Those days are gone when people used to like large breeds of dogs and love such dogs that are strong and aggressive. These days’ people are diverting their attention towards smaller breeds of dogs such as Yorkie poo. The Yorkiepoo puppies are mixed breeds babies of Poodle and Yorkshire terrier breeds of dogs. These dogs are playful and friendly but are difficult to train. This is why many owners have queries regarding How to train your Yorkie poo puppy.

Some Effective Ways to How to train your Yorkie poo puppy

  1. You have to claim that you are his pack leader. It is not a difficult task as right from the beginning. Your dog knows that you are his pack leader. And in case they are unfamiliar with it, create that impression on them as it will be easier for you to train them.
  2. These puppies are adorable and are also great with kids, but that does not mean you allow them to sleep anywhere they like. You have to develop such habits that your Yorkie relax or sleep in the designated area that you have provided for them.
  3. Nearly every dog likes a scheduled daily routine. They get anxious if some unfavorable routine comes before them. Since puppies are energetic, they need timely food, exercise, and nap. Once your Yorkiepoo wakes up, you can take them for a walk outside.
  4. You have to begin training your Yorkiepoo puppy right from its early stage. At that time, they grasp things easily and remember them for the rest of their life. You have to use a litter box and create a definite schedule of pooping and peeing. You will observe that after a few days, your puppy can able to hold their bladder and can wait for the scheduled time to do its business. In this training, consistency is required, and a little bit of encouragement from your side.
  5. If your puppy creates mess by chewing your rug or peeing in inappropriate places, then he needs Yorkie poo obedience training. For this, you can start saying “NO” firmly with eye contact and bring them to their toilet area. In case your Yorkie chew things regularly, take them away from the rug and give them a chew toy. Never hit or shout at the puppy as such an act is not at all useful.
  6. In case you are busy doing your chores, you can provide your puppy with some toys. It would be better that you brought the puppy to your workroom. By this, your puppy will learn that you are still with him even if you are busy.
  7. If you are planning to go out, leave the puppy in his crate. Young dogs should never be left alone for more than 3 hours. So make sure to arrange for someone to look for the puppy.
  8. Apart from their timely schedule, some dogs need to pee or poo more often. So in case that’s the matter with your pup, provide them with proper arrangements. Also, some dogs poop first and then pee or opposite. It is completely normal.
  9. One of the best answers to How to house train a Yorkie poo puppy is through paper training. This is done by covering the floor with kitchen paper. Whenever your dog wishes to poop or pee, he will notice the presence of paper. After a few days, you can cover your litter box with the same paper to make them understand to pee or poop in their litter box only.

So these were some of the ways to How to train your Yorkie poo puppy. Such training may take some time, but if you follow a disciplinary approach, you can able to train your Yorkie poo perfectly. 

How to train a Yorkie poo with Basic and Fun Tricks?

To start the training of your Yorkiepoo, you may need some treats and a lot of patience. The training period can be longer, but if followed correctly, it will be successful. Here are some of the basic tricks that you need to teach your Yorkiepoo.

Training a Yorkiepoo through Basic Way:

Sit: come, down, walk on a leash are some of the basic commands that every breed of dog should know. By this, you can control your dog right from its puppy stage and will never feel any kind of embarrassment in public. You can use a treat to train your Yorkipoo to sit. For this, you have to hold the treat first at the top and then slowly bring the treat below their chin. By this, your Yorkie will automatically be in its sitting position as he sits, says “sit,” and give her the treat. Follow the procedure regularly.

The same procedure will be for the lie-down command. Only you have to bring a treat in such a position that your dog is in a stretch position on the floor.

Leash training can be difficult as pups run and walk randomly. For this, try your dog on a leash and control them with your hand.  

Training a Yorkiepoo through Basic Way

You can keep the treat near your hand so that it walks closely and is similar to you. Make sure that you reward them if your Yorkiepoo does not get distracted or pull the leash against you.

Once Your Yorkie poo is well versed with the down and sit command, you can now teach them release, come and stay commands. At first, put them in a sit and down position and say “stay” by pointing towards him. Now get far from her slowly. If they stay there for a while, provide them with their favorite treat. Similarly, by using hand gestures, ask her to come or release things that she caught in her mouth. Treats and their right time to provide them is the key to success.

Stop Barking:

You should be aware of the fact that Yorkie used to bark excessively and sometimes for no reason. If you feel that their barking is intolerable and want to know How to train a Yorkie not to bark, then follow these methods.

Through security methods:

In this case, you have to build such a scenario that encourages your Yorkie poo to bark. Usually, dog barks when they feel that they are security guard of the house and to alert the intruders they bark. Now when you have you have created an insecure environment around your house, your Yorkie poo will start barking. Now gently pick them up and ensure them that everything is okay till it stops barking. As your dog stops barking, say the quiet command and provide him with a treat. Now, whenever your dog barks because of security concerns, you can say the command quiet, and your Yorkie poo will stop barking.

Through “Quiet Command”

You should set a boundary on how much your YorkiePoo will bark. Make sure that you cannot expect them to be silent for the whole day as it is their way of communicating. So whenever your Yorkie poo barks, set a time limit for their barking and then use the quiet command to stop their barking. You can also redirect them to some other things to stop their barking.

how to train yorkie Quiet Command

Through Redirect Method:

In this method, you have to set up a redirecting scenario for your dog. You can arrange some fun toys, treats, and other chewable toys that your dog loves to play with. Now create a loud noise to encourage your dog to bark. As he starts barking, let them bark for some time and immediately use the come command while you stand at the bedding and toys that you have arranged. Your dog will soon forget barking and will be busy with the things that you have arranged for him.

All the methods will take some time for the dog to understand what you want them to do. Remember that bonding with your dog will certainly make them learn the tricks faster.

Some Advanced Tricks:

Once your Yorkie poo is ready with the basic commands, you can also teach them some fancy commands so that they can entertain you. Here are some of the tricks that you can teach your Yorkie poo.


To make your Yorkie poo dance, simply hold a treat over their head and twist it slowly in a circular pattern. You can also encourage her to hop in between. You can say command such as dance or spin to make them familiar with the words. This will need some practice, but ultimately it is fun to watch them doing this.


Make your Yorkie poo sit and slowly bring a treat at the side of their nose together with her paw. The posture should be like they have cover their entire face with their paws. Now you can say command hide, and the posture is attained to provide her with a treat.

Waving Hello:

For teaching wave command to your dog, simply hold their paw and wave it gently and say wave or hello. Repeat this procedure several times. Waving of paws is the easiest thing, and many dogs learn it quickly. 


Twirling is similar to spin and dance. For this, just keep the treat at their side and move it circularly, so it seems that your Yorkie poo is trying to catch its tail. You can try in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Say the command twirl and provide them with a treat if they go for at least 8-10 rounds repeatedly.

Playing Dead:

Make your Yorkie poo lie down and wave the treat so as its belly is an upside and use the command play dead. Many owners see the shoot command with their fingers pretending to shoot their dogs, and the dogs obey the play dead command. Repetition of this trick is essential but trust it’s very fun to watch them doing this.

When you start training then you see sometimes Yorkie so hyper don’t be panic it’s natural.

Some Common FAQ’s:

QUE: How long does it take to potty train a Yorkie poo?

ANS: You can expect that it may take around 4 months from the start of training to perfectly train a Yorkie to potty train.

QUE: What tricks can you teach a Yorkie poo?

ANS: You can teach basic tricks to your Yorkie, such as sit, come, down, and stopping them from barking. Advance tricks may include dance, hello, play dead, etc.

QUE: Are Yorkie puppies hard to train?

ANS: Yes, these shorter breeds of dogs are quite difficult to train. It may take your consistent efforts together with encouragement to train your Yorkie.

QUE: What do I need to Know about my Yorkie poo puppy?

ANS: Here are some of the facts that you should know about Yorkshire Terrier puppies-

  1. They are a designer category of dogs
  2. They are energetic and active
  3. They are habitual of barking
  4. They are low shedder, and many more

I hope that now you are well aware of How to train your Yorkie poo puppy. A trained dog will provide you with a more pleasant experience than an untrained dog. In case you feel that you are not confident enough to train your dog, you can surely hire some expert to do this for you.

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