8 Awesome Tips About When Do Yorkie Puppies Stop Growing From Unlikely Sources

when do yorkie puppies stop growing

An Ultimate Guide to when do Yorkie puppies stop growing

It is one of the memorable moments when you select a Yorkie puppy from the pet store to add a new member to your family. Yorkies are famous for their adorable looks and cuteness. But one should also have information regarding when do Yorkie puppies stop growing and also other traits such as Yorkie aggressive biting.

Keeping such information with you will help you to keep your Yorkie healthy. This article will provide you with information regarding Yorkie pregnancy stages and also Yorkie puppies lifespan so that you will be ready to deal with any situation that can arise during their complete life cycle.

Answers to when do Yorkie puppies stop growing

Yorkie breeds are call puppies until they attain the age of 10 months. Above 10 months till 4 years, they can e considered as an adult, and after 4 years they stop to grow and are called as grown-up dogs. Their stages of life are divided into various sections by experts such as.

Suckling Stage:

It is the first stage of the Yorkie as soon as he is born and till he reaches up to seven weeks. During this stage, Yorkie opens their eyes and learns to walk. Their weight also increases and reaches up to 1 pound. After 3 weeks, Yorkie opens their eyes and are ready to come out from their box to explore the world around them.

Training Stage:

As mentioned earlier that the puppy stage of Yorkie begins from seven weeks and continues until they attain the age of six months. It is the time that Yorkie develops their personality, which may differ from dog to dog. One may also observe excessive licking and biting. For this, one should know the solutions to how to stop my dog from licking. This is the best time when you can train them and induce positive behavior in them. During this time, they are young, energetic, and can able to grasp things rapidly. Their weight can reach up to 2.5 pounds in this stage.


It can be said that at this stage, you can call your Yorkie young. This is the stage when your dog will reflect the unique characteristics of Yorkie, one of which is playing. So, make sure that you do not restrict them and let them play as much they want as it keeps them healthy and helps to make their bone and muscles stronger. By the end, your Yorkie may gain weight around 4.5 pounds.

when do yorkie puppies stop growing


It can be said that in the period of 10 months to 4 years, your dog can be considered an adult. You may observe a rapid increase in their weight in a minimal quantity of food. During this time, their weight reaches around 6.5 pounds, and they are 6 to 9 inches tall. After attaining this height, they stop growing.

Completely Grown Yorkie:

After 4 years of age, you can consider that your Yorkie is completely grown. They have a height of 8-9 inches and weigh around a maximum of 7 pounds.

Factors Affecting Development of Yorkies:

There are certain factors related to when do Yorkie puppies stop growing. These are-


Similar to humans, genes play a major role in the development of a Yorkie. In case you have got your Yorkie pup from the breeder try to get information about their parents. By this, you can get a rough idea regarding how to deal with your pup. Parental genetics can be transferred to the puppies, which may vary their size and weight.


The Diet of the pup plays a crucial role in the development of their bodies. A high-quality diet is necessary for Yorkie to keep its bone quality and health to an optimal level. You should be aware of the fact that dogs who are receiving a nutritious and balanced diet grow faster than the ones which are provided with cheaper foods. Young puppies require a higher amount of proteins in their diet as they are in their development stages. Minerals, vitamins, and calcium are also necessary for your dog. Also, make sure that you provide your dog with a limited quantity of the food as overeating may lead to obesity and can lead to health problems.

when do yorkie puppies stop growing


Every breed of dog needs regular exercise. Similarly, Yorkies are quite an energetic breed of dogs and are energetic throughout the day. You can help them to burn their calories by taking them for a walk for at least half an hour a day. Through this, they can develop and expand their muscles and can be in shape and healthy. It is crucial to exercise your Yorkie in their development stage to keep them fit during their entire life cycle.

Medical Problems:

Acromegaly is a condition when Yorkie continues to gain their height even after they have completed 4 years of their age. Such dogs have problems in their pituitary glands, which are responsible for releasing their growth hormones. Excess release of the hormones from the pituitary glands causes oversized conditions in Yorkies. You may have to consult your vet if you feel that your Yorkie is getting way bigger than its usual size. They can create a treatment plan to cease the growth of your dog and keep him healthy.

Finally, Senior Yorkie:

At the age of 8-10 years, your dog will gain its maximum height and weight. This is the time when you can consider your dog as an adult and cannot expect them to grow in size. This is the time when you have to supply them with limited food and provide them with plenty of exercises so that your dog’s health is maintained.

Some Fun Facts of Yorkies:

You will be surprised to know that Yorkie breeds of dogs are referred to as “Toy Dogs” according to the American Kennel Club. It is due to their ability to play cheerfully. Yorkies are also famous due to their glossy coat. The fur of the Yorkie can be kept as curly or short and also straight and long. But make sure that whichever style you prefer, daily brushing of the Yorkies is essential to keep their fur and skin healthy.

You can also avoid tangling of the hair and other skin infections from this. 

The coat of Yorkies are prone to seasonal shedding, and their hair growth rate is similar to humans. At the age of 10 months, their hair starts to grow constantly and at about one-fourth to half inches per month. In the case of an adult Yorkie, it may take around 10 months for their hair to grow up to floor-length. 

when do yorkie puppies stop growing

Yorkies are intelligent breeds of dogs that are easily trainable if they begin at the right age. They are quite fast in learning new things and picking up the commands. This is because they are good listeners. Yorkies are so smart that they easily understand the bad mood of their owner and can come near you to support you. Due to this intelligence quality, they are often chosen to work as service dogs. These dogs can also be trained to check for the diabetic patient’s sugar level and several other medical conditions.

During World war 2 these dogs were also used as therapy dogs as they are excellent in such. The dogs are also easy to care for and maintain. They are often chosen as the first pet by many owners who are not having much experience in dealing with dogs. Due to their small size and well-mannered quality, these Yorkies have won the hearts of many people.

Yorkie pregnancy stages

You should know the fact that the pregnancy of canines is much faster than that of humans. You have to keep weekly updates of their stages so that you can be ready with your litter. As Yorkie breeds are small breeds of dogs is usually difficult to say how many puppies can a Yorkie have, so it is advisable to take advice from the vet.

Early Pregnancy Signs:

The early signs of pregnancy can be seen within 1-4 weeks. You may get an ultrasound and can also observe enlargement of nipples during this stage. She may also be low in energy level, clingy, and her stomach may expand slightly. Se may also try to gather soft materials for making her nest where she can deliver the puppies. It is important to provide her with some exercise during this stage.

Signs of Mid-late Pregnancy:

After 5 weeks, you can say that your Yorkie is in the mid-stage of the pregnancy cycle. You can also get her ultrasound to ensure the health of the puppies. Your Yorkie may require more food than regular as her body is maintaining the health of the puppy too. Now you can reduce her exercise and provide her with plenty of rest. You can consult the vet about her due date and keep the litter box and other arrangements ready with you when she reaches 8-9 weeks of pregnancy.


Delivery is the last stage of the Yorkie pregnancy cycle. Delivery of Yorkie should be conducted in clinic or under observance of an expert. When the temperature of Yorkie drops rapidly, she can deliver the puppies anytime within 24 hours. Crying and vomiting can be observed in this stage, so make sure that you try to comfort your Yorkie. You may need fresh towels and some newspaper to clean her vomit. Within two hours of her water break, you can expect her puppies to enter this world.

Some Common FAQs:

QUE: What is the average lifespan of a Yorkie?

ANS: It has been estimated that the average life span of Yorkies is around 13-16 years, but it may vary as per the Diet and health conditions of the dog.

QUE: When do Yorkie puppies open their eyes?

ANS: Yorkie puppies open their eyes when they attain the age of 2-4 weeks. It can be said that in 4 weeks, Yorkies can open their complete eyes and are ready to explore the persons and things around them.

QUE: Why does Yorkie puppy smell bad?

ANS: Due to some skin conditions, allergies, and their natural body oil, Yorkie puppies often smell bad. You must groom the puppy well to reduce such odour. A healthy and nutritious diet is also necessary to reduce the odour in your puppy.

QUE: What is the best age (of the dog) to adopt a Yorkie?

ANS: puppies of age between 16-20 weeks when Yorkie puppies lose their felting coat and develop their hard hairs is the best time to adopt them.

QUE: How long does it take for a Yorkie to give birth?

ANS: The pregnancy length of a female Yorkie is around 63 days, although it may slightly vary between 58-68 days. Regular examination of the vet is also essential during such times for your dog.

QUE: How big should a Yorkie be at 3 months?

ANS: A three-month-old Yorkie will weigh around 3 pounds and will reach 6 pounds when he gets old.

There is no denying the fact that Yorkie breeds of dogs are intelligent, cuddly, and cute. They are great companions and are friendly towards each member of your family. It is quite difficult to recognize when do Yorkie puppies stop growing due to their small size. But as an owner, you should examine the life stages of your Yorkie in detail so that you can keep them healthy and happy.

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