6 Common Reasons Behind Why does my dog sleep on the floor?

Why does my dog sleep on the floor

 Why does my dog sleep on the floor?

Many owners try hard to buy the right bed for their dogs to make sure that their pal can appreciate the bed and use it to sleep and relax. But unfortunately, all your efforts go in vain when your dog sleeps on the floor instead of the cozy bed you have brought for him with such great hope. This is why many owners often think Why does my dog sleep on the floor rather than its bed? Do they love to do it or because the bed is not liked by them? Let us take a closer look at this scenario.

Understanding Sleeping Habits of Your Dog

On average, dogs spend at least 12 to 14 hours of peaceful sleep in a day. And for this, they have their favorite places too. For example, some dogs love to sleep with their owner on their bed or even cuddle up with them on the couch. It is completely normal in dogs as they feel safe with you. Through this, they share closeness with you. Your dog can even sleep on the floor under your bed for the same reason. So if you ever have such a question in mind, should I let my dog sleep under the bed, yes you can, and your dog will completely love it.

Why does my dog sleep on the floor?

There are several reasons behind your dog sleeping on the floor. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine whether a dog sleeps on the floor because of choice or due to any other reason until and unless you observe the sleeping habits of the dog.

You should not be depressed that your dog avoids an expensive bed that you have brought through your hard-earned money, and they just sleep on your floor. Perhaps they get comfy on the floor instead of the bed. Luckily there are some common reasons that you can check to ensure the reason behind such sleeping habits of your dog.


One of the reasons behind Dog sleeping on cold floor in winter or even in summer as the bed becomes too hot or too cold for him, and thus he feels uncomfortable there. During the summer, overstuffing of the cushions makes the bed further warm, while in winter, the bed becomes colder. The floor, which is near the heater, is still cozy to sleep on. So if you feel that such a temperature difference makes the dog uncomfortable, try to move the bed to warmer places in winter and cold places in summer. In summers, you can also use an elevated mesh type of dog bed which allows cool air to circulate throughout the bed and hence keep the bed cool. Such techniques may or may not work completely, but you can give them a shot.

Choosing Wrong Size Bed:

Dogs love to have security and comfort, which is also the main motive of the bed. There may be a possibility that your dog has grown up, and the bed cannot accommodate him perfectly, so he has to sleep with his legs hanging out. Such a sleeping position is uncomfortable for dogs, and so they prefer to sleep on the floor with their legs stretched comfortably. On the other hand, too large beds are also uncomfortable for the dogs.

Imagine that some dogs may sleep in the center of a large bed cuddling, but for some dogs that is not the case, and they want the perfect size of the bed. For this, the owner should observe the favorite sleeping position of their dog and arrange for an appropriate bed in which they will be comfortable.  

Uncomfortable bed:

If you notice that your dog suddenly started sleeping on the floor and has left its bed, then it is a possibility that your bed has become too old and uncomfortable for your dog. Signs of an uncomfortable bed include problems in getting in and out and a lack of bounciness in the bed. It is also possible that your dog is getting older, and the construction of the bed gives him body pain. Old beds also have flat spots due to their worn-out cushions. 

Uncomfortable bed

So if you feel that’s the reason behind dogs sleeping on the floor, replace their bed with a new comfy bed. The fabric of the bed should also be chosen wisely, as some fabrics are slippery, itchy, etc., for certain dogs.


 One of the possible reason behind Why does my dog sleep on the floor is perhaps he has developed this habit right from a young age. Maybe she is unaware that beds are comfortable and specially designed for them. If this is the case, you can train your dog with the help of praises and treats to sleep on the bed rather than on the floor. This may take time, but ultimately, she will develop a habit of sleeping on the bed.

Choosing the Wrong Place for the Bed:

Dogs love to be close to their owner, no matter if they are fast asleep. So in case, their bed is far away from you, they would prefer to sleep near you, no matter on the floor instead of their comfy bed. So, remember that you have to keep their bed as close as possible to your bed. You can move their bed to such spots where they usually sleep near you.

Does Sleeping on Floor Hurts Dog?

Usually, dogs that are skinny possess short hair or are in pain generally prefer to sleep on a cozy and soft bed. The reason behind this is hard floor gives them pain, or they feel cold as humans do not like to sit or sleep on the floor, and so are such dogs. On the other hand, hairy dogs can easily sleep on the floor as they are hair gives resistance to a hard surface and protect them from getting hurt or cold. Such dogs are comfortable in both bed and floor.

In case your dog suddenly starts to leave its bed and starts sleeping on the floor, you can also take them to the vet to ensure that there are no physical problems with the dog.

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Common FAQs:

QUE: Why does a dog always sleep on the floor even though we have bought a bed for him?

ANS: Some dogs usually prefer a hard place to sleep on. This is why they like to sleep on the floor rather than on a cozy bed that you have bought for them.

QUE: Why is my dog sleeping on the floor if she likes her bed?

ANS: During summer or excessive heat, beds usually absorbs a lot of heat. This is why dogs prefer to sleep on the cold floor rather than the bed.

QUE: Why does my dog like to sleep on the floor of my bathroom?

ANS: During peak summer seasons, the floor of the bathroom is cold and hard, which is exactly the reason behind dogs sleeping on it.

QUE: Is it better for dogs to sleep on the floor or bed?

ANS: It is not a problem whether your dog sleeps on the bed or floor. It is their wish and, after all, their choice. But you should avoid your dog sleeping on the floor in extreme winters as it can make your dog sick.

Never get worried that your dog will reject the cozy bed that you have offered him. Think about yourself and try to find out the reasons behind why does my dog sleep on the floor, and hopefully, you will get the desired result in the long run.

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