogs is jealousy. Similar to humans, they cannot see beautiful and strong than us. As we are humans and tend to control such feelings, dogs cannot, and they drool. The common reason behind this is the ignorance of the owner against them. It creates a sense of insecurity in them. 


In case you have an owner with more than 1 dog, try to treat everyone equally and take care of each dog. In case you are planning to own a new puppy and also have one adult dog at home, then ask your family members to take care of an adult dog while you take care of the puppy. At last, give them good treats and give time to each of the dogs equally.


Apart from mental pressure and traits, happiness can also be one of the reasons behind drooling in dogs. Dogs are not so matured as humans that they can control their emotions. Looking at their favorite treats or any sort of lovely environment makes them happy, causing drooling in them. It is you who have to understand the trait of your dog, whether he is drooling due to happiness or some stress. It is important to train your dog with some manners or general obedience if you see excessive drooling in them.

Excited or Nervous:

Many dogs drool around other dogs due to nervousness or a feeling of excitement. In such cases, they deposit a white foam around their mouth. Other symptoms in dogs that prove that they are excited or nervous include stiffness in the body, a hunch in the back,

why does my dog drool around other dogs

excessive whitishness in the eyes. Increasing their interaction with other dogs is the possible solution to such problems.

Natural Drooler Breeds of Dog:

Many breeds of dogs are natural droolers, and they drool around the day without any definite reasons. Such dogs drool excessively in hot summer seasons to maintain their body temperatures. In such cases, the owners need not have to worry about them as it is in their trait. You can identify such drooling dogs by-

  • Such dogs possess jowly and extensive types of cheeks.
  • A maximum of them has a hanging type of jaws.
  • The lips of such dogs are more prominent, which gathers excessive saliva.

Some common breeds of drooling dogs include-

  • Saint Bernand, Bloodhound
  • Dogue de Bordeaux, Bulldog
  • Bernese Mountain dogs, Boxers
  • Neapolitan Mastiff, Bullmastiff, etc

Apart from these, health problems in dogs is also one of the prominent reasons behind excessive drooling in dogs.

Some Abnormal Reasons behind Drooling in Dogs:

why does my dog drool around other dogs

The above reasons were natural reasons which cause drooling in dogs. There are several abnormal conditions when drooling in dogs can be a serious situation for them. Here are some of the uncommon reasons when a dog drools excessively.

Weakness in Muscles:

Every breed of dog loves to play outside, and also some of the dogs need such adventure daily to keep them both physically and mentally fit. If some dogs play beyond their capacity, they develop tiredness and weakness in muscles which causes them to drool excessively. In such cases, the owner should set a limited time for their playing and also provide them with a balanced diet with an adequate quantity of water.

Problems With Mouth:

Many dogs love to play with sticks or any other cloth material. Sometimes the fine particles of such products tend to stick between their teeth. If not removed at an early stage, such products cause swelling in their gums, resulting in the generation of extra saliva. You can easily recognize such problems by their formation of swollen gums or brown teeth. The best solution to such a problem is to brush your dog’s teeth regularly with a good brush and herbal paste. You can also visit any dentist and check for conditions such as cavity, Abscess, Gingivitis, irritation, infection, or lesions.

Problems in Stomach:

Dogs generally have to eat habits similar to children. They eat whatever and whenever without thinking about its consequences. So it is very fair that dog sometimes can face problems with their stomach which sometimes result in drooling. In such cases, it is good to consult your vet and prepare a standard diet chart for your dog.

Respiratory Problems:

Respiratory infections are also one of the possibilities for drooling in dogs. The infection can be in the places like Nose, throat, sinuses, and throat. Such conditions usually occur when your pet has been exposed to other dogs who are infected from such a disease. Similarly, dogs also drool when they are affected with rabies or certain fungal and bacterial infections. Some sort of parasitic worms also causes drooling in them. So it is necessary to take care that your dog is medically fit to avoid such problems in dogs.

Training and Hunting:

Dogs also drool a lot during their training time. If you are training them vigorously without giving any breaks, dogs become nervous, stressed, and tired so they began to drool. In such cases, it is better to keep their training session and teach them any new tricks calmly.

In case you are having a hunting breed of dog, they also drool a lot. The reason behind this is they had a far more superior sense of smelling their prey and possessed the capabilities to run for a long time and with speed. Because of all these reasons, such dogs also witness heavy drooling.

Availability of Toxic Plants Nearby:

People love to keep a lovely Garden at their house full of beautiful plants. But you may be shocked to know that some species of plants are considered toxic for dogs. Dogs if exposed to such plants, can cause allergies and drool too. Such plants that are considered poisonous for dogs include-

  • Sago Asparagus
  • Bird of Paradise, Elephant ear
  • Chinese evergreen, dumb cane
  • Aloe vera, ZZ plant
  • Desert rose, peace lily
  • Ivy, Zade, Pathos, Corn plant, etc

So in case you have any such plant at your house garden, remove it and then watch your dog for drooling. Apart from this, several plants are dog friendly such as orchids, baby tears, Areca palm, Venus flytrap, etc.

Some Common FAQs:

Q: Why is my older dog drooling around the new puppy?

Excessive drooling of adult dogs may be due to stress and nervousness. It is good to maintain a safe distance from the puppies. It is also important that your adult dog should not be around puppies for a couple of days.

Q: When should I worry about my dog drooling?

Excessive drooling is a huge problem. Your dog might be under exposure to a foreign body. It is better to contact your vet in such cases to treat the dog accordingly.

Q: Is Drooling a sign of anxiety in dogs?

Yes, drooling occasionally can be considered a sign of stress and anxiety in dogs.

Q: Do dogs drool when jealous?

Yes, jealousy is also one of the reasons why does my dog drool around other dogs.

Q: Why is my dog sniffing my friend and drooling excessively after we had played with puppies?

Your dog sniffed you when you had been around other dogs because they smell an unfamiliar scent and want to understand the reason why you were with other dogs or puppies.

Q: Why does my dog hate other dogs?

Dogs hate other dogs due to fear and lack of socialization. It is also possible that the dog has some bitter experiences with other dogs in the past.

Q: Dogs’ pets What are the reasons your dog would hyperventilate?

The only reason that dogs suffer from hyperventilation is due to excessive stress and anxiety. In such cases, the heart rate of the body increases resulting in more oxygen in the blood. The body too demands this excessive oxygen thus resulting in conditions of hyperventilation.

Finally, I hope that now you have understood several reasons why does my dog drool around other dogsEvery dog lover has such common problems with their dog. It is better to understand your dogs and try to keep them happy and stress-free to control such drooling in dogs.

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