Surprising Reasons Behind Why Does My Dog Pull His Blanket

Why Does My Dog Pull His Blanket

Why Does My Dog Pull His Blanket Out Of His Crate

Keeping a dog as a companion is a roller coaster ride. They do have some positive as well as destructive habits. But the only thing people keep dogs is due to their friendly nature. One such surprising habit is dragging up their blanket here and there. This gives rise to the question, why does My Dog Pull His Blanket?

In most cases dog pull their blanket to play with it. They also have an ancestral instinct of dogging, and they also sometimes tear their blanket by scratching. Other possible reasons may include fear of his kennel, territorial issue, maternal instinct, etc. Let us see all the reasons in detail to understand their habits.

Why Does My Dog Pull His Blanket?

Digging, scratching, or pulling off the blankets is common in almost every breed of dog. But as an owner, you should not worry about it as it is not at all a problematic behavior in dogs. Here are some common reasons behind such acts of dogs-

#1 Ancestral Instinct

Dogs that are considered domestic pets today have wild wolves as their ancestors. This is why they still have similar traits, whether is a mound of soil or pile of leaves to hide their food or to build their resting place. So, if you feel that your dog is scratching its blanket and making it a pile, do not worry. He is just trying to build a nest for having a comfortable sleep.

#2 Marking of the Territory

One of the reasons why does my dog pull the blankets off the couch or even from its bed is due to its territorial instinct. Dogs have the common behavior of marking their territory to be aware of their predators. Dogs at first leave their scent on their blanket by rubbing and scratching their face and moving the blanket throughout the house to mark their territory. You should also know the fact that dogs secrete a certain gland from their paws, and it has a unique scent. So, dogs also scratch their blanket and bedding through their paws to mark their belongings.

#3 Maternal Instincts of Female Dogs

If you are a proud owner of a female dog who is currently in its heat cycle, then making a nesting of its blanket is common in them. Pregnant dogs even take their blanket throughout the home to mark their territory. They do so to keep their predators away and to keep their upcoming babies safe. If you ever feel why does my dog rub her face on blankets, it is to leave their scent on them and to spread around the house.

#4 Burrowing instincts

Smaller breeds of dogs feel safe sleeping in a den-like structure or a burrow. For this, they usually scratch their blanket in an attempt to design a burrow-like structure. Breeds such as Terrier were particularly bred for hiding in a burrow or finding someone from such burrows. So such behavior continues in them. Burrowing habit is also common in some large breeds of dog as they also require a safe and warm spot to have a comfortable sleep.

#5 Kennel Fear

One of the reasons behind Why Does My Dog Pull His Blanket is fear of the kennel. If your puppy hates to sleep in its kennel, it takes out his blanket and finds a comfy place where he can sleep with his blanket. Dog’s blankets and beds have their scent, and the dog becomes comfortable when he has its scent around. So, if they hate to sleep in their kennel, they usually remove all the bedding and re-arrange it to a place where they feel secure and comfortable.

If you want that your dog should choose a kennel for sleep, you should use positive reinforcement therapy to make your dog understand that a kennel is a safe place for him. This can be done by adding some treats inside the kennel and letting your dog have the treat inside it. If you feel that your dog has some anxiety issues towards the kennel, you can visit a vet and ask for his professional advice.

#6 Separation Anxieties

If you leave your dog alone throughout the day when you are out from work, your dog may develop anxiety issues. In such a case your dog may offer his blanket to you so that you can leave your scent on it. By this, he will feel safe by sleeping and playing around with his blanket with your scent on it.

Separation Anxieties

 There are certain ways by which you can reduce separation anxiety issues in your dog. You can hire a dog walker who can take him for a walk when you are not at home.

You can even leave him at any dog care center. If your neighbors are friendly and your dog is comfortable with them, you can ask them to take care of your dog. Fun toys, challenging games, or arranging a window seat for your dogs is also a way to keep your dog busy when you leave them alone. You can try any of such methods to reduce the separation anxiety issue of your dog.

#7 Teething

If you have ever noticed that your pup is chewing his blanket, then perhaps he is in its teething stage. During this time, there is pain in their gums, and to reduce it, they chew soft material to get relaxed. In such cases, you can buy chew toys for them so that they would not destroy their blanket or any of your furniture, shoes, etc.

#8 Excess of Energy

Puppies and larger working breeds of dogs have surplus energy in them. If they miss their walk or playing session, they feel restless as they have an excess of calories inside them and no way to burn it. Due to this, they release their energy on the blanket by chewing it, pulling it, or moving it throughout the house. If you feel that your dog chews his blanket due to this reason, arrange for ways by which you can burn his calories. Labradors, Alsatians, Pit bulls, etc. are such breeds of dog that require heavy exercising sessions daily to keep them physically fit and mentally healthy. If you ignore this, they may show unexpected traits

Common FAQS:

QUE: Why does my dog bring me his blanket?

ANS: Dogs have a strong sense of smell, and so there may be a possibility that his blanket may contain your smell. 

QUE: Why does my dog pull out all his toys and blanket?

ANS: There may be a possibility that your dog wants to play and spend some good time with you, and so he pulls out all his toys and blanket to gain your attention.

QUE: Why does my dog decide to push her blanket into her water bowl almost right after putting her into her kennel?

ANS: Dogs have an instinct to protect their favorite things from predators. This is why they hide their precious things either under the toys or in a water bowl.

QUE: How can I stop my dog from tearing up the bed and blankets it sleeps on?

ANS: Whenever you see your dog scratching his blanket firmly, say “NO”. If your dog agrees, then provide him with praise and treats. Gradually your dog with leave such habit.

QUE: Why does my dog mess up all my pillows and sheets as soon as I make the bed?

ANS: Similar to scratching of bed, dogs also mess up their bed by leaving their scent on it. This is because of their territorial instinct.

I hope that now you are aware of the maximum reasons behind why does My Dog Pull His Blanket? There is nothing to be worried about in such habits in dogs as it is natural and safe. He just craves for your love and protection, and hence it diverts your attention through his blanket.

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