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The Perfect Answers to How much exercise does a corgi need

The Corgi breeds of the dogs are natives of Britain. They were usually seen as one of the royal dog breeds. Corgi breeds are originally herding dogs and so are energetic. As an owner of this popular breed, you should know the answers to how much exercise does a corgi need to keep them healthy and cheerful.

You should also know the fact that the daily requirement of an adult Corgi is slightly different from a Corgi puppy. Puppies are generally provided with less amount of exercise because their muscles and bones are still under development.

How to exercise a corgi puppy

The best way to exercise your Corgi is to take them to walk for 5-10 minutes and increase the gradual duration every month. Apart from this, you can also provide them with mental exercise such as training them to sit, lay, and try to socialize them. In this way, you can achieve their overall development.

Adult Corgi Exercise Requirements:

A completely grown Corgi would need at least 1 hour of exercise daily. You may feel that it’s too much but remember that they belong to herding breeds of dogs and are smart, energetic, and has plenty of stamina. You can even find some activities that can burn their calories in a short period. You can design their exercise schedule in such a way so that they can achieve fitness and strengthen all the necessary muscles, which can keep them healthy throughout their entire life.

Different Ways to Exercise your Corgi:

Now, as now you know the answers to how much exercise does a corgi need, you should also know the fact that walking alone is not sufficient to exhaust your Corgi. But that does not mean that you should skip their walking as walking keeps them both physically and mentally busy. Through walking, they can observe their surroundings and get to know other people and animals. They can even develop taste and smell new things. Walking can be considered as a warm-up for them which helps them to stimulate their muscles and increase blood circulation in them. Apart from walking, you can also engage them in other activities such as.


Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can provide to your Corgi. Swimming is considered a joint-friendly exercise, and it does not give any additional pressure on the joints and so also good for such dogs who have joint pains or arthritis problems. Moving legs against the water strengthen their muscles. Stronger muscles help dogs to save themselves from injuries. Even the vet suggests that dogs suffering from an elbow or hip dysplasia should swim regularly to cure the problem at a faster rate.


Fetching is also one of the popular exercises that can easily be done in your house backyard. It is the best exercise when you are tired but wants your Corgi to burn their calories. You should also remember that dogs never know when they are completely exhausted, and they continue to play. So you should set the playtime accordingly. Once your dog has mastered swimming and fetching, you can combine the two games in one for more fun.


Hiking is also good for corgis. Through this, your dog gets an entirely new environment and gets a chance to see new smells and sights. Small things that are nearly ignored by us are very exciting for dogs. For example, jumping and climbing on an uneven surface is challenging and adventurous for dogs.

corgi dog Hiking

Through this exercise, dogs get to increase their balancing skills and decision capabilities. Deciles, inclines, and crossing of streams are some of the advanced level exercises in which you can engage your dogs.

Tug War:

The easiest and efficient way of exercising your dogs is to play tug-of-war with them. This exercise can burn lots of energy for your dogs in minutes. The exercise requires little space but is effective to build the back and leg muscles of your dog. You should also know the fact that every exercise has chances for your dog to get injured but not tug.

Sporting events:

If you are an owner of a corgi, then you should get engaged in some sporting events near you. Corgis perform well in sporting categories such as herding, lure coursing, and also agility. There is a wide variety of sporting events, and each one of them has some pros and cons, and so you should try them all for the first time and select a couple of games in which your Corgi is comfortable. The best advantage of sporting events is that through this, your dog gets a chance to work in a team, and so it gets an opportunity to get socialized.

Generally, sporting events demand quite physical energy and are tiring for your dog, so make sure you introduce them to such events slowly and never pressurize them for any particular task. If you do not have any sporting events nearby, you can yourself purchase the agility equipment and can train them in the backyard of your house.


Jogging is a great exercise for you and your pet. Corgis are great partners when it comes to running. You can use a running harness or a hands-free lease so that you and your Corgi can run together. Start running exercise with less distance initially and then increase the distance gradually. Start with a slow walk and then start to run to avoid pain in muscles. In case of extreme weather conditions, you can jog your dog on a treadmill at the comfort of your home.


Doga is similar to Yoga for humans. These days such classes are arranged in many cities and towns in which both owner and their pet dogs perform a variety of poses and stretch their body to relax the muscles. Although such exercises are not a fat burner, you will feel the freshness in your body throughout the day and give you a chance to enhance your bonding with your dog.


You may need prior training to perform this activity with your dog. You have to teach your dog t run beside the bicycle without disturbing your balance. A leash attached to the bike with the help of a springer will be needful for you. Such Springer absorbs the force generated and maintains the balance of your bicycle during travelling.

Herding Balls:

If you get bores playing fetching, you can slightly spice up the game by changing it to soccer balls which come in different shapes and sizes. You can play by dribbling or kicking the ball around you. Corgis usually run after the ball and get tired easily in a short period. There is a problem with a soccer ball hat. It gets torn up easily, so you can replace it with herding balls. Such balls are heavy, and your dog cannot pick up the ball with his mouth. They also do not bounce, and one cannot kick it. You can simply push the ball, and it starts to roll. Corgi breeds of dogs love to play with herding balls the most.

Flirt Poles:

A Flirt Pole is a vertical pole with a string attached. In this rope, you can attach any toy and move it around the pole in a circular pattern. Your dog will then chase the toy. It is fun to watch your Corgi playing with this flirt pole. For better results, you can use toys such as a giant cat, rabbit, or any other thing that attracts your dog the most.

Benefits of Exercising your Dog:

Exercise requires a routine together with a nutritional diet to make it beneficial. Motivation from the owner is equally required. Exercising your dog benefits both the owner and the dog. Here are some of the advantages of exercising your dog.


Nearly every pet owner wants their dog to be healthy and active, and exercising them is the best way to provide this. It is also beneficial for such owners who want to cut-loose their weight. Exercising your dogs gives you the motivation to achieve this goal too.

Motivation for corgi

You can walk a few miles extra f you are on a walk with your dog. After a walk, you can leave the dog to take a view of the surrounding, and meanwhile, you can perform some extra workouts such as push-ups or Yoga. Recent studies have also indicated that people who are performing work-outs with their furry friends tend to more active and healthy.

A Fixed Routine:

Several people miss their daily exercising sessions only due to laziness or mood swings. But if you have a dog or any other pet in your home, you will be responsible for their health and will rarely miss your exercise session. Your furry friend will boost your strength and will motivate you to maintain regular workout sessions.

Keeps you in Shape:

Obesity is one of the common problems in the US, both for the dogs and us. As we know, with obesity comes several problems such as heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Research says that people who exercise with their dogs are far more healthy and do not face obesity-related problems. Walking is beneficial, and its benefits include denser bones, a stronger heart, more energy, and a lower risk of anxiety and depression. There is not a fixed rule regarding how far you should walk with your dog. The best way is to start slowly and take up speed and leave the target if tired. You will surely feel the changes in your body after a few weeks if you exercise regularly with your dog.

Peace of Mind:

If you feel that daily walks are boring, you can try dancing with your pal. You can choreograph your dance steps and select music of your choice. You can make your pal run, jump, or move under your legs. The dancing will allow you to gain mental peace, burn your calories, have greater stamina, improve muscles strength, and lower blood pressure.

I hope that now you have got all answers to How much exercise does a corgi need; You should also know that maximum of the dogs in the US are overweight and so faces health problems due to it. The reason behind this their owners do not have much time to devote to fulfilling their exercise needs. Corgi breeds of dogs are genetically smart and intelligent breeds but need a certain amount of exercise daily. So make sure that you provide them with proper exercises daily to maintain their health.

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