13 Reasons Why does my dog mess up his bed?

Why does my dog mess up his bed

Common Reasons Behind Why does my dog mess up his bed

Affection, love, and attention are some of the common reasons behind Why does my dog mess up his bed. If a dog lacks these things, it begins to destroy the things that are nearby, including its bed. The best way is to provide complete love and attention to the dog to prevent such things. Apart from this, several other factors lead your dog to destroy its bed.

Top Reasons Behind Why does my dog mess up his bed

Ancestral Instinct:

A long time before, when dogs were not kept as pets, they used to catch their prey and tear it into pieces to eat. Many scientists had said that tearing things into pieces is one of the common habits in dogs’ right from the beginning when they used to live in the woods. This is why your dog loves to rip things off your house, such as his bed, your pillows, furniture, etc., just to pretend that he has caught his prey.


In case you are leaving your dog alone in the home, it causes boredom in your dog. Dogs are similar to children who start to destroy things when they are bored. Dogs need some ways to burn their energy, and their bed is one of the easily accessible things they find nearby.

Separation Anxiety:

Separation anxiety is also one of the common problems with most dogs who are left alone and are not allowed to spend time with their owners. Such a feeling of being left alone hurts your dog, and as a result, they tend to destroy things. 

Lack of Exercise:

It is quite common for many dog owners to take their dogs for a walk after they return from their work. But just taking your dog for a walk is not enough for some needs of dogs, especially herding breeds who require plenty of exercise to burn their calories. So it is essential to take care that your dog has its daily exercise that is necessary to keep them exhausted to prevent them from using their energy to destroy your pieces of stuff.

Lack of Exercise

To Make Their Bed Comfy:

It is quite natural for a dog to scratch their bed before taking a restful nap. Some street dogs even dog up a hole to get comfort and coolness while they sleep. Owners who do not trim the nails of their dog regularly may result in tearing of the bed while your dog scratches it.

Seeking For Attention:

One of the reasons why does my dog mess up my bed is to seek your attention. Your dog may have noticed that every time he mess up with the bed, you come closer to them and spend some time with them. So your dog continues to do the same act so that he can spend time with you. Your dog feels happy to destroy its bed to get your attention. 

Teething Problems:

Most of the puppies chew some kinds of stuff when they witness teething to comfort themselves from itching. Puppies also chew stuff when their teeth appear from the gums to explore the functions and power of their teeth. The bed is one of the softest chewable things, which most puppies love to do. As a result, they tore their bed.

Teething Problems

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Lack of Chew Toys:

As mentioned above, puppies tend to chew things at their teething stage. If you provide them with quality and attractive chew toys, they may not attempt to chew their bed. There may be a possibility that the chew toy that you have provided to them is not required by your dog as it is not of good quality. Much cheap chew toy is available in the stores, but they are too sicky and rubbery, which does not satisfy the needs of your dog, and as a result, they love to chew their bed. So it is advised that buy a quality chew toy that completely satisfies the needs of your dog.


We may feel frustrated and stressed after coming from a long day of work. Dogs too chew their bed in stress and frustration if you forget to take them for a walk or do not provide them with food on time. If you have recently taken your dog to a new place, then also your dog will be under stress and throw his frustration on his bed. Nervousness in meeting other dogs and strangers also compels them to chew their beds. In such a case, you should provide proper socialization of the dogs right from their puppy stage.

Lack of Training:

If you continuously avoid your dog’s mistake of ripping his bed, then your dog has developed the habit of ripping his bed. Your dog may be feeling that it is completely normal to rip the bed. So as an owner, you should start teaching them some commands like “leave it” or “No” when you notice your dog ripping his bed for the very first time. 

Lack of Training

Aggressive Breeds of Dogs:

Some dog breeds are quite aggressive and love to rip their bed to show their power. Such dogs love to destroy your furniture and your garden just to burn their calories and show their power and aggression to you.

Uncomfortable Bed:

Sometimes there may be a possibility behind why does my dog flip his bed over is perhaps they do not like their bed. Many owners do not buy a bed of exact size or good comfort level bed just to save their money. As a result, your dog flips its bed because it does not satisfy the needs of your dog. Dogs are quite particular about their sleep and so on their bed. They have their sleeping preferences also.

Dogs that belong to smaller breeds usually prefer to have an enclosed bed, while larger breeds like to sleep in an open bed so that they can stretch as per their body size to attain comfort. Finally, it’s the personality of the dog that which bed he prefers to sleep in. In such cases, buy a bed as per the breed and size of your dog so that you can have a peaceful sleep in his bed. 


In case you have a female dog who is about to give birth to its puppies, then she may dog its bed to provide space for the new ones. It is quite common with the dogs to dig a slight deep hole in which the puppies can relax and can be saved from cold. 

Dealing With Why does my dog mess up his bed

  1. Keep the bed of the dog out of his reach when you are leaving him alone.
  2. Provide such chew toys that are not easily destroyed by your dog.
  3. Provide your dog with a daily walk at least once a day and away from home.
  4. Provide the required love, care, and attention to your dog when you are at home.
  5. Distract your dog when you see him destroying its bed.
  6. Re-introduce the bed to the dog gradually.
  7. Leave your dog for one hour in the beginning to check your dog.
  8. Use cameras to record the actions of your dog in your absence
  9. Provide patting and treats to your dog for not destroying its bed.
  10. Provide enough water and food to the dog in your absence.
  11. If possible, switch the TV on with the discovery channel t keep your dog busy.
  12. Set a window seat for your dog so that he may see the strangers and other dogs passing by to distract your dog.
  13. Provide your dog with puzzle toys while you are not at home.

Some Common FAQs:

QUE: What to do when your dog keeps destroying his bed?

ANS: As soon as you see that your dog is about to destroy its bed firmly, say “NO” to your dog, and if he does not listen, distract your dog with some treat or a squeaky toy. Repeat the procedure until your dog stops this act.

QUE: How do I train my dog not to destroy his bed?

ANS: You can teach your dog some commands such as “leave it” or “NO” to prevent your dog from destroying its bed.

QUE: How do you punish a dog for destroying things?

ANS: You can yell at your dog and try to physically decline him as a punishment for destroying things. Remember that never punish him physically as it may disrupt the bonding with your dog.

QUE: Why does my dog keep ruining his bed?

ANS: Teething, boredom, and separation anxiety are some of the reasons behind dogs destroying their bed

QUE: How do I say sorry to my dog?

ANS: You can spend some quality time with your dog by talking to him in a calm voice in case you want to apologize for t your dog.

It is quite common for dogs to tend to destroy their bed. The factors can be physical or emotional. But as an owner, you should the reason behind such acts of a dog so that you find a proper solution to the problems behind Why does my dog mess up his bed.

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