The Possible Answers to Why is my Yorkie vomiting

why is my yorkie vomiting

Why is my Yorkie vomiting?


If you notice that your dog is feeling uneasy or Yorkie vomiting. Then their symptoms can vary, and as per the symptoms, one has to choose the correct medication. 


Nausea is also one of the symptoms behind Why is my Yorkie vomiting. Nausea is generally caused due to indigestion, and the same can be judged by their restlessness and whining. So in case, you feel that your Yorkie keeps vomiting, then probably he may be suffering from nausea.


It is one of the common symptoms in dogs as well as in humans. If any unwanted material or impure or contaminated food enters the stomach, our body resists it and ejaculates it from our body through vomiting. If such vomiting occurs only once or twice, then it is not a serious issue.


It is also the same as vomiting but occurs in a dissimilar pattern. In this case, your Yorkie throws as soon as his food reaches the stomach. It is just a simple fungal or bacterial infection that creates a problem that can be healed with generic medicines.

Dry Heaving:

Such conditions occur due to abnormal contraction of the muscles of the stomach. This condition generally occurs when your Yorkie vomits a lot, and its stomach is empty for a long duration. Apart from this, you’re your Yorkie may witness symptoms such as fever, weight loss, the presence of foam, shivering, lethargy, etc.

Reason behind Why is my Yorkie vomiting.

Here are some of the common symptoms that cause vomiting conditions in Yorkies:

  • A sudden increase in dog meals causes your Yorkie to eat beyond his capacity.
  • Your dog is not chewing his food properly and swallowing it fast.
Reason behind Why is my Yorkie vomiting.

  • It is also possible that your dog is intolerant to some kind of food that does not agree with his stomach or is allergic to some kinds of food.
  • Due to some genetic issues or problems with his esophagus hat tends to throw up the food.
  • Chronic diseases like esophageal, tumor, stricture but such chances are rare.
  • Excessive generation of bile juice in the stomach of your dog due to which they vomit white/yellow foam.

How to Cure Vomiting in Dogs:

Most of the problems with the digestive system of your dog are minor, and it cleans itself in one or two days. The best way to change their eating pattern for a few days so that the stomach of your dog gets relaxed. Fasting is also an alternative for the same. Even dogs in the wild do not eat for one or two days when they feel uneasy in their stomach. So not giving them complete food for 1 or 2 days will not affect their health but make sure you provide them with plenty of water as it may lead to dehydration in them.

After the stomach problems of your dog have come to an end, then cooked rice with boiled chicken is the best food to start with and in small quantities. If you observe that your dog is now able to digest the food, then you can increase the quantity as per their requirement. You can also include bananas, pumpkin sweet potatoes, and oatmeal in their meals to soothe their digestive system.

Natural Remedies to Cure Vomiting in Dogs:

If you want to use any natural therapy to cure the vomiting problems of your dog, do not experiment with it by yourself and consult your vet. Digestive systems are sensitive, and experimenting with unknown products can make the matter worse. Here are some of the alternatives that you can try.

Natural Remedies to Cure Vomiting in Dogs

Probiotics or Kefir:

It is fermented milk that supports the digestive system of your dog. You should also know the fact that not all dairy products do that. Kefir contains a probiotic substance that soothes the stomach of your dog. It is a beneficial bacteria that are present naturally in the digestive system of your dog and helps to boost the immune system of the dog from foreign products. You can also use probiotic powders for the same, but they are expensive.

Digestive Enzymes:

For proper digestion of food, there is a requirement of certain enzymes. Dogs are able to produce these enzymes on their own, but they are not enough for effective results. There are several pet foods present in the market that lack such digestive enzymes, which create stomach problems in your dog. Select such products that contain a fair quantity of such digestive enzymes.

Several herbs such as fennel, catnip, ginger, peppermint, and chamomile have the ability to soothe the irritated stomach of your dog. Sch herbs have anti-spasmodic properties that can relieve your dog from nausea.

Lavender Oil: In case your dog is suffering from nausea due to a long car drive, you can dip a cotton ball in lavender oil and keep it in your car. Its aroma will give your dog relaxation from nausea. Make sure that you keep it away from the reach of your dog.

When to Take Your Dog to The Vet:

Everyone knows that it is not essential to rush to the vet for a little upset stomach of your dog. But there are certain serious diseases and disorders which have vomiting as its initial symptoms. Some of such diseases are Poisoning, disease in the inner ear, ulcer in the stomach, failure in kidney or liver, and presence of parasites.

If you observe that vomiting is fairly regular and is continued for a couple of days, then it’s time to take the problem seriously. One cannot keep your dog away from food for this many days, and neither can afford weakness and fever in them, and so it is necessary to take your Yorkie to the vet. Dogs that suffer from diarrhea or vomit a lot and become dehydrated and so need to be treated urgently with IV fluids.

 Dog to The Vet

Your vet can run several tests such as Ultrasound, Radiographs, Biopsy; Fecal tests, blood tests, or Endoscopy to come to a proper conclusion. In some cases, your vet can also perform an external surgery to know the substance’s presence in the stomach that causes vomiting. He may then prescribe you proper antibiotics and other medications that contain antiemetics.

Once during life, a dog often goes through such problems of upset stomach and vomiting. It is the owner’s responsibility to understand the reason behind this and not repeat the same mistake again as a precautionary measure.

Some Common FAQs:

QUE: Why does my Yorkie throw up after drinking water?

ANS: Certain sources of water, such as stagnant pools and ponds, contain contaminated water that is generated from the waste of animals and humans. Such water contains bacteria such as Leptospira, campylobacter, and Samonella that cause your dog to vomit after drinking.

QUE: Why does my dog throw up after eating?

ANS: The presence of bacteria or eating up spoiled food causes dogs to vomit after eating. Such a condition is called regurgitation.

QUE: What to do when your Yorkie keeps throwing up?

ANS: If our Yorkie vomits regularly, then you should contact your vet and provide him with proper treatment. 

QUE: What can I give my Yorkie for an upset stomach?

ANS: You can provide plain canned pumpkin, oatmeal, unsweetened Yogurt, Bananas, or sweet potatoes in case you’re your Yorkie has an upset stomach.

QUE: why is my Yorkie vomiting white foam?

ANS: The presence of excess gas in the stomach can cause your Yorkie to throw up white foam. In such a case, your dog does not have any food item let in the stomach to expel hence it generates white foam.

QUE: why is my Yorkie vomiting yellow foam?

ANS: If your Yorkie has an empty stomach, he may generate yellow or white foam, which is considered bile and is a liquid substance that helps your dog to digest its food.

QUE: why is my Yorkie vomiting and has diarrhea?

ANS: Eating or drinking impure food or water can create a condition of diarrhea in your dog. It is best to consult your vet for its proper treatment.

I hope that now you are well aware of Why is my Yorkie vomiting and have general information about types of vomiting and the reasons behind it. It is better to consult your vet at an initial stage so that your Yorkie may not have to suffer much to overcome this issue.

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