An Ultimate Guide to How long after my dog is spayed can she play

how long after my dog is spayed can she play

Dogs should not play and run for around 10 days after spay surgery.

In case you are a proud owner of a female dog, you may have heard about spaying from your vet and people around you. Spaying is the way through which the vet removes the womb from a female dog or sometimes uterus or testicles. Such a procedure is complicated and takes some time to heal completely. This is why many owners often had queries regarding how long after my dog is spayed can she play. 

Spaying is a responsible decision of the owner, and it offers quite benefits to the dogs as well. The benefits of spaying include prevention from infection and decreased irritation, and fewer chances for the development of breast cancer. But it is necessary to take good care of your dog post-spaying period as the wounds take some reasonable time to heal. There is a certain restriction that your dog has to face after she has gone through spaying. Humans are smart enough to protect their wounds but not dogs as they may try to aggravate their wounds through scratching or licking, which can be dangerous. Here are some of the ways by which you can take care of your female dogs in such conditions.

Taking Care of Female Dogs Post-Spaying:

Do Not Let Her Play:

Female dogs are quite energetic as compared to males. If you let your dog free to play with other dogs, they can open up the wounds of your dog. Due to this, the wounds may take a longer time to heal. The correct answer to how long after my dog is spayed can she play is 10-14 days from the day of her surgery. The reason behind this is the wounds take this much time to heal considerably over this period.

Keep Them on Leash:

If you feel that my dog wants to play after being spayed, it is completely natural. Dogs get restless after 4-5 days post spaying and need some physical movement. In such a case, you can take them for a short walk but keep them on a leash so that they may not chase anything that comes in between. Such walking should be restricted for about 5-10 minutes. Make sure that you do not indulge them in rough activities.

How Long is Your Dog is in Pain Post-Spaying?

The vet has to make a deep cut to remove the ovaries of the dog while in the spaying procedure. Such a deep cut takes some time to recover and is painful for the dog. With the help of pain relief and regular medication, you can fasten the recovery process of your dog and save her from extreme pain. Dogs are given a pain relief injection at the time of surgery which lasts for 8-10 hours. Your dog may witness some pain for at least 10 to 15 days after the surgery.

Using Dog Collar:

Not only other dogs, your dog too can tamper with its stitches and can make them worse by licking them. You cannot stop your dog from licking its wounds all the time. So it would be better if you bought a cone collar for them. Such a cone collar prevents the tongue of your dog from reaching its wound.

Using Dog Collar

Preventions and Symptoms Post-Surgery:

Now, as you know, the answers to how long after neuter can dog run. These are some of the changes you may witness in your dog after the surgery.

Increased Hyperactivity:

There are some symptoms that your dog will witness after the surgery, but that is completely normal. Some dogs may feel mild pain after the surgery, while some dogs who have strong sensations feel more pain. In case you observe that your dog turns around due to restlessness, try to stop her as she may damage her stitches. As mentioned above, a collar is the best way to keep the stitches secure.

Effects of Anesthesia:

There is a possibility that your dog may urinate or vomit during sleep. It is quite normal, and you need not worry as it is due to the effect of anaesthesia that is given to your dog at the time of surgery. Anaesthesia is useful as it helps the dog to sleep for a longer duration to give his complete body rest. You can place a puppy pad to avoid irritation or infection that might develop due to vomiting or urination while she is asleep. Sleeping is useful as it quickens the recovery period of your dog.

Lack of Coordination:

You may observe that your dog might fall while running or walking soon after the surgery. In such a case, try to take your dog to the vet by picking her up as such jumps and falls may tear the stitches resulting in bleeding. Try to restrict her movement if you observe a lack of coordination in your dog. In such times rest is the key to success. Also, make sure that you check the incision regularly, and in case of any bleeding or infection, consult your vet as he can immediately spot the problem.

The Right Age of Spaying a Dog:

There is a stage in the reproductive cycle of a female dog when they want to mate with a male dog. This stage is referred to as heat, and in this period, their estrogen level is enhanced at least twice a year. This heat stage is usually attained when your female dog reaches six months of its age, while for some breeds of dogs, it can vary up to a year or two. The best time for spaying your dog is before she witnesses her first heat period. It is usually when your dog reaches eight months of its age. You can even spay them after their first heat. There is a certain risk if you spay your dog at a later stage, as your dog will still be receptive to wards the mail. It would be best to consult your vet to know the best time for her to be spayed.

Is Antibiotics Necessary:

You may be surprised to know that antibiotics are not much necessary needed during the surgery of your dog. The main aim of using anaesthesia is just to reduce the pain of the dog during the surgery. But using antibiotics is essential to prevent infection after the surgery. It is quite normal for a dog to bleed for 1 or 2 days after the surgery, but swelling, redness, or excessive bleeding indicates signs of infection. In case your dog witness such symptoms, immediately take her to the vet. Your vet may provide antibiotics such as Enrofloxacin or Cepahalexin to overcome the problem of infection. It is essential to complete the dose of antibiotics without missing any single dose, even if the wounds are healed considerably

Benefits of Spaying Your Dog:

We all know the main benefit of spaying your dog is that she won’t be able to reproduce again and will not contribute to overpopulating the population of the dog. Hundreds of dogs are euthanized every year just to keep the population of the dogs in control; this is why spaying dogs is quite important. But apart from this, there are several other benefits that you and your dog can get if you spay your dog. These are-

  • There are certain types of illnesses that can be avoided if you spay your dog. One of which is pyometra which is a common infection of the mammary gland or uterus.
  • Spaying your female dogs saves her from dealing with the male dogs who get too attracted to your dog during the heat..
Benefits of Spaying Your Dog

  • You do not have to use sanitary pads for your dog anymore to save your house from the mess, which is generally essential during the heat period of your dog.
  • Spaying will avoid the unnecessary odour from your dog, which is often witnessed when dogs are in heat

It is a fact that an unsprayed female dog witnesses heat once every eight months, which lasts for at least three weeks. Dogs do not go into menopause similar to humans and witness heat periodically in their entire lives until you spayed them. So it is necessary to spay your dog.

Some Common FAQs

Que: When can I let my dog play after being spayed?

ANS: It is necessary to give your dog complete rest for at least 10 days after spaying.

Que: What happens if a dog is too active after spaying?

ANS: You have to restrict the activities of your puppy for at least 10 days after he has been spayed. Out of which the first three days are extremely important, you have to divert the attention of your puppy and indulge them in activities that do not require the movement of muscles.

Que: How long does it take for a female dog to recover from being spayed?

ANS: You can expect the wound of a female dog to be completely healed within 10 to 14 days. Make sure that you do not indulge her in any physical exercises.

Que: Can dog jump on the couch after spay?

ANS: No, you cannot allow your dog to jump or take a walk for at least 10 to 14 days after he has been spayed.

QUE: Can my dog play after being spayed?

ANS: No, it is essential to wait until 10 days after he has been spayed. After which, you can allow your dog to start with light activities.

I hope that you have got all the answers related to How long after my dog is spayed can she play. Such spaying causes pain in your dog, and as an owner, you should take complete care of your dog and avoid their exercise routine for some days to completely heal the wounds of your dog.

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