why does my dog stink after being outside

An Ultimate and Complete Guide to Why does my dog stink after being outside.

You may have wondered that your dog smells weird after a walk with you outside. As a dog owner, you should have questions regarding why does my dog stink after being outside. The prominent reason behind this is their sweat. Dogs usually sweat from their paws, and their hairs can retain stain for a longer period. All such reasons make your dog stinky. 

This article will give you some common reasons behind this awful smell in dogs and also some suggested measures to overcome such smell both from the dog as well as your house.

The Reasons to Why does your dog’s skin smell bad?

One of the prominent reason behind Why does my dog stink after being outside is their oily skin. You may have noticed when you visit such friends who possess a dog, their house smell slightly weird. It is mainly because of the dog atopy, which is oil present in the skin of the dog. Sometimes such oils of the dog skin are overproduced to counter the dry skin and irritation in dogs. This extra produced oil liberates an awful smell. Such oil can also stick with mattresses, cushions, car seats, etc. Regular brushing of the dog is the best way to fight such problems.

The Answers to Why Do Dog Smell Worse When They Are Wet

Even if you bathe your dog or your dog is wet due to some reasons, they smell heavier than before. This is because your dog has several yeast and bacteria on its skin, and they tend to secrete the waste produced in their skin. If your dog is wet, such acidic remains get aerosolized due to the evaporation of water and give an awful smell that we all are familiar with. Additionally, dogs also produced serum(their natural oil) to protect their skin and keep the skin safe from drying out that too smells a lot. Such oils, when combined with water, generate more odors.

Something You Might Not Have Noticed in Your Dogs

Sometimes the main reason for the smell of the dog is our self. While taking your dog for a walk, we do not pay much attention to them, and we are in a relaxed state. We also do not pay attention to our dog to where he is scavenging. It may be possible that your dog finds a smelly poop and start smelling on it or keep its paws on it, or even eating the poo. All such reasons make them smelly after a walk. So it would be good that you keep an eye on your dog and train them accordingly to remain far from such smelly substance.

In case you are wondering about Dogs smell bad after going outside, perhaps it can also be some health problems with your dog. Here are some of the common reasons behind such awful smell in dogs-

Dental Problems in Dog:

Similar to humans’ dogs can also develop plaque and tartar in their mouth. Such condition liberates bad smell from them. One of the specific problems is Gingival Hyperplasia which is common in several breeds of dogs. It is the overgrowth or swelling of their gums which liberates a rotten smell. The best way to overcome such a problem is to brush your dog’s teeth regularly and provide them with dry food with plenty of water.

why does my dog stink after being outside


Flatulence is one of the common problems in all breeds of dogs. In such conditions, your dog may pass a gas that smells awful. Such problems are mainly due to wrong food supplied to them. You can talk to your vet and can ask him to write a new diet plan. You can also see if there are any indigestion problems with your dog.


As mentioned earlier, atopy is the oily skin of the dog that liberates smell. In case your dog is suffering from inflammation in the skin or any other kind of skin inflammation, the overproduced atopy liberates an awful smell. Sometimes some specific foods along with poor diet also caused skin allergies. You can provide your dog with high protein and fresh food for your dog to get rid of such problems.

Infections in Ear:

Ear infections are caused by the presence of bacteria and yeast. A healthy ear can fight such harmful bacteria. But in case your dog has a weak immune system, allergies, or hormonal imbalances, he can be prone to ear infections. Springer Spaniels and Basset Hounds have floppy and hairy ears, and such ears develop more chances of developing ear infections. It is recommended to clean your dogs’ ears regularly and keep them dry to avoid such problems.

why does my dog stink after being outside

Anal Sacs Problem:

All the canine including dogs possesses two small scent sacs at their bottom which are a type of glands at their rear end. Such sac liberates smell that is caught by the nearby furs of your dog, and it liberates awful smell. In case such sacs are hurt or impacted, the secretion increases, making them stinker. In case your dog has some serious problems with the anal gland, you can consult your vet.

As mentioned earlier, a dog’s fur is capable of retaining smell. During the walk, the dog tends to move in the woods, and their fur starts capturing different scents and substances. Dog’s sweat plays a major role in it. As the sweat is excreted during your dog’s walk or play, it also generates a particular smell. Here are some of the measures by which you can clean your dog after a walk

  • You will need a brush, soft towel, and dog shampoo, and a source of fresh water for this
  • Rinse your dog by using warm freshwater after a walk.
  • Use good quality shampoo for washing their fur, and make sure to clean their paws too.
  • You can repeat the above two steps for better results.
  • Wrap your dog with a clean towel and make them dry

Make sure that it is not good to use soap and shampoos after every walk as it may damage the quality of their fur and skin. But you can use fresh water to clean them every time they come from a walk.

How to Get the Mud and other materials out from your Dog?

Removal of dirt and mud from your dog is important to keep them clean and odor-free. There are several foreign particles, including worms and bacteria, that can cause odor and other problems with your dog. In case your dog gets muddy, there is no other way to brush them and to bathe them with soaps and shampoo. Choose a proper brush according to the coat of your dog so that you can effectively remove all the mud particles from their fur. A dense brush is quite useful for this purpose. While bathing them soak them 3 to 4 times to remove as many mud particles as possible before using shampoos and soaps. Concentrate on their belly and paws as they tend to accumulate more mud. This will make your dog free from mud again.

As Humans, What Causes Us to Smell Bad Odors?

Not only dogs, we humans also face problems with bad orders. Out of which sweat is the main reason behind this. Here are a few of the reasons that why we face problems with bad odors.

Inappropriate Diet:

Diet is the main source that decides the odor in any human. It begins with proves of metabolism and finally liberation of toxic chemicals from the body, including seat, excreta, and urine. This is why doctors recommend taking a good diet that is easy to digest. Increasing roughage in your diet is also a possible solution. Garlic, onion, meat, onion, and alcohol are common reasons to generate odor in us.

why does my dog stink after being outside


why does my dog stink after being outside

If your diet is balanced, but you are under stress, it may also be one of the reasons for the odor. Overloaded work or insufficient sleep disturbs the balance of the body and thus liberates unfamiliar glands in the form of sweat.

Medical Problems:

Certain rare medical conditions can provide you with an unfamiliar odor. They are usually caused by a metabolic process that secretes smell in the form of urine, breathes, and sweat. You can consult your doctor if you are suffering from such problems.

In case you are finding an effective way to why does my dog stink after being outside, here are some best hygiene tips for the same

  • Bathe the dog regularly makes sure that the vet recommends bathing of dog once every three months as frequent bathing dry out their skin.
  • You can use aromatherapy shampoo, tea tree, or citrus during their bath as they are the best agents to fight odors.
  • You should brush your dog daily or at least four to five times a week. Regular brushing of dog ensures that the natural skin oil of dog is evenly spread that keeps their skin healthy and smell free. It also removes dead hairs and dirt from their fur.
  • For a quick dry bath, you can spread corn starch or baking soda on their fur and brush them as it will eliminate the unnecessary odors from them. Also, feed your dog with nutritious and fibrous food for better results.
  • Wash the bedding of your pal regularly using soaps and detergent as stinky bed makes them stinkier when they sleep on it. You can also use lavender oil for cleaning purposes for better results. 

Some Proven Ways to How do I get rid of smells when my dog has been outside?

Here are some of the best ways to get rid of the smells of dog from your house

  • Bathe your dog regularly using a good quality shampoo
  • Clean your house regularly with the help of a vacuum cleaner
  • Mop the floors of your house at least once a week
  • You can use two cushions for your couch which can be replaced alternatively.
  • Wash the beds of your dogs at least once a week.
  • You can also leave the carpet powder for few hours to eliminate odors.
  • Keep your house open to let the fresh air and sunlight enter.
  • Feed your dog with fresh foods as much as possible.

Some Common FAQs:

Q: How do I keep my dog from smelling after going outside?

Cleaning them regularly, especially after a walk, is the best way to keep your dog smell-free after a walk.

Q: Why do dogs stink when they come in from outside?

The pee of the dog stick to their anal glands and also their fur possesses smell capturing properties this is why your dog smell when they come from outside.

QUE: Why does my dog smell so bad after a walk?

During the walk, your dog pees and poops and also smells any weird substance that comes along its way. All such dirt components stick to their fur and the anal gland that makes them smelly.

QUE: When to Worry About Outdoor Smells on Your Dog?

In case you have cleaning and grooming your dog regularly but still can’t get off its odor, it is the right time to worry about them. You have to consult your vet in such cases.

QUE: What to Do About Your Dog’s Fishy Smell?

Fishy smells in a dog are generally due to waste deposition in the anal glands of the dog. You may visit the vet, who can manually empty the anal glands of your dog. Many small breeds of dogs require cleaning of their anal glands regularly to avoid a fishy smell in them.

Smells in a dog are very common, but if you take some precautions, you will overcome such problems in a dog. I hope that this article provided you with reasonable answers to why does my dog stinks after being outside, together with the ways to how to get rid of dog smell.

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