9 Mood-Boosting Benefits of How to Help Your Corgi Lose Weight

how to help your corgi lose weight

How to help my corgi lose weight 

You have to know the theory of why you gain weight. If you act against weight gain theory, then weight never gain. Now a day weight gain is a common issue all over the world. The main cause of exercise weight

1). More calories overfeeding. 2). Lead a good life without exercise. 3). Every day eat table scraps. Which has more protein and many treats, and excessive protein. This excessive protein makes fat over than his body needs. Add the excessive fat day by day and make the excessive corgi weight. If the dog takes exercise, then his excessive fat can be burned, and he can live a sound life. Being overweight may attack your corgi diabetes, heart block and high blood pressure, and many other serious diseases. However, you can learn that I am describing below how to help your corgi lose weight so that your corgi can lead a sound life.

Weight depends upon the size and tall.

In the world, different countries are living different sizes and tall corgis. Cardigans corgi size is tall, a little bit more than Pembrokes. Here weight depends upon the genetic, whether it is male or female. Male standard weight range is (25-40) lbs, and female is (24-29) lbs.

9 very important tips for weight loss of corgi

Diet and exercise are the main subjects to losing weight. But you are innocent about a health issue. So before taking action, you will talk to the vet, and he will suggest to you what you have done. However, it depends upon diet and exercise. Yet you should take the advice. You know Diabetes, head problems, high pressure which depend upon overweight. So you have to take action as soon as possible. I have described 9 very important tips below. This will help you how to help your corgi lose weight.

1). Check portion sizes.

2). Switch to low-calorie treats.

3). Stop feeding table scraps.

4). Exercise in time.

5). If need change kibbles.

6). Training to run.

7). Reduce feed per meal, taking the advice of a vet.

8). Making exercise fun.

9). Per severs.

1). Check portion size

The portion is the main subject to make calories. Extra portions make fat. If you see the weight of your corgi is increasing day by day, then you should change kibble and place a new one that has less portion. On the other hand, you can see feed the same which you have used before but a little bit loss amount. However, always keep in your mind how to help your corgi lose weight. According to the research by N.R.C, a healthy adult corgi which weight is 25 lbs need 780 calories per day. A little bit more of fewer calories you can supply according to more or less weight corgi. You always feed your low corgi calories food. It will make your corgi could improve health. Always avoid raw food diet because it has a large number of calories.

2). Switch to low calories food.

The food you feed always takes care whether it is low calories or not. If it has high calories, then change this food. Always feed them low calories food. There is a lot of food available in the market. Most of them contain high-quality calories. Leave it to feet. Batter you treat jerky, pig ears biscuits whose have only 100 calories per 4 meals. In this way, you can supply a total of 780 calories to your corgi. Very good news for you. You can use jukes mini naturals which have only 2 calories per treat. You can use this product without any think. I am using this product very much. You can adjust the calories easily. It is an ideal food for all corgi. You can reward it in the field of training. It is highly recommended by treat control.

3). Stop table scraps

Different kinds of foods are mixed in table scraps. So it has more calories which are excess for your corgi. I know your dog loves it very much, but it will increase the weight of your corgi day by day, which is very bad for the health of your dog. So you should give up this bad habit as soon as possible. For example, 50% of dog owners of the U.S.A. give table scraps to their dogs. That is why the corgi of the U.S.A. are overweight. Why treat control for a bit to use table scraps. You will understand if you see the bellow chart. Suppose table scraps various food parts are laying there. A single pork part could be 200 calories. A burger patty could be 300 calories gravy juices 10 calories. These three items make a total of 600 calories three times. You are given more or less 1800 calories. But you cannot take more than 780 calories. The excess calories make the fact and increase the weight of your corgi. So completely stop using table scraps for the sound health of your dog.

4). Increase exercise and activity levels

Exercise is the best way to burn excess calories and also increase your dog’s activity level. The ideal level of exercise is 50 to 75 minutes every day. To keep sound health, you do it every day. Keep in your mind one thing that corgi, like other small breeds that are bigger and carry various kinds of disease. This disease will attack your corgi and cause problems, so always avoid this system that your corgi could not meet with the other breeds. It is fully prohibited by IVDD.

Increase exercise and activity levels

5). If need changes the kibbles.

Keep in your brain the total need for your corgi is 780 calories. If your kibbles contain a high amount of calories, that per day totals more than 780 calories. Then you change your kibble and use a little bit of low-quality kibbles so that the total remains 780 calories. On the other hand, if you use fewer quality kibbles, then your dog cannot get 780 calories. Low calories food only fills up the gap. Moreover, it produces carbohydrates, which is not ideal food

only used as fillers to bulk and store for a long time. In fact, N.RC announced zero carbohydrates needed for an ideal food. But protein and fat are the main subjects of corgi. A dog’s body knows how to break down fat and protein and convert it to energy. Carbohydrates are not fully useless, but it is known as a culprit of weight gain. You will use that kibble which has all kinds of ingredients fast protein, then fat after then a low amount of carbs. Always avoid preservatives, chemicals, dyes, and harmful elements.

6). Training to run

It is another good process to reduce weight. You will run with your dog. But it will not continue for more than one hour. If you do more than one hour, the joints start to pain, hip dysplasia, and other diseases like paralysis. At first, you should check your dog by a vet that your dog is fit for training to run.

Training to run

Keep in your mind bellow 12 month age dog is not recommended as training to run whose weight is less than 18 lbs. they are not recommended for training purposes because the youngest can damage joints.

Remember, do not run with your dog on a hard surface such as concrete and stone because that could make running painful or even serious condition. So run with your dog on the smooth road or playground, which is suitable and soft.

7). Reduce the amount of food per meal

This is another good process to reduce the amount of food per meal. But before taking this process, you have to consult with your vet. Remember, it will not lose weight in a day. It will take time. Day by day, it will lose its weight. You will reduce food 5% at the first time and then slowly adjust the food amount according to its weight come in normal position. Diet will feed 2-3 times.

8). Persevere

Persevere is another important subject to lose weight obesity make a corgi lazy but the owner should be stick so that his corgi must follow weight loss plan. If the owner does not take care, then his corgi will grow to falter day by day. But remember, before starting the losing process, you will consult with your vet whether your corgi is physically fit for this process. Losing weight without knowing the knowledge that is blindly is very harmful to the corgi. 

How often should I check my corgi?

You should check your corgi once every week. The morning before breakfast is the best time to check your corgi. If you see serious something consult the vet for proper treatment.

Why it is important to help your corgi lose weight.

Generally, an overweight corgi is odd-looking. They cannot move very well. Moreover, they suffer various diseases like

1). Diabetes.

2). Shortened life lead.

3). High blood pressure.

4). Heart diseases.

5). Certain tumors and many other diseases.

That is why it is very important to help your corgi to lose weight.


A) Is canned dog food better for weight loss?

Yes, it is better for weight loss. This food act as a feel fuller. It has the same amount of nutrients but fewer calories.

B) Why are corgis so chubby?

They did not take physical exercise moreover they like to eat more. They have come from wolf breeds. That is why corgi is so chubby.

C) How can I help my corgi lose weight?

You change the kibble amount. It has high-quality calories. Use green beans of canned pumpkin, which contain 100 calories. Both of this food high in fiber no fat content. Take exercise your corgi say about one hour. In this way, you can help your corgi to lose weight.

D) How old should a corgi be to take home from his shelter?

When your baby passes 10 weeks age, then you can take him to your home.

E) How much should a 3 month old corgi eat?

You will use feeding your pup dry dog food formulated for puppies. You will give 25 cups three times per day.

F) What is the faster way for a dog to lose weight?

The faster way is to take exercise, say about one hour, then supply him normal food in the morning put a second meal with green beans, which have low sodium and calories. A few kibbles and multi-vitamin in the evening. This process will help you to lose weight of your corgi.

G) How much is its weight appropriate?

24-29 pounds is the proper weight of a corgi.

However, I have described so long in my above articles how to help your corgi lose weight. I have described the corgi diet plan, corgi raw diet, its feeding chart, overweight corgi diet, and exercise. Read the above articles, and you will be clear what is the best way to lose the weight of your corgi. Today you are a student tomorrow, you will be a master of the weight loss process.  

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