when do corgis stop growing

When Do Corgis Stop Growing? Corgi Growth Chart & Stages

Are you planning to become proud of the Corgi breed dog? If yes, then this article will be quite informative to you. Such dogs are originally kept to look after the herds and horses. Corgis are intelligent and are great with each member of your family. Apart from this, there are several qualities of this particular breed of dog. In this article, you will get complete information about Corgis, such as when do corgis stop growing, the Corgi growth chart, and many more? So let us start knowing Corgi dogs in a better way.

About Corgis:

Before knowing when do corgis stop growing, let us know some other facts about such breeds of dogs. Corgi dogs are increasingly gaining popularity these days due to their gaining of celebrity status all over the internet. They possess a long body and are short. They also possess a beautiful double coat. By such a combination, such dogs look cute and adorable. They are available in a variety of colors such as sable, fawn, red, and tan combined with black color. Their full name is Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and it is popular because they are the smallest breed of dogs that are used for herding cattle. 

Growth and weights of Corgis:

Now let us discuss the Corgi growth chart. The weight of Adult female Corgi is between 10 to 13 kg while for male is 10 to 14 kg. In the case of the Corgi puppy weight chart, the female pup of Corgi that is 3 months older may weigh around 4.3 to 5.5 kg. Their weight at the age of six months may vary from 7.8kg to 10kg. On the other hand, a male corgi puppy will weigh around 4.3 to 5.8 kg at 3 months of their age.

They may weigh around 10 to 13 kg after completing 1 year of their age. Corgis usually stop growing after eight months in size, and at that time, they weigh around 13 kg with a height of 10-12 inches. You should also know the fact that healthier corgis may continue to grow slightly until they reach two to three years of age. At that time, they can consider being a full adult.

Corgis Temperament:

when do corgis stop growing

It is good to know the temperament of the Corgi dogs before you keep them at your house. This will make you prepare in advance for their traits. You may be glad to know that they are very affectionate breeds of dogs and live well with all sorts of families. This is why they have become an ideal pet for every home. Other great traits of these dogs make them ideal watchdogs.

They have a loud bark, and that makes them separate from other breeds of dogs of the same size. They do not get easily aggressive and happily follow the routine that is provided to them. Corgis love to have attention and care from their owners. They do not perform well and are under stress if their owners leave them alone for longer days. 

Grooming of Corgis:

As I have already mentioned earlier that corgis possess thick double coats. So grooming them is not an easy task. They also shed their coats nearly throughout the year. Primarily they have two peak shedding seasons, that is, spring and fall. Grooming them regularly may decrease the chances of their hair spread all over your house. Slight grooming daily of the Corgi is essential. Another great way to reduce their shedding is to bathe them regularly, at least once or twice a week. 

Energy Level of Corgis:

As corgis are an ancient breed of herding dogs, they used to run and play in vast areas while guarding their herds, so they have great stamina. Due to this, they are the best dogs for both indoors and outdoors. They are also comfortable playing if provided any limited space, such as a home. Naturally, such dogs are energetic nearly throughout the day, and an owner needs to play and provide exercise to them regularly. Barring them from playing and exercise will reserve their energy and makes them aggressive. As they have short legs, they cannot accompany you in riding a bicycle or any sort of fast running games. But as they are dogs of herding class, they have high levels of discipline and intelligence.

About Trainability in Corgi:

Due to their intelligence and disciplined traits, Corgis are easy to train. But make sure that they have some self-respect and attitude so train them firmly with keeping patience. Similar to other dogs, one has to provide them with leash training at an early stage of their life.

when do corgis stop growing

You should provide them with socialization so that they become familiar with animals and people around them. Once your Corgi has cleared all such stages, you can move ahead with its obedience training part.

Another training that may be helpful for you is to train them to stop barking when you order them and let go commands.

Where to Find a Corgi Pup?

As Corgis are popular pets, they are easy to adopt and affordable too. There are certain advantages of Corgis. They never excrete or urinates in the house and biting people and things unnecessarily. These are some of its genetic characteristics, and one need not have to worry about it. Many people get worried about adopting any new Corgi puppy from the adoption house. They fear that such puppies may have bad temperaments ad, so the owners have left them. But the truth is they were left at the adoption house because their owners have changed their minds keeping them.

Another way to become an owner of this wonderful breed of dog is to find a breeder. Make sure that you buy a Corgi pup from a reputed breeder. Their prices usually range from $600 to $1300, and it may vary from place to place.

Some More Traits of Corgis:

After knowing when do corgis stop growing, there are some other positive and negative traits of the dog that an owner should know. Here are some of the less likely aspects of the Corgis that may change your mind.

when do corgis stop growing

They Tend to Bark More:

We all know that every dog barks to some extent and why not is their way to communicate their feelings. But there are very few dogs that bark like corgis do. The fact is Corgi not only barks at their potential threats but does barks unnecessarily to strangers and other animals too. As their history comprises of barking and guiding the herds, they have in their genetics. 

Corgis are not lapdogs:

If you are planning a pet dog that remains in your lap, then you will be disappointed to know that Corgis are not such dogs. Many people do get confused due to the tiny size that they can be held in laps. But generally, Corgis cannot be kept in laps for longer periods. This is so because they are energetic and from a family of herding dogs who likes to move around and perform their chores. 

Corgis are Smart Dogs:

Similar to every herding dog, Corgis also possesses intelligence. So if the owner likes to have an intelligent and well-mannered dog at home, Corgis are best for them. Many owners think that intelligent dogs mean that they are easy to train. That is true, but such dogs can train themselves also according to the situations.

Bossy in Nature:

Corgis love to be bossy as they are breeds of herding dogs that use to divert and order the cattle to move in groups. Such dogs have a clear idea regarding how to demand anything from their owner. They may also show their bossy behavior when they need your attention. But such bossy behavior of Corgis is acceptable, and they do not overdo it.

Shedding Problems:

The second most problem with Corgis after barking is their shedding. As you know that they possess a deep double coat, they shed like hell (majority in spring and fall). They tend to shed heavily than the other breeds of long-haired dogs. You may find fur balls or loose hairs all over the house throughout the year if you have a Corgi.

 If you are living in such a place that is usually warm, you may have to bear fewer shedding problems during their second shedding time (fall). But there are certain advantages of their double fur coat as they survive well in winters. You do not have to pay any extra attention to save them from winters as their coats do this job.

So these were some of the characteristics of Corgi dog breeds that every owner or a future owner should know.

Some Common FAQs:

Q: How long does it take for a corgi to be full-grown?

It takes 2 to 4 years for a Corgi to be called as completely grown.

Q: What is the average size of a corgi?

The average height of the Corgi is around 14 to 17 inches or 36 to 43 cm. Their length of the body is around 22 to 26 inches or 56 to 66 cm.

Q: When did your Corgi stop growing?

ANS: The Corgi may stop growing between 8 months to 1 year of age.

Q: Do corgis like to cuddle?

ANS: Corgis are affectionate dogs breed and do like to have a cuddle from their owners.

Q: Can corgis be left alone all day?

ANS: Yes, Corgis can be left alone for a day or two. But make sure keeping them alone for long periods makes them emotionally weak and aggressive.

Q: What Is The Life Expectancy Of Corgi?

ANS: The average life span of the Corgis lies between 12 to 15 years. Such Corgis belongs to “true dwarf” breeds of dogs and do not possess any inherited health problems. But genetic problems may decrease their life expectancy.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Own A Corgi?

ANS: You may need to spend nearly $600 to $1300 for buying a pure breed Corgi pup. Make sure that the process of Corgi may vary with the sex, color, and the place of availability.

Q: When do corgis mature and calm down?

ANS: Corgis get mature and calm down after 2 to 3 years of age. They stop growing after 8 months of their age.

Q: Why you shouldn’t get a corgi?

ANS: If you do not like such dogs who bark heavily and need regular grooming, you should not buy a Corgi dog.

Q: Do corgis bark a lot?

ANS: Yes, Corgi breeds of dog barks a lot. But by proper training, you can control their such type of behavior.

Q: How to Train a Corgi Puppy to Not Bite?

ANS: One method to train them not to bark is to provide them with a chew toy. Now slowly let them nibble your fingers. As soon as they try to bite your fingers say “Ouch” and leave from the scene. By this, the dog will understand that their owner leaves them after biting them. They will soon stop biting unnecessarily.

Q: How do I make sure my Corgi is healthy?

ANS: Corgis are quite energetic and active breeds of dogs. If you see them sitting or laying ideal for the greater part of the day, it is understood that they have some health issues. To keep them healthy, make sure you provide them with a balanced meal, supply them with fresh water. You should also play and spend quality time with them to keep them happy and healthy.

Q: Do Corgis Have Health Problems?

ANS: Corgis usually come from a healthy breed of dogs and are less prone to diseases. But due to some genetic issues, they may face some of the diseases such as-

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Cataracts
  • Cutaneous, etc

Finally, I hope that now well familiar with when do corgis stop growing. You are now also aware of various positive and negative traits of this awesome breed of dog called Corgi. The popularity of such Corgi is earned. They are quite intelligent and affectionate breeds of dogs and are responsible too. You will surely enjoy keeping them as your pet and fill your life with happiness.

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