how to potty train a corgi

The Essential Guide to How to Potty Train a Corgi

As soon as you buy a corgi or any other dog home, you may have a simple question, such as how to potty train a corgi. A corgi that is potty trained can bring more happiness to your house. It is not at all difficult to potty train a corgi if you follow the right approach.

Dogs initially were den animals, and they often did their business away from their den or resting place. Once you make your dog understand that your house is his den, he will naturally relieve himself in a place that y have designated to him. Such natural tendency of the corgis can be advantageous for you during his training. Also, remember that corgis and several other breeds of dogs use their body language to communicate with you. So whenever your Corgi needs to poop, he may sniff on one particular area in a circle and with intense and then poops there itself. Recognizing such behavior will give you time to move the Corgi to a place where you want them to poop.


Before you want to know about How to potty train a corgi decide a particular location where you want them to poop. If you are leaving your Corgi alone during the day at home, then your location should be inside, and if your Corgi is free to roam the backyard during any part of the day, you can decide any place outside your home. During corgi puppy training o not allow your dog to roam around in the entire house as you may witness accidents at any place. In the case of puppies within the age group of 6 months, you can design a puppy safe room or playpens as they cannot hold their bladder throughout the day.

The area that is required for setting up safe rooms and playpens is nearly the same. You have to make sure that the space has enough rooms for the sleeping zone that consists of a comfortable bed, play or meal zone(remember to remove their bowl), and finally, an elimination zone that consists of a pee pad. You can leave several chew toys and other stuff in the play zone to keep them busy.

There are three types of location that you can decide for your corgis to eliminate-

  1. Only outdoors if you can take your Corgi every time when he wants to poop.
  2. Outdoors but only sometimes where you are available.
  3. Only indoors if you can’t take them outdoors.

In case of training your Corgi to poop only outdoors, select a suitable place where you can keep the crate and train your dog to hold its bladder at home. In case you are planning both indoors and outdoors, you need to keep 2 crates, one outdoors and the other indoors. Playpen or safe rooms are the best when you want your puppies to eliminate only indoors.

How to potty train a corgi to Poop Outdoors:

  • As soon as you notice that your dog is raising its tail, arching its back, sniffing the ground, or sniffing in circles, quickly take your Corgi on a leash to the place where you want him to poop.
  • Tell him in a clear voice, “Go Potty,” and hold the dog on the leash.
  • Do not play or talk to your dog after that, as it may distract your dog from doing his business.
  • Now, wait till the time your dog has been eliminated completely. It may take at least 5-10 minutes.
  • During the time your Corgi is eliminating, praise him softly without distracting him.
  • After he has completely eliminated, praise him enthusiastically. Offer him treats and say “Good Potty”. By this, your dog will feel the word that is associated with the potty.
  • If you think that your dog does not have to poop, take him back and try after some time.

During the training, if any accidents happen, then never yell or hit your Corgi. Such a method will decrease your trust in relationships with your dog, and your dog will feel nervous. You can only shout “NO” when you see your Corgi during the elimination process. Make sure to clean its poop wherever you find it, as it may spread diseases. Never use any strong ammonia chemical as its strong smell will encourage your dog to poop at that particular place.

Factors that Affect Potty Training of Your Corgi:

Diet of Corgi:

Good quality foods are best for your Corgi’s health. Such food results in smaller stools, easier to clean, and fewer accidents. Altering their food too quickly or providing them with human food can upset their stomach, which will affect the potty training of your Corgi. So in case you are using local brands of dog food, replace it with any good quality and reputed brands.

Diet of Corgi

Feeding Methods:

You should never give access to food throughout the day. The dog possesses a “gastro-colic reflex,” due to which they have the tendency to eliminate as soon they eat something. You should follow a routine to feed your dog. Never feed your dog just before its bedtime as they will not have the time to go potty, and you may witness accidents at midnight. Whenever you feed your dog, leave the food bowl for 20 minutes. If he does not eat in this duration, pick up the bowl and feed him after some time as he may not be hungry. You can offer water to your Corgi at least 5-6 times a day to ensure that they are hydrated, which will result in a healthy bowel movement.

The poop of your Corgi can be managed only through regular feeding. New dog owners usually overfeed their dogs, due to which they are likely to poop more often. If you are not aware of the amount of food that you have to offer, you can get its diet chart from any pet store or vet. You should feed your dog as per the chart because it indicates the number of calories that you have to give to your dog. You can slightly increase their diet as per the amount of exercise that they perform or in case of pregnancy.

Feeding Methods

Puppies should be fed nearly 3-4 times a day, and when they are adults, decrease the frequency to 1-2 meals a day. You should never overfeed your dog when he has completely grown. Puppies eat more food as their body is growing, while in adults overfeeding results in obesity which can give rise to several diseases. There are several reasons due to which new dog owners overfeed their dogs. One of which is begging of the food by their dogs. You should stick to the schedule and avoid their begging. Overfeeding results in further begging of the dog for food, dislike of food, generation of toxic in case of human food.

Establish a Fixed Routine:

Similar to some humans’ dogs too love a fixed routine and are a creature of habits. A random daily schedule will result in difficulty to potty train them. Once you establish a fixed schedule, you will never face many problems to potty training them. Generally, the routine of the dogs includes.

  1. Feeding
  2. Playing
  3. Taking for walks outside
  4. Naps
  5. Sleeping and waking

Try to keep all such activities in a fixed time. By this, your dog will get used to the timings and thus will have a fixed time to poop and even pee. Owners who are in there have to manage morning feeding and walks and then proceed to their work. On returning, you can feed them again and play or walk with them. You can also manage to leave your dog with any of your friends or relatives or in a dog care center. These are the things that you should consider before adopting or buying a corgi. They are smart breeds of dogs, and leaving them alone creates depression and separation anxiety in them. They may even be chewing your household stuff if left alone for a longer period.

You should also keep track of his daily exercise and play. Never exercise or play near its elimination area. Proper exercise results in a healthy poop flow in them and keeps them healthy. You can expect them to poop as soon as they have done their regular exercise. Normally your dog holds its poop with the rule their age + 1. For example, a 4-month-old corgi can hold its poop for 4 hours.

Establish a Fixed Routine

If you train them properly, your dog will not disturb you at midnights and will softly go to their place to poop. Sometimes there are some medical conditions due to which your dog can poop more or less. In such a case, you can consult your vet for suitable medications.

If you are consistent, diligent, and follow all the above parameters, you can ensure that your Corgi will be potty trained in a few weeks, and you will never face any accidents in their latter stages.

Common FAQs:

QUE: Is it hard to potty train a corgi?

ANS: It is not too difficult to potty train a corgi as it is a natural instinct of dogs to do their business away from their resting place.

QUE: How do you housebreak a Corgi puppy?

ANS: You can teach commands such as “Go Potty,” and you can use a leash in the beginning. By regular training, you can teach them to housebreak. Make sure that you reward them in the last.

QUE: How do you train a corgi to use a pee pad?

ANS: You should use command such as “Potty” and your dog to the pee pad. Wait till they are eliminated completely and reward them for this good behavior.

QUE: How often do corgis go to the bathroom?

ANS: On average, your Corgi can poop 2 to 3 times a day. Apart from this, there are several factors such as age. Diet, type of food due to which such frequency to poop may vary.

I hope that now you have all the answers regarding how to potty train a corgi. Apart from this, there are several ways by which you can discipline a corgi. Remember that regular training and rewards are essential in training your Corgi successfully.

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