8 Sins of How to Bathe My Yorkie Puppy and How to Avoid Them

All You Need to Know Regarding how to bathe my Yorkie puppy

It is a fact that puppies and children cannot stay clean for a long time. Sometimes they even develop some unbearable strange scent. But there is a vast difference between the two. Children can be bathed easily and at an early stage but not dogs. You have to wait for the puppy to get 12 weeks older before their first bath. Every owner should know how to bathe my Yorkie puppy so that it does not affect its health and both are comfortable with each other.

Ways to Wash Your Yorkie puppy:

Sometimes at a small age, puppies somewhere between 3 to 6 weeks old make themselves dirty with their faeces. As it is not correct to bathe them at such a small age so you can just wash the affected area in running water and dry them up using a soft towel. This work can be easily done in your washbasin is at this time. The size of the puppy is too small.  

Some Essential Bathing Rules for Yorkies:

A general rule of bathing for all age groups of dogs is once every 2 weeks. It also depends on the amount of hair present on your dog. If your Yorkshire has short hair, he may manage to keep himself tidy for longer periods. But long-haired Yorkies need regular bathing to maintain their fur quality.

Some Essential Bathing Rules for Yorkies

If you bathe them less frequently, you may face problems in removing their tangles at the time of brushing them. It is not necessary to stick to this particular schedule, and you can bathe them whenever their fur becomes excessively dirty, or they develop some strange smell.

Also, make sure that you bathe your puppies for less duration as there may be a possibility of catching a cold. Once your puppy is matured, you can bathe them until your dog enjoys or is completely clean.

You should never bathe your Yorkshire Puppy or adult soon after vaccination. After the vaccination, the immune system of the dog is weak, and their body is dealing with the side effects of the vaccines. In such cases, it is not advisable to expose dogs to extreme cold conditions or bathing. After bathing your dog, your dog will be deficient in the natural oil that is present on the skin. You can use some natural precuts such as coconut oil to keep your skin free from inflammation.

Steps to how to bathe my Yorkie puppy

  1. Before the bath, you should brush your puppy to eliminate dust, dirt, and mites from them. The hairs of the puppy will not get tangled if you brush them before their bath.
  2. Get the water ready and make sure it is lukewarm. Too cold or too hot water will make your puppy uncomfortable. 
  3. If you are making plans to bathe your puppy in a bathtub, then put a mattress on the base so that your dog may not slip and hurt itself during the bath. 
  4. Use good quality shampoos and soap, which are specially made for dogs. Using human shampoo will degrade their hairs and are toxic for dogs, too, due to the presence of harsh chemicals in it.
  5. While lathing your puppy, avoid getting soap and lather in their eyes, mouth, and ear.
  6. Always use warm water to rinse your Yorkie puppy. You can use a handheld sprayer or a hose to make the process of rinsing easier. Do not use a greater force of water as it may hurt the puppies. Ensure that no soap or shampoo should be present in the puppy.
  7. Once the rinsing is complete, use a soft towel to dry them up. If it is too cold outside, then dry them completely with a blow dryer set at minimum mode.
  8. Many owners also want to know how often should I bathe my Yorkie puppy. For them, it is good that if you bathe at least 2-4 times in a month. Bathing them too often is not advised, as your Yorkie can lose its natural fur shine and may suffer from dry skin.

How to Take Care of Yorkie’s Coat:

It is the fact that the genetics of a dog is responsible for the quality of coats, and one cannot change that. But additional minerals and vitamins keep their coat healthy. For this, you should feed your dog a balanced diet that contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, and roughage. If your dog is deficient in minerals and vitamins, his coat will degrade. Dry food of excellent quality can meet the needs of your dog. Brush them regularly with a good quality brush. You can also take advice from a professional groomer regarding this. He will suggest to you some best quality bows, shampoos, brushes, and conditioners for your dog.

Regular brushing your Yorkie will prevent matting in their fur coat. An ungroomed coat often gets prone to matting and excessive shedding. Such regular grooming and bathing also remove dirt, extra oil, flies, and ticks. You can assure that the coat of your Yorkie will have a pleasant smell by such regular infestation.

Yorkie’s Coat

It is also necessary to trim the nails of your Yorkie. Make sure that you trim the nails at a correct length, neither too short nor long. Trimming their nails too short or long makes them uncomfortable walking, and they may even get hurt while playing if their nails are not properly trimmed. Such conditions can also give rise to bone malfunctions and arthritis.

Similarly, regular tooth brushing is also important for your dog. By this, you can save your dog from many dental diseases and problems of bad breathe. You can use toothbrushes and toothpaste that are specially designed for Yorkies. You should follow such bathing, grooming, and brushing in their puppy stage so that they can get familiar with the procedure and be comfortable at their later stage.

After bathing your dog, ear cleaning is also necessary to prevent infections. You can use cotton balls, and ear wipes to clean their ears. Use such cotton swabs that are soft on their ears. It is better to use gauze for cleaning their ears by rolling it around your finger for efficient results. You can also eliminate the extra hairs from their ears. As mentioned above such bathing and grooming activities for your Yorkie also allows you to check for lumps, wounds, and bumps on their skin together with ear or eyes infection if any. It allows you to treat them at their initial stage before they become serious. The presence of such lumps in their skin also gives rise to cancerous conditions.

After all, a dog’s coat is like its natural clothes. It should be free from dust, mites, bad odour, and any other infections. 

Benefits of Bathing and grooming a Yorkie:

Bathing your Yorkie is an adventure ride in which both of you can enjoy. As now you are aware of how to bathe my Yorkie puppy, let us know some of the benefits of regularly bathing and grooming a Yorkie puppy.

  1. Dogs often get smelly after a few days. Bathing them with fragrance shampoos keeps them tidy and smell-free. You will observe neatness in their paws, area near anus clean and dirt free.
  2. Bathing your Yorkie puppy is the best way to create bonding with your dog. Your puppy would enjoy and be relaxed with a repeated circular motion and will become stress-free. The more often you bathe your dog, the more you would enjoy their bathing.
  3. Bathing your dog by using shampoos and conditioners make their coat soft and fluffy. Many owners use coconut oil or some natural products after using shampoo. This helps to keep moisture in their fur and prevent their skin from drying out.
  4. If you bathe your Yorkie puppy and dogs more often, they will shed less. So you do not have to worry about vacuuming your house much.
  5. Dogs and puppies who bathe more often are less prone to allergies, bacterias, and mites. This is because a maximum of the allergens is removed from the body of the dog at the time of bathing.
  6. Bathing your dog gives you a chance of watching their body closely. So you can check for swollen gums and other skin and hair-related problems while you bathe them.

Common FAQs:

QUE: At what age can you bathe a Yorkie puppy?

ANS: You should bathe your puppy after 12 weeks of their birth. Bathing them at small age is dangerous as your dog can catch a severe cold.

QUE: How do you clean a Yorkie’s face?

ANS: You can use face wipes to clean the face of a Yorkie. Make sure that you do not put the wipes into their eyes. It is also good to trim the excess hairs on the face so that they will not enter their eyes or mouth.

QUE: How often do Yorkies need to be bathed?

ANS: You should bathe your Yorkie at least 2 to 4 times per month. Excessive bathing will remove the natural oils from their coat, and then their coat will not be much shiny.

QUE: What is the best shampoo for Yorkie puppies?

ANS: Boobi Panther, TropiClean Shampoo, Pro pet Shampoo, etc. are some of the best shampoos that can be used for bathing your Yorkie.

Bathing the Yorkie right from their puppy stage ensures that their health and coat are well maintained. They also get familiar with such a routine and do not show any resistance to it.

I hope that you have got all answers to how to bathe my Yorkie puppy. It is fun and advantageous to bathe your Yorkie puppy so that it can be energetic and will possess a shiny coat. You can also consult your vet or take advice from the pet store regarding different shampoos that are safe for Yorkies.

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