Surprising Reasons Why Chihuahuas Sleep so Much

Everyone knows about one of the cutest dog breeds called Chihuahua. We all also know that such dogs are so small that they make them easier to carry, whether in theatres or dog parks. But you should know that every breed of dog has some pros and cons in the case of Chihuahua’s extra sleepy attitude. Due to this, many people often wonder why do chihuahuas sleep so much. Here are some of the prominent reasons behind such acts of Chihuahuas

Chihuahua generally sleeps when they bear a lot of mental and physical exercise. Other than this, their lifestyle, age, and health also play an important role in inducing such sleeping habits in them. Actually, as an owner, you should not worry if your Chihuahua loves to nap for 12-15 hours a day as it is their tendency. But make sure that if your Chihuahua exceeds its sleeping time beyond 18 hours a day, he might be suffering from some serious health issue.

1.They Get Tired By Playing:

Chihuahuas are considered energetic breeds’ dogs. Such dogs are nearly never found facing some health issue as compared to other breeds of dogs. Whenever Chihuahua are awake, they tend to involve in some physical or mental activity. This makes them tired, and they again prepare themselves to take rest to feel refreshed. 

Attention Seekers:

Chihuahuas are quite an attention seeker. You have to regularly play with them and arrange play dates for them. They are heroes and do not want to be alone. In case of loneliness or boredom, they opt for sleeping. So if you feel that your Chihuahua is sleeping for greater hours in a day, then try to keep them busy. Their attention-seeking acts are also the answer to the question of why do Chihuahuas lick so much.

Age Factor:

Chihuahuas at their puppy stage sleep more than the average age of it. As their age increases or when they are getting older, they will again love to nap a lot. For older Chihuahuas, it is good that if you make them exercise a lot to save them from being lazy. Make sure that your dog will try to sleep secretly, but you have to keep them in control.


You should take care of the daily routine of your dog. If your Chihuahua is getting bored or feeling lonely at any part of the day, they may prefer to sleep. Many owners have their jobs and leave their Chihuahua at home. Such Chihuahua feels bored and tends to sleep more than required. It is good that you keep such Chihuahua in any dog care center where your Chihuahua will meet with other dogs, play, and spend its time happily. You can also leave them with your neighbors if you trust them well.


Sickness is also one of the possible answers to why does Chihuahuas sleep too much. As a responsible pet owner, you should be were of the sleeping habits of your dog in normal conditions. If you notice some abnormalities regarding sleeping habits in your Chihuahuas, do not hesitate to visit or consult your vet.

It may be possible that such irregularities in the sleeping habits of your dog may be due to some health problems such as colds or even the dislocation of your knees. Some other common diseases that Chihuahuas may suffer from are-

  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Thyroid problems
  • Heart problems, etc

Psychological Problems:

It may be a possibility that your dog may have been going through a rough time. For this, understand the behavior and tendency of your dog and check that whether he is under some kind of stress or anxiety. Many Chihuahuas become anxious when feeling that their living environment is going to change, for example advent of a storm, chilling weather, folds, etc. Other than excessive sleeping of your dogs’ such anxiety symptoms can also be detected by-

  • Shivering
  • Loss in appetite
  • Licking off your lips
  • Not keeping eye contact with you
  • Sleeping by lifting one leg up
  • Excessive whiteness in their eyes.

Giving a Wrong Diet:

It may be a possibility that you might be the reason for inducing excessive sleeping habits in your dogs. You may have provided more human food and have neglected the fact that it’s a dog and they have an entirely different diet. Many such foods are good for humans but not for your dogs. Some of the common ones are-


The toxin present in avocados creates breathing problems in dogs, thus resulting in them sleeping most of the time due to weakness.

Caffeinated Drinks Such as Coffee:

Intake of such drinks may cause diarrhea and vomiting to your dog.


Such a component, if present in food, can decrease the sugar level in your dogs, causing weakness and sleepiness.

Yeas or any Alcohol Products: Such products can cause vomiting in your Chihuahua after few hours of intake. Intake of such foods may cause depression and sleepiness in them.


Even humans tend to sleep a lot if they are not in shape, and so are the Chihuahuas. There might be a possibility that you have provided excessive food to your buddy in their daily routine by which they have put on their weight. Such overweight in Chihuahuas causes laziness in them, and so many dogs sleep more often. To solve such problems, you will have to provide a limited, balanced diet to your dog together with plenty amount of exercise. 

Deficiency of Good Food:

The opposite of the above reason is the deficiency of essential vitamins and nutrients in your dog. In case you are providing him with comparatively less food as per his diet, or your food is not much nutritious, it can make your dog weak. Such weak dogs become tired too soon and love to sleep at the major part of their day. Below are some of the common symptoms by which you can predict regarding deficiency of food in your Chihuahua-

1. If you feel that your pal has a loose interest in any of its day-to-day activities.

2. If you feel that your dog has become weak and is no more energetic.

3. In such cases, your dog may suffer from a lack of control over its bladder and so poops and urinates irregularly.

4. Your dog does not wish to eat any type of food that is provided to him.

5. Problems in breathing.

If such symptoms are not cured at an early stage, it may cause severe problems to the intestine, stomach, liver, and even cancer.

Specific Diseases:

Sometimes blood condition is also a problem with Chihuahuas, which makes them sleep more. The majority of such cases is low blood circulation that is mainly caused due to parasitic attack on dogs. Such parasites may enter the intestinal walls of your dog through food, water, and ground, causing trouble to your dog. The most common of them are tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms.

They are also called bloodsuckers causing deficiency of blood in your dog and thus causes tiredness in them. Proper deworming of the dog regularly is necessary to save them from such trouble. Another trouble that leads to excessive tiredness in your Chihuahua is a viral infection. The Chihuahua’s breed of dogs is mainly susceptible to two major viruses that are Parvovirus and Tranchea Bronchitis.

A parvovirus can induce the following problem in your dog-

  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Dehydration problems
  • Loss in weight
  • Diarrhea
  • Restrict the body of the dog from absorbing essential nutrients
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tiredness and fatigue

On the other hand, symptoms of Trachea Bronchitis may include vomiting, kennel cough, Breath problems, or any other respiratory disorders. Dogs who are affected by the above two viruses usually are dull and like to sleep throughout the day. For this, you must take them to the vet and get them vaccinated to save them from such a virus.

Bacterial infection is also one of the major reasons why do chihuahuas sleep so much. Leptospirosis, a common bacteria that affects the Chihuahuas, is a highly contagious disease. Such bacteria can enter your dog’s body through impure water, infected or spoilt food, excrete or urine of other animals. The symptoms of such bacteria are easy to detect which are-

  • Vomiting
  • Loss in appetite
  • Need of water more than required
  • Inflammation in eyes
  • Frequent urination
  • Shivering irrespective of the weather condition
  • Visibility of mucus membranes
  • Fever

Yellowish skin in some parts of your dog

Some Common FAQs:

Q: Why does my Chihuahua sleep so close to me?

As Chihuahuas are attention seekers and always want company, they sleep with their owners. It is the way of showing their love towards their owners.

Q: Do Chihuahuas like to sleep with their owners?

Yes, Chihuahuas love to sleep with their owners.

Q: How many hours a day should a Chihuahua sleep?

A normal Chihuahua may sleep between 12-18 hours a day.

Q: Should a Chihuahua sleep in your bed?

If you are sure that your Chihuahua is free from parasites, then you can allow them to sleep with you in your bed. Also, make sure as they are small in size, you should take care not to hurt them with your body or legs while you are asleep.

Q: Is it better to have 2 Chihuahuas?

It is always good to keep two Chihuahuas at home as it will ensure that they do not get bore and keep engaging each other throughout the day. You should also know the fact that never try to keep one Chihuahua with some other breed of dog as they might be uncomfortable with them.

Q: Why do Chihuahuas sleep on their owners’ legs?

Chihuahuas like to sleep between the legs of their owners due to several reasons. One of the prominent reasons is to establish a trust bond with their owners. Other reasons may include warming themselves, anxiety, separation of fears, and affection. As an owner, you should not restrict your Chihuahua from sleeping next to you as this is how to make a Chihuahua happy.

Q: Do Chihuahuas like to cuddle?

Yes, Chihuahuas loves to cuddle and likes to sit on the lap of their owners. This is the way that they show their affection towards their owners.

Q: What were Chihuahuas originally bred for?

Chihuahua is particularly a small breed of Mexican dogs and is one of the cutest breeds. They have now become one of the popular breeds of lap dogs these days. They were originally bred for various purposes. They came from the breed of ancient dogs called Teichichi breeds of dogs. Such dogs breed barks rarely but have a size and coat similar to that of Chihuahuas. The older breeds of Chihuahua were bred for several purposes such as food, rituals, companionship, religious ceremonies, and many more. The prime motive during ancient times is for religious sacrifices and was often buried with their family members to provide peace. People believe that Chihuahuas are not only dogs but has a connection with the god and so were considered as a religious animal. The western countries specially bred them for food.

The ancient Mayas civilization was consuming 10% of Chihuahua’s meat to satisfy their hunger. They were never used to guard or protect. However, they can keep rats, squirrels, and other rodents away from your house. They are also known for their intelligence. Nowadays, Chihuahuas are mostly bred to provide companionship to humans. 

So now you must have understood the prominent reasons why do Chihuahuas sleep so much. The hours of their sleep decide whether they are healthy or sick. Other reasons may be their habitual or genetic problems. If you feel that your Chihuahua sleeps more than required, you can visit the vet to take their advice.

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