how to make a dog water bottle stand

Some Coolest Ways to how to make dog water bottle stand

As a pet owner, you may have wondered about how to make dog water bottle stand for your lovely pal. Such water bottle stands are indeed available in the market too, but preparing your water bottle stand is really fun activity. This article will provide you a brief idea about the importance of such a water bottle stand, its benefits, its usage, etc. You may also gain some ideas regarding how to make such pet water bottle stands in this article too. But first, let us understand the needs of such water bottle stands for your pets.

How Does Pet Water Bottle Works:

Many bottles stands available in the market are based on a simple process. The drinking tube of such a pet water bottle contains two pipes made up of stainless steel. As your pet tries to lick one end of the tube, the ball is moved backward, and thus water is released directly into the mouth of your pet. When your pet stops licking, the flow of water is also stopped. The angle of licking of the pet decides the quantity of the water to be released.

Similarly, pet water bottle stands are specially designed to hold the water bottle at a suitable height so that it is easily accessible to your pet.

Before knowing about how to make dog water bottle standyou should also know how to install such a stand to obtain its complete advantages. 

How to Set Correct Drinking Level:

As an owner, if you want your dog to walk straight towards the stand to drink the water, you can plant the stand similar to its height. By this, your pet will have sufficient incoming water in the mouth. Make sure that if your dog likes to sit or lay down while drinking the water, then set the stand accordingly. 

how to make a dog water bottle stand

Never install the stand too low or too high, as by this, your dog cannot push the balls of the pipes to release the water effectively. The proper angle of the ball of the water bottle and your dog’s mouth should be near to 90 degrees to ensure proper water drinking of your dog.

Never place such a water bottle in direct sunlight as the water may be heated up. Some bottles are made up of stainless steel, and if it gets hot by sunrays, it may injure your dog. Similarly, a too cold climate can freeze the water in the bottle keeping your dog dehydrated. Such stands and bottles are best to be used indoors only. It is good that if you take regular inspection of the water inside the bottle.

Advantages of Pet of Such Water Dispenser Stands:

  • Longhaired breeds of dogs remain clean by such a water dispenser. You may not see their stinky faces and ears and such mess gives rise to bacteria in their body.
  • Water in such bottles is always clean and dirt-free. Thus, pets are encouraged to drink water more often. Thus keeps them hydrated and healthy.
  • They cannot spill such water as they used to do with their water bowl.
  • Such stands can easily be fixed as per the needs of the pets.
  • Such stands reduce back pain, neck or shoulder problems in pets.
  • The greatest advantage of such water bottle stands is for adult dogs with arthritis or joints problems. And so with handicapped pets.

Advantages to Owners:

  • As an owner, such water stands keep your house clean and floors dry.
  • They do not have to bear the stinky faces of their pets anymore.
  • They do not have to worry about changing the dirty water from the bowl again and again.
  • You can easily monitor per day water requirement of your pet.
  • Such stands are easy and handy in operations.

Steps to How to make dog water bottle stand

Below are the steps to how to make an automatic water dispenser for your pets.

how to make a dog water bottle stand


Step 1 is to gather all the materials that you will need to make this water bottle stand. They are-

  1. A bottle of soda(plastic)
  2. A 5 liter can
  3. Scissors and cutter
  4. A drill
  5. A bi-component resin


Now let’s start with making a bowl first. For this, take the 5-liter can, and snd cut it down on the line from its base. Remove the curved portion as it will act as a water tank. First, cut the line by the cutter, and then you can use scissors.


Now we will prepare the reservoir bottle with the help of a soda bottle. Remove the label and the safety clip from the bottle. Place the cap into the base of the tank and mark the portion which has to cut. If you feel that the material is too smooth for cutting, you can use a drill. The same procedure has to be done with the top of the bottle cap. 


Now glue the cap with the base of the tank with its bottom portion upwards. You can use some strong and waterproof glue that is specially designed to stick plastic material together. Allow it to dry and set for some hours before pouring water into the tank.


Now drill the bottle at the level of its cap. You can even make more than 1 hole above the cap. Make sure that each hole higher than the other to create uniform water flow.


Fill the water into the bottle and attach the bottle with its cap that was glued with the tank. You can now rotate the bottle as per needs to let the water flow into the tank.

How to choose dog water bottle stand, Shih Tzu:

You have to make some basics clear while making or purchasing any water dispenser for your pet. For example, indoor dogs love to have water stand in the form of fountains. Dogs during illness or adult dogs like no-drip water bottle dispensers. Dogs that are normally kept outside like gulpy type of water dispenser to satisfy their thirst quickly.

Remember to choose such dispensers that are easy to clean. Whether any capacity of water bottle stand you are planning to buy should be easy to clean. It should have scratch-free material and should also be easy to detach. Here are some common types of dog water bottles available in the market-

Crate Type Water Bottle:

Such crates are available in a variety of sizes, and one can easily supervise the water in them. The bottle dispensers in such crates are attached to the sides with the help of clips. They are wonderful as there is no more worry for the owners about dogs spilling water from the loose-kept bowls. The water dispenser is useful as it ensures a constant water supply to your dog. Such dispensers are durable and affordable too. They are light in weight, and one can refill the bottles easily.

Water Bowl Type Dog Crates:

If you want such a water bottle design that looks similar to bowls, such water bowl types crate are best for you. It has the quality of both dispenser efficiency and keeps bowl facilities for your pet. Such bowls possess built-in hangers to secure the bowl from slipping or felling. Your dog will have enough space to relax without spilling the water from the bowl. These types of water bowls are best if your pet does not like to drink water from the nozzle or ball type of water dispensers.

What is the Right intake of Water for Dogs?

You can easily keep your dog healthy and fit by providing them with a sufficient quantity of fresh water. Every day a healthy dog should consume at least one ounce of water per pound weight. These requirements may vary from summer season to winters and also according to the diet of your dogs. Here are some of the benefits of keeping your dog hydrated.

  1. Water helps in the proper digestion of the food of both types, dry and wet.
  2. To absorb all the essential nutrients in the body, your dog needs a proper quantity of water
  3. Water is essential to keep the body temperatures of your dogs regulated.
  4. Water also acts as a carrier in supplying nutrients to various parts of the body cells.
  5. Water also keeps the joints of the dog lubricated, and such dogs have less possibility for occurrence of arthritis. 
  6. Drinking impure water may worsen the conditions of the dogs, and so proper drinking water facilities should be provided to dogs.
  7. A hydrated dog tends to develop more muscles and gets stronger.
how to make a dog water bottle stand

how to make a dog water bottle stand

Dehydration causes many problems with dogs. You can observe dehydration symptoms in dogs very easily. The first symptom is the loss of elasticity in the skin of your dog. The second most common symptom is the loss of shine in their coats. You may also observe over shedding of their coats. Such dehydrated dogs do not like to play or move but like to relax in one place. Severe dehydration of dogs can leads to vomiting and loss of appetite. 

Xerostomia is a condition when a dog’s gum losses moisture due to a deficiency of water. In this, the saliva of your dog tends to get thicker. Some other symptoms may include panting, dry nose, and acute weakness.

Some Additional tips:

  1. Use cool water and replace the water daily
  2. You can use a bottle brush to scrub the inner regions of the bottle and rinse it out from the pipes to make it clean.
  3. If possible, buy 2 bottles that can allow one bottle to sundry after washing, making it germ-free.
  4. If still you worry about the water droplets spilling, you can place a bowl under the stand.

Some common FAQs:

Q: How to make a dog Water Bottle?

ANS: You can make a dog water bottle with the help of a bottle, tank, scissors, etc.

Q: Why are dogs afraid of water bottles?

ANS: They might be afraid at first of such a bottle but can be comfortable after some days. An owner has to train and encourage them to such a water bottle.

Q: How can I make my dog bottle more appealing?

ANS: You can buy stylishly shaped tanks to make the water bottle set appealing to dogs.

QUE: How do dog water bottles work?

ANS: It is based on the concept of a ball holding the water. As your dog tries to lick the ball shifts from its position, providing the water flow.

QUE: Is it possible for dogs to drink from a water bottle?

ANS: Yes, many dogs love to drink water from such bottles as the water is cool and fresh.

Q: How to Make a Dog Water Bottle Stand – Easily and Quickly

ANS: By using a tank and a bottle, you can quickly make an efficient water bottle stand.

Q: How do I get my dog to drink from a water bottle?

ANS: By training and encouraging them gradually, you can make your dog drink from a water bottle.

Q: What You Need to Know About Dog Water Bottles?

ANS: There is nothing great science behind such bottles. You should only know how to open, wash, and fill water in such bottles.

Q: How to clean a dog water bottle?

ANS: Open the bottle and clean it with fresh water. You can use bleach to make it germ-free. 

Q: How does gravity waterer work?

ANS: It works on the concept of gravity and in-built air pressure where the ball is holding the water against gravity. As your dog try to move the ball, the water flows down due to gravity.

Finally, I hope that now you know how to make a dog water bottle stand. Such water dispensers are advantageous for both owners as well as for pets. So it is one of the mandatory equipment that should be present in every house with pets. Apart from DIY water bottle stands, you can also purchase some attractive and automatic water dispenser stands from stores.

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