how to make a dog raincoat

Ideas to How to make a dog raincoat

Dogs are one of the best friends for their owners. He can even give his life for the safety of his master. And so their masters have to take care of their health and to fulfill its necessities. For example, in winter, providing them with a warm and cozy place keep them cool in summers. Protect them from rains. For protecting a dog from rain, every owner should know the answer to how to make a dog raincoat home. 

This article will give you complete information regarding DIY dog raincoats using simple products that are easily available in the home. Apart from this, you can buy readymade and attractive raincoats from the stores too. But it’s fun to make a dog’s raincoat at home, and one must not miss it.

Advantages of Dog Coats and Raincoats:

  • Using a raincoat for your dogs will allow dogs to travel with you during the rain. 
  • A coat also saves the dogs from excessive winters, especially for dogs with short hairs.
  • Sometimes plastic-type raincoats may produce excessive heat within the body of the dog, for such cases, fabric coats are best for dogs.

Types of Dog’s Raincoat:

We all know that dogs and humans react similarly to rains if exposed, which may cause illness. To avoid such cases, it is good to know how to make a dog raincoat at homeThere are several types of dog coats available on the market, and one must decide on any particular type of coat as per their dog’s need. Here are some of the useful tips that can make your decision easy.

You should know the fact that different coat caters different needs. Some coats are specially designed for the comfort of long breeds’ haired dogs while some are best for short-haired dogs breed. Some coats save from cold weather while others save them from rain. In short, the material of the coat decides the properties of the coats.

Before choosing or knowing how to make a waterproof dog coat; grooming your dog at home and make sure it is of perfect size. You should measure the chest, neck, and back length of your pal to select an ideal coat for them. For length, measure them from the center of their neck (collar) to the base of their tail. For the neck, take the circumference size of their neck. Similarly, take the circumference size of their body. Make sure that you take 1 to 2 inches of extra size as some parts will be utilized while sewing and some additional part will keep the dog comfortable. Here are some common types of Dog coats available on the market.

Waterproof Type Dog Coats:

Such coats are made up of durable nylon. It is specially designed to keep dogs safe in wet weather. Such coats have a neck hole with some attachments to fit each with it. The leash is provided with a cover with nylon material. The coat also possesses a reflective strip to ensure the visibility of the dog in heavy rains. Such coats are best suited for medium to small size of dogs.

how to make a dog raincoat

Dog Jackets:

If you are impressed by British-style jackets, you will surely love such jackets. Such jackets are available in red and black color. They are waterproof and very attractive. These jackets possess adjustable neck and chest features.

Hood Type Raincoats:

Such hood raincoats are made up of polyester material with buttons to fastened and reflective strips. They are primarily found in three vibrant colors of yellow, red, and green. These hood-type coats are available in adjustable features, and with the presence of fleece material in them, they are suited both for warm and cold weather.

Transparent Type Dog Coats:

Such coats are best for medium to larger breeds of dogs. They are made up of plastic-type material and are easy to put on without taking much time. The closure of such raincoats can be done with the help of buttons provided within the coat.

Puppy raincoats:

If you have a military look for your little dogs, such raincoats are best for you. They look fancy, elegant and also provide cool looks for your puppy. Similar to this, there are several styles of raincoat available for small dogs in different colors. Maximum of them are affordable and attractive. It is you who have to decide which be the best, handy, and also comfortable for your dog during the rainy season. It would be better to check the customer’s reviews before purchasing any such dog coats.

how to make a dog raincoat

The Easiest and Quickest way to How to make a dog raincoat:

how to make a dog raincoat

For making the raincoat for your dog you may need the following items-

  1. Waterproof material cloth
  2. Flannel type material for the borders
  3. Thread and sewing machine
  4. Scissors and pins
  5. Hooks, loops
  6. A pattern of dog coat
  7. Working sheet of paper and a measurement tape
  8. Pen for marking
  9. Rough book


The first step in a DIY dog raincoat is to measure your dog. Measurement is a very important aspect as keeping the raincoat too tight or loose may block the movement of the dog. Mark the required length and width of your dog and note it down in your rough book. To measure the length of your dog you have to measure from head to the base of the tail. For width, it is better to take 3 types of measurement that are near from their front legs, belly, and then from their back legs. The average of all three measurements will become their exact size. Other important parameters for measurement are-

  • Measure above their elbow point carefully and roundly.
  • Measure roundly from the base of the tail.
  • Also, consider taking the measure of their right and left upper arms.
  • Take the measure of their collar length, which should be slightly loose for flexibility.
  • Also, measure the distance from the forehead to the neck for an excellent fitting.

Now according to measures, make a rough sketch on the sheet of paper. You can sketch with the help of a pencil. Making such a paper imitation of the raincoat will make it easier for you to cut the original cloth. Remember to add some extra inches to your measurement so that your dog can easily put the raincoat on. Now take scissors and cut the sketch drawn of the rough sheet. Now similar to the sketch, cut the fabric of the raincoat. Mark it with lining with the help of a pen. Finally, sew the three parts together; it is good to attach the three pieces with pins so that they would not move during sewing. Now you can attach a hook and loop to the neck region of your dog raincoat. By this, you will ensure that the raincoat will remain in one place and will not deviate by the moment of the dog. Now try the raincoat over the dog and check the measurement. Now you are ready to enjoy beautiful rain with your dog.

How to make a waterproof dog coat- The Poncho Style

For making a cool poncho-style dog raincoat, you will need-

  • A plastic bag
  • Scissors
  • Marker pen


how to make a dog raincoat

You should take such size plastic bag that is big enough to cover the entire portion of the dog. You can consider using a garbage size bag made of plastic material. Make sure that if you have a big dog choose the bigger size of the plastic bag and vice-versa in case of a small dog. Now make sure that the color of the marker pen and plastic bag should not match so that it is visible to you while you cut the plastic bag. You can choose good quality thicker plastic bags to make your raincoat long-lasting and strong. Measure your dog as you have read in the previous raincoat idea.

How to Make a Poncho raincoat for Dog?

Firstly, draw a horizontal line from the centre of the plastic bag. When you cut the bag it should open from the longer side so that you can easily drop it over your dog. The long strep of plastic will act as a bell for your dog to keep the poncho attached. Now you can make four holes in the bag according to the placement of your dog’s legs. Now check whether the tail, neck, and head of the dog are free and outside from the poncho. The remaining part should be properly covered.

Now take a long strip of plastic and secure the poncho from at least 2 sides so that it fits well over the body of your dog. You can make some more adjustments according to the size and provide better flexibility to the dog. Thus, now you have a homemade raincoat of poncho style is ready.

Other this the above, you can also make a dog’s raincoat from vinyl material which is more durable than the plastic material type of raincoats. The process is similar to the above. Similarly, you can also make a hood for your dogs to save their head from being wet. For this, follow the below mention procedure.

  • From the bottom edge of the hood part, measure the size of the dog’s head and also the end part of the raincoat that is towards the neck. You should know that we have to attach the neck region of the raincoat with the hood to provide stability in the hood.
  • After taking the accurate measurement, make a cone-type structure of the hood and sew it with the neck part of the raincoat.
  • Now take two strips of cloth and attach them to the bottom of the hood. The hood should look like a scarf belt that we use to wear in winters.
  • You can attach Velcro to these two strips and attach them whenever you are using the hood for the dog. The Velcro can be sewed or glued permanently so that it is long-lasting.

Some Common FAQs:

Q: How do you make a raincoat waterproof?

ANS: You can use plastic or polyester material as a coating to make a dog’s raincoat waterproof. Make sure that such waterproof dogs generate excessive heat if worn in the summer season.

Q: How do I keep my dog dry in the rain?

ANS: It is best to purchase or to make a raincoat for your dog to save them from rain. Exposure to rain may make them ill, and there are even chances of developing pneumonia in them.

Q: Should dogs wear coats in the rain?

ANS: Coats made with suitable waterproof material can be used in the rain.

Q: Which fabric is best for a raincoat?

ANS: Polyester, vinyl, and certain fabrics are best for making any dog’s raincoat. Plastics-type raincoats are also the best and affordable but make sure that they generate excessive heat within the body of the dog.

Q: Why Use a Dog Raincoat?

ANS: Similar to us dogs can also become severely ill if exposed to rain for a long time. By using a protective dog raincoat, you can save them from such weather conditions.

Q: What Is a Dog Raincoat?

ANS: A dog raincoat is similar to a human raincoat that is designed to keep the dogs safe from wet weather.

Q: How to train a dog to use the bathroom outside?

ANS: Providing them with proper training, you can induce such habits in dogs to use the bathroom outside of your house.

Q: How to Sew a Cozy Custom Dog Coat in Less than an Hour?

ANS: Yes, if you have some essential items such as a sewing machine, polyester, scissors, and measuring tape, you can easily make a dog raincoat at home within an hour.

Finally, I hope that now you have understood the importance of raincoats for dogs. You also have plentiful ideas on how to make a dog raincoat at home. Such raincoats are best if you wish to enjoy the rain with your pal. By using such raincoats in extreme weather conditions, you can save your buddy from getting wet and ill during the rainy season.

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