Some Cool Ideas to how to make dog bow for Yorkies

How to make dog bow for Yorkies at Home

If you are one of those Yorkie owners who want your dog to look fashionable? There are several ways to enhance the beauty of your dog, such as haircuts, jackets, etc. Every owner should also know how to make dog bow for Yorkies.You can easily make such bows and bandanas at home by using simple materials like cotton satin and scissors.

To make a dog bow, you may need materials such as Scissors, cotton Satin (preferably Organic), a ruler, a sewing machine, pins, and a seam gauge. You have to make a bow and a pipe-shaped opening for inserting the bow, and finally, a belt to attach the bow with the Yorkie.

  1. At first, cut the fabric in two rectangles of size 10.5×305 inches and a smaller one of size 5×3 inches.
  2. Now sew the larger rectangle with one-fourth of the seam allowance with the right sides facing and clip the corners. Now seam the allowance to one-eight and turn the fabric facing the right side out.
  3. Now tuck the raw ends of the rectangle and give it the shape of a bow tie. You can even hand stitch the bow to keep it fixed.
  4. Now to make a bow tie centre fold the smaller rectangle in half longways with right sides facing towards up and stitch together with a quarter length of the seam allowance. Then turn the right side outward and fold it in half.
  5. Finally, insert the bow in the hole that you have made, and then with the pup collar and your bow is ready.

How to make dog bow for Yorkies Using Ribbon and Elastic Bands

  1. Gather materials such as ribbon, scissors, pencil, and small elastics
  2. Now cut the ribbon of pf the size of a pencil. This is for small-sized bows. You can also cut the ribbon of any size as per your desire.
  3. Now cut the ribbon into two vertical pieces of the same size.
  4. Now put one elastic around the pencil and fold the ribbon in the shape of a bow and hold it above the elastic.
  5. Now pull the elastic and put the bow inside, and twist it again with the pencil. You will observe that the bow maintains its shape due to the elastic.
  6. Now fix the elastic at the centre of the bow when it acquires a desirable shape and is tucked nicely with the ribbon.
  7. Take the pencil off from the bow, and you will get a bow.

How to put dog hair bows for short-haired dogs

It is the fact that it is difficult to put a bow on a short-haired Yorkie than the one with long hair. Here are some of the ways by which you can stick a firm bow over such Yorkies

Before putting a bow on your Yorkie, first, bathe them. Use 2 inches of warm water and wet the dog. Now apply soap/ shampoo all over their body. After that, rinse the dog nicely with clean water and dry them off with the help of a soft towel. Now press the bow(adhesive bows) just above both the ears of your Yorkie. Such adhesive bows are easily available in pet stores, and the adhesive which the bow uses are pet-safe.

 hair bows for short-haired dogs

They are the best bow if you need an immediate bow for a short period. They are not fit for the long term as they fall off after some time as the glue dries out.

You can also use a good quality double-sided tape and can use it to stick the bow. But make sure that before you do this, trim a small section of your Yorkie’s ear area. You can also use hair glue to stick the bow on the Yorkie. Hold the bow for few seconds for effective bonding between the bow and the hair. Such hair glue is available at the cosmetic store and is completely safe for your Yorkie’s hair. The best way to Put Hair Bows for Long Hairs Breeds of Dogsis to select a portion of their hair, carve it like a ponytail and attach the bow with the help of rubber bands or clips.

What are the different types of hair bows Backings?

There are mainly 5 types of backing that are available in most of the bows. Bows usually come with 2 durable bands, but you can elect to change it into an alligator clip, French barrette, Gripzie, or a plastic barrette with a small number of extra charges. There is no such effect of perfect backing and it usually depends on your taste and which suits best to your Yorkie.


Each bow comes with 2 bands at its back, out of which one is used and the other is kept as a reserve in case the other one breaks. By this, the companies provide longevity to the bow. Bands are durable but add weight to the bow. There is no extra charge for these bands as it comes with the product.


This type of band is easy to tuck in and is useful in case your dog has fine hair. You can create a topknot at first then slip the barrette bow beneath the provided band for a firm grip. Such Fench Barretts are equipped with high-quality nickel-plated and are also lead-free tested.


These are light in weight as compared to French type or other types of metal barrette, but as usual, their durability is less than a metal type of barrette.


Such barrettes are best in case your dog has few or short hairs. It has tiny teeth that will not damage the hair of your Yorkie


They are the same as alligator clips but comes with a soft coated grip to ensure better safety of the hairs and for a firm grip.

Ways to Train Your Dog to Wear Bows:

The best way to make your Yorkie ready to wear a bow is to first get them used too with having something in their hair. You don’t have to start directly with the bow. You can simply use a grooming band for such a purpose. By this, they will feel something “up” and will gradually get used to it. Try starting with lightweight and small-size bows and then gradually increase the size if needed. If your Yorkie is “Bow trained” he will likely do not remove the bow by shaking, and it won’s be any irritant for them.

The above guidelines are simple, and many dog owners have successfully trained their dogs to wear bows with these basic tips. The attitude of each dog is different, and so is the approach.

How to Select a perfect Bow for your Yorkie-

Apart from size and colour, there are several other factors that you should consider before selecting any bow for your Yorkie to ensure its safety. These are

  1. Use such bows that are glue-free or did not use glue during the entire production process.
  2. Use such bows that are strong and nicely stitched with good-quality threads.
  3. Avoid using such ribbons that use wires underneath, as your pet may get hurt if it comes out.
  4. No feathers, no loose glitter, and choose single loop bows.
  5. Observe that the bands are firmly attached to the bow so that it lasts longer.
  6. The edges of the bow should not be sharp
  7. In case the bow uses bow stiffener, make sure that it is non-toxic
  8. Always select such bow size in which your dog is comfortable.

Common FAQs:

QUE: How do you put bows in a Yorkie’s hair?

ANS: You can use glue to stick the bow on the hairs of your Yorkie or can catch a bunch of its hair and tie it with the bow with the help of a rubber band.

QUE: How do I make a dog grooming bow?

ANS: There are various ways of making grooming bows. The best and easiest one is to use ribbons and frame them like a bow.

QUE: How do you make a small dog bow?

ANS: You can make a small dog bow with the help of a small piece of fabric and design in the form of a bow and stitching it.

QUE: How do you put a bow on a short-haired dog?

ANS: For short-haired breeds of dogs, it is best that if you use any natural glue and apply it slightly on the hair of your Yorkie. Then you can fix the bow as per your desire. The glue will prevent the bow from falling.

I hope that now you know some easy ways to how to make dog bow for Yorkies. Yorkies are one of the cutest breeds of dogs, and keeping them groomed, and fashionable makes them even more attractive.

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