why do yorkies snort

Simple Guidance For You In Why Do Yorkies Snort

why do Yorkies snort? Is quite a common question of several Yorkie owners. Such snoring of Yorkie is pleasant, and they usually make much noise when they are too excited. But sometimes, such piggy behavior of your Yorkie can be due to some complicated health issue.

This article will provide you with some of the fundamental facts behind why my Yorkie snorts a lot and the problems that raise Yorkie reverse sneezing. Let us start by understanding the concept of snorting.

What’s Snorting?

Strange or abnormal breathing in dogs is considered as snorting in dogs. Further vet explains that the process of snorting is generated when the air is passed from the vocal cords, nostrils, trachea, and pharynx of the respiratory system. If there are any changes in the particular organs, one can expect abnormal sounds when the air passes through them. Such sounds can be heard as a sound of a pig snorting in your Yorkies, which is the actual scientific reason behind why do Yorkies snort.

You should also be aware of the fact that small breeds of dogs are more prone to snorting. This is the prime reason behind the production of breathing sounds in your Yorkies. Due to limitations in the size of the small dogs, often some material gets clogged in their breathing system, which results in generating strange noises from them. 

Such snorting is more common in brachycephalic breeds of dogs, that is, dogs who possess a push-in type of face. Such a wide skull and face leads them to snort more often. Such dogs are also more prone to respiratory illness.

Reverse Sneezing problems in Yorkies:

Apart from the problems, why do Yorkies snort like a Pig? Reverse sneezing of the Yorkies is also a common problem, and it does sound scary. Such symptoms are more visible in dogs than cats. Reverse sneezing is a type of backward sneeze, and it usually occurs when there is irritation in the vocal area of your dog. There are several reasons why does your dog sneeze and coughs. Sneezing sometimes helps your dog to expel the foreign material from its nasal cavity. Here are some of the most common reason that leads to reverse sneezing in dogs.

  • Allergies
  • Exposure to household cleaning products
  • Pulling off the leash that is connected via its collar
  • Over anxiety and excitement
  • Intolerance due to over-exercise
why do yorkies snort

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  • Presence of mites in the nasal cavity
  • Drinking or eating inappropriately

Medications are not always necessary in reverse sneezing of your dog unless they are too frequent or regular. It is the regular coughing and choking that needs to be handled by the vet to provide them relief. Your vet may perform an X-ray of the chest or rhinoscopy to check for any abnormalities in the nasal cavity in your dog. 

  • Presence of mites in the nasal cavity
  • Drinking or eating inappropriately

You can simply avoid reverse sneezing in your dogs’ by-

  • Covering their nostrils at that particular moment
  • Massaging the throat of your dog
  • Contacting your vet in case of any chronic disease

How to Avoid Snorting in Yorkies?

If you witness a sudden snorting of the dog and your dog is not one of the brachycephalic breeds, then you should consider the matter a serious issue. It may be possible that there is some sort of blocking in the respiratory tract of your dog, which can be an infection or inhalation of any small substance of food or any plant material. If your Yorkie snort for the major part of the day, it is necessary to take them to the vet. Similar to humans’ presence of some allergens causes problems of snorting. Seasonal allergies or a sudden change in the weather is also one of the reasons behind snorting in dogs.

So you should identify the actual reason behind the snorting of your dog so that you can prevent it. Never use a tight leash to control your dog on a long walk as it exerts pressure on their neck that causes problems of breathing and hence generates snorting. Here are some of the other tips by which you can control both the snorting and snoring problems of your Yorkie.

why do yorkies snort

  1. Try to adjust the position of your Yorkie while he is asleep. You should ensure that he is sleeping on the support of his belly and paws straight. In case he is sleeping on his side, then keep a pillow below their head so that there is a sufficient amount of airflow through his nostrils. 
  2. You should also know the fact that around bed is better than other types of bed for comfortable sleeping of the dogs and to avoid snorting and snoring problems. This is because your dog takes up a curl position to sleep and thus does not have any problems in breathing. Also, clean the bedding of your Yorkie every one or two days so that you can eliminate all the dust and allergens from the bed. Similarly, vacuuming your carpet is also important.
  3. Adding moisture in the air can also save your dog from snorting. Dry air tends to carry more allergens products that irritate the nose, which leads to snoring problems. This can be done by using a humidifier in the home or where your dog generally likes to relax or sleep. Another way is to keep the water containers open in the house.
  4. Try to reduce the contact of your dogs with allergens, especially pollen. This can be done by keeping your house clean and dust-free. Also, avoid taking your dog for a walk when the pollen count is more in your area. You can get such information from your newspaper. The pollen count is usually more in the morning and minimum in the afternoon.
  5. Ther are certain medication that causes problems of snorting in dogs. So be very cautious if you are getting your dog treated for any kind of disease. Never use any medicines that are not prescribed by your vet. Also, do not use herbal treatment on your Yorkies without consulting your vet. Such herbal treatments work well with humans but may react negatively on dogs.
  6. Fats developed near the throat area can cause problems of snorting in your dog. So make sure to provide regular and adequate exercise if you have an overweighted Yorkie. Nearly every breeds of dog require at least half to an hour of exercise. Even a senior Yorkie needs a certain amount of exercise for the proper functioning of its body.
  7. As mentioned earlier, short notes breeds of dogs are more prone to breathing problems, snorting, and snoring. S get them checked regularly by the vet to ensure that they are not having any breathing problems. Pekinggese, Bostn Terriers, chihuhuas, Shih tzus, and bulldogs are some of the breeds that pssess short nose. Your et may suggest surgery to fix the snorting problems in your Yorkie if required.
  8. You should also check the teeth of your dog regularly. An undeveloped or improper tooth can restrict the airflow of your dog. You can also check for swollen gums or the development of excess gums in the mouth of your dog. In such cases, take your Yorkie to the vet and get them properly treated. Regularly brush the teeth of your dog to avoid such problems in your dog. You can also provide them with chew toys to keep their complete mouth healthy.

How to Save Your Dog from Catching a Cold:

why do yorkies snort

Another answer to why do Yorkies snort? Is due to the cold weather. Snorting in dogs can also be due to the cold climate that prevails in your area. It would be better if you keep your Yorkie safe from extreme cold weather by keeping them warm. Below are some of the useful tips by which you can keep Your Yorkies warm and can prevent snorting conditions in them-

  • Keeping your dog warm and comfortable is necessary to keep them away from snorting habits. It is also essential to take your indoors when there is cold, rough weather outside. In case you cannot bring them inside, provide your dog with an effective shelter.
  • Never leave them in the car just to ensure that they are safe from the external cold. Such cars act as a refrigerator and may quickly make your pal chill and make the condition worse. 
  • Nearly every short-legged and with short fur breed of dog needs a coat to save them from extreme cold climate. There are many types of coats available at the pet store that will keep your Yorkie warm in extremely cold conditions.
  • Boots are also equally important as a coat. If your dog’s paw is exposed to the ice, there may be chances of frostbite, cracking, and drying of the paws of your Yorkie. It will also save the paws of your dog from the harsh chemical and salts that are spread on the ice to make driving easier.
  • Do not bathe or wash your Yorkie too much during the cold weather, as it may remove all the essential oils from the skin of your dog, resulting in dry skin. It would also be better to keep them away from sources of water during such harsh weather. 
  • Monitoring the intake of your Yorkie is also necessary to save them from cold and to avoid their snorting problems. During winter, dogs are usually kept indoors, and due to this, they do not receive the proper amount of exercise to urn down their calories. Providing them with excessive food will make them gain weight and thus will e prone to snorting problems. Instead, try to keep them well-hydrated because dogs usually avoid t dring water in the cold. Eggs, meat, and milk are some of the useful food that can provide stamina to your dog and will help to maintain the temperature of your dog during this season.
  • Avoid taking them for walks in extremely cold conditions as there may be chances that your Yorkie may get hypothermia, ingest antifreeze, o frostbite. If you desperately needed to take them to walk, make him wear his coat, boots, and make sure that he does not eat snow.

Some Common FAQs:

QUE: Why does my Yorkie sound like a pig?

ANS: Such noises of Yorkies are also called reverse sneezing. It is generally generated when the throat muscles (soft palate and spasm) get irritated. Such conditions usually arise when the dog breaths excessively through its nose.

QUE: Why do Yorkies make noises?

ANS: It is one of the attention-receiving acts of the Yorkies. They may try to bark loud and try to communicate with you in demand for something, which can be want to play or food.

QUE: Why do Yorkies reverse sneeze?

ANS: Taking excessive intake of the air through the nose together with the presence of foreign material in their nasal cavity makes reverse sneeze in Yorkies.

QUE: Why do Yorkies like to cuddle?

ANS: Yorkies feel safe and comfortable by cuddling with their owners. They simply assure their protection by staying close to you. 

QUE: Why does my Yorkie snort?

ANS: It is a problem with the respiratory structures in Yorkies that cause them to snort.

Finally, it is the pig behavior that is happening within the body of your Yorkies that makes them snort. It is not a serious problem behind why do Yorkies snort, and you can comfort them when the moment is over. I hope that now you are well aware of the reasons and also the solutions to snorting problems in your dogs. If still, you feel that you are not completely sure about the reason behind the snorting of your Yorkie, you can take the expert advice of your vet.

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