The reproductive cycles of the dogs are not so much different than that of us. They, too, witness a cycle that starts from their periods of fertility and recovery. But small breeds of dogs such as Yorkies witness rapid heat cycles than any other larger breeds of dog. This article will provide you with some basic knowledge regarding how long will my Yorkie be in Heat and how to know if your Yorkie is pregnant. Such information is essential as a Yorkie owner so that deal with various situations.

Answers to How long will my Yorkie be in Heat

The heat cycle of the dog is considered similar to the menstruation cycle of a human. It can be categorized into 4 stages, and these stages repeat themselves every 5-6 months. The first two-stage can be identified through bleeding, behavior change and swelling of the vulva and these two stages last between fourteen and twenty-one days. On the other hand, the last two stages are considered as a time for rest and recovery, or if your dog is pregnant, you may witness a growth of puppies. You should also know the fact that the cycles of the dog may vary as per its breed and also by changes in their age. Here is a detailed explanation of their stages.

Proestrus stage:

This is the first stage that lasts until 7 to 10 days. This stage can also be called a preparatory stage and is accompanied by swelling and darkening of the vulva together with blood discharge from the vagina, similar to periods. The discharge will be thick in the beginning, and as days pass by it will become watery. During this time, the dog will not have any desire to mate and will keep his tail down and may often lick its vulva to keep it clean.

Estrus Stage:

It is the second stage, and it lasts for 3- 4 days or even more. In this stage, the discharge decreases, and the color changes into pink. The vulva of the female Yorkie becomes soft and enlarges, and she can advance towards a male dog for mating. This period usually ends around the 14th day, and your Yorkie is most fertile during this time, especially on the 11th day.

Diestrus Stage: 

It is the third stage that lasts around 60-90 days or until birth. In this stage, the hormone levels of the dogs are low, but swelling of the vulva and discharge are absent. The female does not offer mating advances during this stage.

Anetrus stage. 

It is the fourth stage, which lasts around 30 to 90 days. It can be considered as the timeframe between the ending of the diestrus stage and the beginning of the proestrus stage. You should also know that Yorkies witness the first heat cycle between four months to 18 months of their age. The average period may be considered as 10-12 months. If your female Yorkie has not witnessed its heat cycle, it is better to consult your vet as he may be witnessing some medical problems.

The exact answer to How long will my Yorkie be in Heat is for 2-4 weeks, but it can vary as your Yorkie gains maturity. A fully developed female Yorkie may experience a heat cycle every 5 to 6 months and will also witness more cycles in a year than larger breeds of dog. An adult Yorkie will have only 1 cycle in a year.

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how to know if your Yorkie is pregnant

There are several ways by which you can determine that your Yorkie is pregnant.

Changes in Behavior:

If your Yorkie is pregnant, he may sleep longer and loves to relax in a cozy place. He will be less active and playful but will love to snuggle you. In case of physical changes, your dog will suffer more from morning sickness, but such a problem will last only for a few weeks. She may also have to bear problems of watery discharge, and that is not urine. If you see swellness of the vulva in your Yorkie, then you can confirm that your Yorkie is pregnant.

Physical Changes:

A pregnant Yorkie’s stomach will increase in size after a few weeks. You will also see stiffness or enlargement in its nipple. In case you have not to take your dog to the vet, it would be better that you take her now. At such a stage, it is necessary to take well care of your Yorkie. Getting her regularly examined for the best is the best way to keep them healthy. Proper feeding and proper caring are essential in such stages.

yorkie Physical Changes

. If you have crossbreed your Yorkie with any larger breed of dog, then discuss such problems with your vet as she can be prone to some complications. Provide your dog with a peaceful place to sleep and provide her with more food than regular as her puppies will also take up the nutrition.

If you do not have any experience regarding delivering the puppies, it would be better that you take them to any vet hospital or arrange for some experienced person at your home.

Signs and symptoms of Heat in Yorkie:

  • The vulva of your Yorkie will become softer and larger and may become darker.
  • It can also witness mild discharge, whose color can vary from whitish-pink to red. Color changes are completely normal during the entire course of the heat cycle.
  • Some dogs will try to create a nest by bringing all the soft products near their bedding.
  • You may also witness mood swings during this stage, and your Yorkie can get clingy and aggressive.
  • Your dog can eat more or less during this heat period. In short, you may witness changes in the diet pattern of your Yorkie.

Taking Care of Your Yorkie in Heat

Normally, your Yorkie will behave differently under the influence of Heat. So you must ensure that your Yorkie gets a calm place and is free from children. In case your Yorkie is menstruating, keep it away from items such as your carpets, clothes, and furniture as you do not want them to be stained.

Taking Care of Your Yorkie in Heat

You can also use disposable or washable diapers to contain the mess. Sometimes it is also possible that you will not see any visible discharge as several dogs clean them by themselves.

It is also possible that their discharge sticks to their hair, so in such cases, bathing or wiping your dog will clean the area effectively. Males are attracted to females during such time, through their urine small even from several miles away and so defending your female is important at this stage. In case you have any male dogs in your house, better keep them in a short lease away from the female dog. It is important if you do not want your dog to get pregnant. It is safe to keep the males away for at least 2-3 weeks after this stage too.

Ways to Breed Yorkie in Heat

A female Yorkie to conceive is in their first heat cycle. But it is often not recommended as their body is not completely developed. They can also conceive at any time during their breeding cycle. But the most fertile time is between the 10th to 14th day of the breeding cycle at the Estrus stage. There are some tests that vets can perform to know the best time of ovulation in dogs the one is the vaginal smear test, while the other one is the Serum progesterone test. A vaginal smear test examines the cells of the vagina to predict the ovation time, while the other one checks the progesterone hormone in the blood to predict ovulation. So you can perform any of the above tests for confirmation.

Is Spaying Necessary in Yorkie:

If you feel that you will never breed your Yorkie, then you can get her spayed. It is the process of removing the uterus and both ovaries of a dog. Through spaying, you can eliminate the chances of pregnancy in your Yorkie, heat cycle, and all the symptoms that are related to it. A Yorkie can also be spayed during its first heat cycle, but it is said that it involves complications as Yorkie may witness severe bleeding. The best time to get your Yorkie spayed is after she has witnessed her first heat cycle.

Many vets also recommend spaying the dog before its first Heat that is in its puppy stage. But experts have pointed out that puppies who are spayed at the age of six months have more chances to suffer from contract parvovirus than the dogs who were spayed later. Researchers have also said that spayed dogs tend to live 25% longer than the dogs who were never spayed. Such sterilization also reduces chances for your Yorkie to catch infectious diseases but greater chances of dying from cancer.

Some experts also said that unsprayed Yorkie can also suffer from mammary tumors, which is a serious infection in dogs. In short, one has to consult your vet before following this procedure. Yorkies never face the menopause stage. Their heat cycle reduces gradually as they become old.

Some Common FAqs:

QUE: At what age do a female Yorkie get their first period?

ANS: Your Yorkie may witness the first heat period between 4-18 months, which depends on its health and diet.

QUE: How do you know when your Yorkie is in Heat?

ANS: The vulva of your Yorkie will get swollen, and you may see some discharge through it, which are the symptoms that your Yorkie is in Heat.

QUE: How many time in a Year does Yorkies go into Heat?

ANS: A fully mature Yorkie can go into Heat every 5-6 months.

QUE: How long does Yorkshire Terriers period last?

ANS: Theperiod of Yorkies last between 18-24 days.

QUE: How long does a Yorkie stay in the Heat after their period?

ANS: You can expect your Yorkie to be in Heat for 2-3 weeks on average.

QUE: How often do female Yorkies get their period?

ANS: Usually, nearly all the breeds of dogs get their periods after every six months. But this may vary in the beginning because of their development cycle, that is, until 18-24 months, you can ensure stability in the occurrence of their periods.

I hope that now you are well aware of How long will my Yorkie be in Heat and the complete heat cycles of your dog. You are also familiar with the pregnancy symptoms of your dog. Keeping such knowledge is essential as an owner. In case you have any more queries, you can consult your vet for their expert advice.

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