The Secrets Behind Why does my dog lick other dogs pee

why does my dog lick other dogs pee

why does my dog lick other dogs pee?

Dogs indeed perform a lot of strange activities in their daily lives. Some of the activities are disgusting too. Many owners even had questions regarding why does my dog lick other dogs pee when they see them doing this. Licking other dog’s urine and private is one of the common habits of dogs. They do this to understand the other dog through this. Apart from this, there are several reasons behind such an act of dog.

Things to Keep in Mind When Your Dog Licks Other Dogs pee

As we humans greet and understand someone through a handshake, similarly dogs smell or lick other dogs pee to understand them in a better way. Dogs have an instinctive behavior to lick each other right from its small stage. Their mother licks them to comfort, clean, and relax them. It is also considered its sign of affection. Here are some of the things that you have to consider when you see your dog licking the pee of other dogs-

  • Licking pee of the other dogs is quite normal for them
  • As long you have vaccinated your dog the pee won’t make your dog sick
  • Never scold your dog if you watch them licking pee
  • Make sure that you clean the face of your dog before he kisses you

Common Reasons Behind why does a dog drink his own urine

If you ever have concerns regarding do dogs drink their own urine, here are some of the possible reasons behind it.


One of the possible reasons behind your dog drinking its urine is the dehydration problem. It is a general rule that a dog should drink at least one ounce of water per pound of its weight daily. If in case he did not receive that much quantity of water, he may drink his urine to fulfill its requirement.

Improper Diet:

Another answer to do dogs drink their own urine is improper diet. Many experts say that dogs drink their urine to fulfill the nutritional requirement that they do not get from the food that they are offered. There are many brands of dog food available that claim to have the correct amount of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, but it is good to do your research to ensure that your dog is getting the complete diet.

Improper Diet

Eliminating Evidence:

Much like kid who hide the pieces of a broken lamp which they accidentally broke, dogs too drink their pee if they have accidentally done it inside the home. Through drinking, they try to hide the evidence to ensure that they are not being scolded.

Maintaining Cleanliness:

You may have seen the mother dog often drink or eat the feces and urine of its babies. Such an act is completely normal and is done to maintain the cleanliness of its babies. It is also done to keep their sleeping place or den clean.

Behavior Problems:

Sometimes the reasons behind why does my dog lick other dogs pee or do dogs drink their own urine is simply due to negative habits. Such behavioral issues can be developed due to several reasons, and by applying behavioral therapy and proper training, you can curb such habits. Depending on the frequency of such habit you may even consult a professional behaviorist of the animal.

Due to Neglectful Background:

Dogs who come from an abusive background, such as from puppy mills develop a habit of drinking pee or eating their feces. Such places do not care much for the puppies and do not provide them with a sufficient quantity of food. Due to which they develop a habit of drinking and eating their urine and feces to fulfill their food requirements. Sometimes such habit increases to such level they start liking the taste of their own urine more than food or water.

Age Factor:

Similar to children licking their thumb when they are small dogs too develop a habit of drinking their own pee at a certain stage of their life. They tend to leave their habit when they become mature. You can also use distraction methods or positive reinforcement training to curb this habit of your dog. Urine drink mainly occurs when they are witnessing their heat periods.

Age Factor

Improper Training:

Dogs who are not properly trained or have given adequate opportunities to socialize develop the habit of drinking their urine without any genuine reason. For this, you have to provide them with proper training right when they are at the puppy stage. Through proper strategy, you can easily train them not o perform such acts. Socializing them is also necessary so that your dog does not lick its own urine due to nervousness or anxiety.

Insufficient Potty Breaks:

If your dog is taking only a few potty breaks, he may have greater chances of accidents. And to clean its business, he may drink its pee. Such a situation can be controlled by giving complete access to your dog to go the bathroom so that he does not need to lap his urine.


Some breeds of dogs are more sensitive to odor than other dogs. The smell of urine excites them up and encourages them to taste. It is the Jacobson organ that is situated on the roof f a dog’s mouth that sniffs such pheromones. So, if you ever see your dog drinking its own or another dog’s urine, this organ can be responsible for it.

Medical Problems:

Some medical complications encourage a dog to intake urine. Cushing’s, Mellitus, kidney failure, and diabetes are some of the common diseases which cause excessive thirst in dogs and so result in the drinking of their pee. If you feel that your dog is drinking his pee more frequently, you can take them to the vet. Although normally dogs do not face any problem in drinking their own or any other dog’s pee some rare conditions can cause trouble for your dog.

Leptospirosis is a type of infection that is caused by spirochetes often termed as “bad bacteria”. Such infection can catch your dog if it drinks another dog’s pee. Such infection can also be received from drinking stagnant or impure water. It is great that such infection is curable with the help of antibiotics such as doxycycline. Here are some of the symptoms if your dog is suffering from such an infection.

Medical Problems

  1. Depression: If your dog loses its interest in performing day-to-day activities or avoids eating its favorite treats, there may be a chance that he is suffering from Leptospirosis.
  2. Fever: Several factors are associated with higher body temperatures, and Leptospirosis is also one of those.
  3. Lethargy: Lacking energy in your dog is very common in the older stage or when in sickness. But such symptom is also common in this infection.
  4. Presence of redness in Mucous Membranes: The red lines that are present inside the nose, eyes, and mouth areas are called mucus membranes. When this tissue appears red more than usual, that means your dog is under trouble from inside. It is one of the indications that your dog has drunk some bad pee from another dog.
  5. Vomiting: If your dog is vomiting, it is also one of the symptoms of such an infection. Dogs can even eat grass when they feel their stomach is upset. Such indications indicate the presence of a wrong substance in their stomach. In all the above symptoms, you have to take your dog to the vet as easily as possible.

Should an Owner Continue Such Behavior:

It is slightly difficult to completely stop such behavior in dogs as it is in their genes. But there are such methods by which you can keep their actions in control.

Using Positive Reinforcement:

You can provide them with treats whenever he does not have an urge to drink his pee. In case he drinks never praises your dog. Every dog wants to please their owner, so much technology can also be useful to control the pee drinking habit of your dog.

Distract Your Dog:

If you see that your dog is about to drink his pee, distract him with any fun toy or his favorite snack.

Maintain Consistency:

Any behavioral therapy needs consistency to gain maximum advantage. Stick with your motive any your plan so that your dog is not confused regarding what you are trying him to teach. Similarly, patience is also required in such training. As every dog develops such habits right from its puppyhood stage, it is obvious that it will take some time and effort to leave such habits. Never lose hope and always hope for the best.

Yelling and hitting your dog in such an act with distrust the bonding between you and your pal. Such dogs try to stop their urine due to fear or sometimes pee more. Try not to get angry and patiently change such habits of your dog. 

Some Common FAQs:

QUE: Why do dogs lick where other dogs have peed?

ANS: Dogs have a special organ named Jacobson’s or vomeronasal organ, which is responsible for your dog’s odd behavior. Your dog uses its strong-smelling sense to learn about the other dog through this.

QUE: Is it normal for dogs to lick other dogs’ privates?

ANS: It is completely normal for dogs to lick or smell other dogs private. It is just their social behavior when they meet the other dogs for the first time.

QUE: Why does my dog’s mouth shake after licking pee?

ANS: Mouth shaking of dogs after licking pee is just a normal impulsive reaction. As we know that dogs have a strong sense of taste due to which they witness chattering of teeth due to licking the pee.

QUE: Why is my dog drinking his pee?

ANS: Dehydration, insufficient diet, behavioral issues, etc. are some of the common reasons behind why dog drink their pee.

I hope that now you are well familiar with the possible reasons behind why does my dog lick other dogs pee or drinks its urine. The good news is that such an act is not much harmful to your dog as dogs have a strong digestive system that sterilizes them. The only factor you have to take care that their habit is not much frequent or due to any serious medical conditions.

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