why does my dog lay on my clothes

Top Reasons Behind why does my dog lay on my clothes:

Many times you may have seen your dog sleeping on your laundry or any pile of clothes. Have you ever thought about the secret behind this particular behavior? Dogs have several habits that are confusing, but there is always some definite reason behind it. This article will provide you with some answers regarding why does my dog lay on my clothes and its solutions too.

After reading the reasons behind this, you will know your pal in a better way and may make an even stronger bond with them for the rest of your lives. So, here are some of the obvious reasons why does my dog sleep on my laundry. 

Your Dirty Clothes Smell as You:

You may know the answers behind Why does my dog likes to sleep on me as they love your company. Similarly, your laundry clothes smell the same as you, and whenever they feel that you are not with them, they try to replicate your presence by sleeping on your dirty clothes. Everyone knows the fact that dogs are considered as a man’s best friend. Their acts further prove this.

why does my dog lay on my clothes

Since ancient times several breeds of dogs understand their area and their pack members through their scent. They do so today, considering one of your pack members. They will not care how dirty and stinkers are your clothes. They simply love to sleep on them and enjoy their nap with your scent. 

Pile of Clothes Provide them comfy:

Dogs are almost similar to humans in various parameters. As we love to sleep in soft mattresses or beds, so are the dogs. A pile of soft clothes provides them with the highest level of comfortability than any rug or floor. So apart from your scent, this factor gives them a bonus point to sleep on your laundry. Another reason behind this is the changes in temperatures, especially in winters when such a pile of clothes provides heat to them.

Perhaps He Misses You:

A dog always wants to be with its owners. They form a strong bond with their owners and family members as soon as they were introduced to the house. If you away throughout for your daily work, he misses your absence and looks for some options to be closer to you. As dogs already smell you from your clothes, your laundry is the best place where he can sleep and imagine that you are close to him. Similarly, separation anxiety also makes them follow such acts. 

To Seek Attention:

Dog loves to get attention from their owners and their family members. In case you have scolded or try to make them away from sleeping on your clothes, they must have enjoyed it. So to seek further attention from you, they perform this act purposely. Similarly, grabbing one of your clothes and running is also one of their smart acts to draw attention towards you.

The Solutions to why does my dog lay on my clothes:

Below are some of the proven ways by which you can control such acts of dogs-

why does my dog lay on my clothes

Apply Positive Reinforcement:

You can direct your dog to sleep or lay on some other places whenever you see them lying on your clothes. You should reward them every time they leave your clothes and lay in some other place. By this, your dog will like to sleep somewhere else as it will become aware that you like it. It is better to make a nice cosy place for him where he can relax much better than your clothes and make him feel secure.

Try to Be With Them:

As mentioned earlier, dogs sleep on your clothes because they miss you. For this, you have to give them some extra time. This can be done by playing with them, enjoying long walks with them, take them to a dog care center, etc. If you think that your pal gets bored throughout the day when you are not at home arranging them for any dog care center. You can also leave your dog over to neighbors if you feel they are trusted. 

Train them for “Leave it” Command:

Another way to keep your dog away from your clothes is to train them to follow the “leave it” Command. Every time you see that your dog grips your clothes, order him to leave them. You can also provide them with their cozy blanket to keep them away from your clothes.

Make The Clothes Inaccessible to Dogs:

The main root of this problem is your clothes lying here and there on the floor and tubs. If you hide your clothes or keep them securely, you will not face any such problems. It will also be best if you do your laundry away from them so that they are not assessable to any of your clothes.

Create Their Room To Save Your Clothes:

If you feel that your dog is laying or even drooling on your clothes, it is better that if you make a special cosy room for them. By this, even in your absence, your dog will love to spend time in his room that is specially designed according to its needs. Here are some of the tips to make such room-

A Small Room is Sufficient:

A dog’s room did not need to be spacious. Dogs love to spend their nap time in a limited place. The qualities of the place should include quiet, security, comfortable. It should be similar to the den with a one-sided opening. Another advantage of such a definite place for your dog will be reduced accidents of the potty, urinating, and spreading of dog food around your house.

Other Factors:

You should also be aware of the safety of your dogs. If your doggy zone is near to the kitchen or cleaning materials, better keep them locked away from its reach. In case of any electrical item or wiring tape and hide them securely. Provide your dog with chew toys or any other toys by which he can spend his spare time. By this, you can ensure that he will not bother with your laundry. 

You should also know the fact that dogs sleep around half of the day. So, it is important to keep them cosy and free from body aches. It is good that you make a soft relaxing bed with one side at a higher level to place their head. There are several types of dog beds are also available in the market that can provide a high level of comfort for your dog. Memory foam, raised, Orthopedic is the most popular beds for dogs. Add a blanket or one of your old T-shirts, which can provide them with traces of your smell.

why does my dog lay on my clothes

If possible, you can also install a TV ahead of them. Many dog owners do so and select any of the animal channels for them. By this, they are entertained throughout the day. Such dogs have fewer chances to be in depression or any sort of anxiety. If you want the extra protection of your dog, you can install a surveillance camera in that room. The main secret behind designing a room for your dog is to make a secure place. A secured place keeps the dog happy and free from anxieties. You can also spend your spare time with your pal in their room. This will further enhance your bonding with your pal.

Some Common FAQs:

Q: Why does my dog lay on my pillow?

There are several reasons behind a dog sleeping on your pillow. Out of them are comfort, imitation, marking, security, and bonding. The pillows are comfortable and prove best to provide a cozy nap for your dog. Moreover, it has your scent that makes them more comfortable. Many experts also revealed that dogs sleepover their owner’s pillow to imitate their presence by which they feel safe. Another reason is for this is for the sake of your protection and to make a stronger bond with you.

Q: Why does my dog always steal my clothes?

The dog probably steals your clothes to draw their attention towards you. They often do such activity when you are too busy with your work and are unable to spend time with them.

Q: Why does my dog like my laundry?

Your laundry has your scent, and dogs feel secured and happy having a virtual presence f you around them.

Q: Why does my dog lay on top of me in bed?

Since dogs considered you part of their pack. By lying on top of you, they show their love and respect to you. They also lay on you to provide you security.

Q: Why do dogs like stinky socks?

Your socks possess your smell, and dogs always love to keep such things as clothes, towels, pillow, or any other thing that contains your smell. By this, they show their affection and comfort themselves when you are not near them.

Q: Why does my dog smell my pants?

There are several reasons behind a dog licking your pants. The most logical of them are affection, taste or sensation, feeling of anxiety, missing you if you have returned after a long time, etc. Apart from this, there is also a medical cause behind such acts of your dog, and it is a possibility of having digestive problems. So as an owner, you should watch the daily activity of your dog to come up with a definite solution. 

Q: Why do dogs like wet towels?

The obvious reason why your dog likes your wet towels or any of your clothes is the smell that such a product possesses. As an owner, you should never force them to leave such behavior but rather train them gradually if you dislike their act.

Q: How do your dogs react when you lie on the floor with them?

By laying with the dog on the floor indicates that you are interested in playing with your dog. Many dogs love to spend time with their owners, and by such activities, you can make a stronger bond with them.

QUE: Why do some dogs dislike wearing clothes?

Dogs are similar to humans and do not like to wear clothes forcefully, especially when it’s tight or uncomfortable. Several dogs hesitate to put on clothes as they feel weird, and they think it’s a kind of punishment for them. They think so because they feel restricted at the moment and problems licking themselves. Another reason behind this is that every dog breeds have been provided with a proper coating of fur to make them survive in their respective climate. Their furs already act as an inbuilt heater that moderates their temperatures, and dogs are used to it. Now sudden arrival of sweaters or coats disturbs their heating balance of the body, and so they feel uncomfortable.

Q: Why does my dog steal my girlfriend’s underwear?

There can be two possible reasons behind it. The first one is to get your attention, and the second one regarding the presence of smell. You may have been busy with your girlfriend, and your dog may feel neglected. So to get your attention, dogs do perform such acts. They also do so to sleep over those as the underwear possess the smell of your girlfriend, and your dog wants to near to her. To save yourself from all such problems, it is better to keep clothes out of your dog’s reach.

I hope that now you get a clear reason behind why does my dog lay on my clothes. You have also seen the various tricks by which you can stop them to sleep on your clothes. They do so as they love to have your smell around you and to enjoying sleeping over the soft fabric of your clothes. Sometimes separation anxieties too encourage the dogs to perform such acts.

It should not be much of an issue to you if they are within their limits and do not drool your clothes. Their act also proves their love and affection towards you.

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